April 2004 | Light 4 - Ray 2

"Energy" - photographed by Norman Ayre
"Energy" - Photographed by Norman Ayre

Our President, Barbra HudsonMESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on July 17th and we are changing the format to cut unnecessary costs. This year, the meeting will be held in Toronto. The details about time and location will be forthcoming. There is a required registration process to ensure we have an accurate headcount of participating members. This will allow us to more accurately project the costs for the AGM. Shortly, an email will go out to all members that will direct you to the CRA website where a Registration Form will be available for you to download. If you do not have computer access, please, contact Judy Cain and she can mail or fax one to you.

Please note: no members will be admitted to the meeting without prior registration. The registration process will have a deadline date. There will not be any onsite registration as this AGM will be a luncheon with pre-ordered food.

I am currently working with another CRA member to develop a Reiki Practitioner's Client Form which, when complete, will be available for download in the Members Only section of the CRA website. This will support you in keeping clear records of your client's information and relevant treatment history. We will let you know when it is ready for you to access.

In This Issue

Bullit About the CRA
Bullit Member in Focus
Bullit Teaching Reiki to Children
Bullit Vancouver Wellness Show
Bullit Aromatherapy
Bullit Book Review
Bullit Reiki Shares & Exchanges
Bullit Announcements
Bullit Advertising

We appreciate your patience regarding getting the newsletter out to you via email. If you do not wish to receive it by email, simply let Judy know. You can still access it online at our CRA website. Hard copies are available upon request. We value your membership dollars and are striving to continue the growth of the CRA while achieving the most cost effective operations. I hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter!

Warmest Regards,
Barbra Hudson

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Canadian Reiki Association: provides our members with a national voice; encourages high educational standards; through our Code of Ethics, promotes ethical practices and teaching; assists the public with referrals to Practitioners and Teachers; and is committed to enlightening and educating our communities about Reiki.

Editorial Committee

Editor: Lyn Ayre
Layout: Judy Cain
Website: Sue Chepelsky, Sue Studios

Board of Directors

Barbra Hudson
Bonnie Smith
Carol Romanella
Barbara Weston

Mailing Address

PO Box 74072, Hillcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

Phone: 1.800.835.7525 or
Local: 604.669.9049
Fax: 604.521.9557
Email: reiki@reiki.ca or members@reiki.ca
Website: www.reiki.ca

CRA Newsletter is Published on:

January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15

'It's never too late to have a happy childhood.'
               -Anthony Robbins

We truly welcome your comments, criticisms, and feedback. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.


Advertise your business, sell merchandise or place job ads in the newsletter. On review of the content, non-members can also advertise in our newsletter.

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Shelley Mayer, RT-CRA, Manitoba

Tell us how you were introduced to Reiki.

About six years ago, after major life changing events in my family, my husband, myself, and our four children picked up and moved from Northern Manitoba to Brandon in Southern Manitoba to start our lives anew.

We had been living in Brandon for less then six months when I met a 'wonderful older woman' who would do this magical thing with her hands to take pain away. I continued to be in contact with her, attending circles, and other ceremonies with her.

I had been feeling ill and had gone to see a doctor who found that my blood pressure was high enough to medicate me. I asked the doctor to give me some time to change things in my life and see if that would help. It did somewhat, but medication was where the doctor was heading.

First I was sent for a& few more tests. It was found that I had a large cyst in my right kidney measuring 10 centimeters. It was thought that I was not getting adequate blood flow thus the high blood pressure. I was referred to a specialist who was very concerned that I may lose my kidney.

Prior to further testing, this 'wonderful older women' offered me Reiki every day for a week. I faithfully kept each of my appointments with my Reiki friend. The tests were then done. The result of the tests was that my kidney had excellent blood flow and there was no need to remove it.

There was more good news that day; my blood pressure was down, so I didn't have to go on medication either.

I rushed to find someone to teach me this wonderful system called Reiki.

I became a Reiki Master about four years ago and try to maintain my health. So far so good.

What is your major focus for 2004?

My major focus is to teach Reiki in my area so others can benefit the way I did.

We have regular planned Reiki shares starting soon so the practitioners in this area can have more of a sense of community and those searching for Reiki can come and experience it.

We are also looking at doing a Reiki gathering this summer to be hosted out doors.

I am also a volunteer for the spiritual care department in our local hospital and run a clinic of my own with complementary therapies. I have seen over the last few years that Reiki and other complementary therapies are being more accepted in this area.

Tell us about the contribution you see yourself making to the CRA.

When I teach my classes or speak in public I provide information about the CRA. It is my hope that we will have more practitioners and teachers from the Prairie Provinces join us. I make it a habit to always provide the CRA newsletters and information to my students and for the public to read. I hope to be active within the CRA in representing Manitoba Practitioners and teachers in the future.

I feel totally blessed to be doing what I love and following my life's path.

Shelley Myers, RT-CRA
Brandon, Manitoba

"Embraced By The Light was the plow; The Awakening Heart is the seed; Our harvest. Unconditional Love"
                                         -Betty J. Eadie

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By Barbara McKell, RT CRA, KRM

In the summer of 2002 I began teaching Reiki to children. A ten-year-old girl named Claire inspired me. Claire was able to see the Reiki energy. I had taught her parents, Elizabeth and Scott, Level One Reiki. When they arrived home after the Reiki class, Elizabeth's mother asked her to do whatever it was she had learned that weekend on her sore knee. Elizabeth was a little apprehensive, but she remembered how she could really feel the energy when she created an energy ball between her two hands. As she began to feel the energy between her hands, Claire, her ten-year-old daughter said, "Oh Mommy, can you show me how to make one of those beautiful balls of colour too?" Her mother showed her what to do. Claire could quite easily see the energy and talked about what she was seeing. She helped her mother do Reiki on her grandmother, careful to keep her hands above the area being treated so that she could still see all the colours. When Claire's father went to move a stool that was beside the grandmother, Claire said, "Don't take that stool. Nanny's angel is sitting there."  Then Claire took her mother aside and said, "You remember when I was little and I could see the angels? Well, they are back I can see them again. You brought the angels back!"

It was from hearing about this experience that I realized I needed to create something for special ones like Claire. I couldn't accept that she had to wait until she was an adult to learn Reiki. From my own experience I knew that many children shut down these special abilities because they feel they have no use for them. I knew that Reiki would give them a practical way to use their perceptions. As Reiki Practitioners we all know how simple Reiki is and that it is neither dependent on spiritual evolution nor intellect, so I felt it was time to begin teaching children.

My first program was set up for children aged between 6 and 12 years. I selected a place that wouldn't restrict the children in any way. It is a beautiful retreat center called Eramosa Eden. There was room for the children both indoors and out. The wood plank floor would make it easy to clean up any of their creative endeavors and the furniture was well worn and comfortable.

Reiki Kids Summer 2002
Reiki Kids Summer 2002

I designed a manual with simple drawings that they could colour as well as blank pages so that they could add their own drawings. We had eight children in the first Reiki Kids workshop and Claire, the one who had inspired me, was one of them.

The program was fun and interactive and designed to keep the children very busy. We started the program with energy exercises that got them alert and ready to learn. I told them a brief story about Mikao Usui using 21 stones to show them just how long he spent on Mount Kurama before he was given the information about Reiki. Children respond well to things that are stimulating and tactile rather than just words. Three dimensional objects, drawing, movement and sound, keeps them interested and excited about what they are learning.

Children respond well to the attunement and I make sure they know it is entirely up to them if they wish to receive it or not. I find it easiest to do individual attunements. While I am doing each attunement, my helpers keep the other children busy with various activities and art projects. I set a special room up to do the attunements and the children enjoy the welcoming environment I have created for them. If any child is unsure or nervous, they can have Mom with them. I do just one attunement. I have a sense that is all children require. I use the one attunement method taught to me by William Rand and find it very effective.

After the attunement, the children have the opportunity express themselves through art. They lie down on a large sheet of paper as I trace an outline of their body. I give them paints, markers, sparkles, glitter, paper and glue. It is amazing to see what they create. Sparkling auras, flower like Chakras, spirit guides and angels will appear on the paper as they freely express what they are seeing, sensing, and feeling.

I haven't found a need to teach them the hand positions the way I would in an adult class. They instinctually know what to do. Many of them can see the changes that are taking place in the field and they know when they are done the healing. Rather than teaching a strict set of hand positions I help them to get in touch with all the possibilities of using Reiki. If the weather is good we spend time in nature.

Reiki Toddler
Reiki Toddlers

They love to put their Reiki hands on plants, animals, and the earth.

I am always hearing more and more wonderful stories about children and their understanding of the unseen world. Last fall I met Jan Yordy. Jan works with Indigo Children. She has produced a video to help parents, teachers, and caregivers to support these children and honour their perceptions. They are coming in as our teachers and we have a responsibility to be their teachers as well.

We must understand and accept that these children may not, and most won't, learn in the manner we as adults have grown to accept. Many have been labeled as having "attention deficit disorder". They are not troubled children. They are just able to take in a lot more information than is available to them on the dense physical level. Time and space are a non-issue to them. If they want something they can't understand why they cannot have it NOW! This can be very frustrating because, while very connected to their spiritual nature, they are still physical beings. There are no limitations to their perceptions. They are multi-taskers, they really don't see a need to pay attention and sit still. They can absorb all that is going on around them. Taking what they need and using it to create whatever it is that they desire in the moment.

Siya and her energy field

These children are true alchemists and Reiki is a wonderful way to help them manifest this in the most positive of ways. As they grow up, they begin to see no validity in what they are seeing, sensing, and knowing, if their perceptions aren't honored and no one around them sees the world the way they do. Then sadly, they begin to shut it down. It is up to us to provide a vehicle through which they are honored and nurtured. I encourage Reiki Masters to teach the children whether it is your own children, your grandchildren or the whole neighborhood. The ones who show up will be the ones who need what you have to offer. You can find your inner child through these children and help them to never separate from theirs.

Teaching Reiki to children has been such a blessing to me because it is actually the children who are teaching me. Their openness and willingness to explore their innate abilities makes each class special and unique. We share so much laughter, creativity and fun. They teach me what childhood should be like and how to help manifest it.

Barbara McKell, RT-CRA, KRM
Email: barbara@soulconnection.ca
Website: http://www.soulconnection.ca

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By Barb Weston

Once again, the Vancouver Wellness Show on February 13th, 14th, and 15th drew in large crowds, and the Canadian Reiki Association booth was a huge success.

We offered 15-minute sample Reiki sessions for $10.00 and, over the three-day period, we shared Reiki with eighty people and one dog. To our delight, one lady booked a Reiki session for herself and a session for her dog, so there we sat on the floor, with her canine companion, running Reiki to him.

Judy Cain assisted with the booth in a supportive role and did an incredible job. Our large corner booth was perfectly located to catch the eye of many show attendees. Judy's brilliant smile and friendly manner helped to attract people to our booth and, as they stopped to see what we were offering, Judy answered their questions, booked them in for Reiki sessions, handed out brochures, CRA membership applications, and CRA newsletters. Thank you for dedicating your time to our booth and for your wonderful spirit, Judy.

Canadian Reiki Association's Booth At The Vancouver Wellness Show

I wish to thank this year's participants: Roak Citroen, Donna Harper, Juliane Teves, Kirk Pleasant, Asha Parashar-Reynolds, Devinder Dhawan, Lyn and Norman Ayre, Adrian Dunham, Sandra Sinclair, and Jennifer Ritchie.

A special thanks to Ted Nielly and Mark Weston for helping set up the booth, and to Debbie Allen who was unable to participate in the booth but kindly donated her Reiki table and portable CD player for the weekend.

It is an absolute joy each year to listen to the comments from those receiving Reiki for the first time and to see the expression of peace written on their faces as they slowly peel themselves off the table and then make their way out of the booth, glimpsing back at us over their shoulder with that look of wonderment in their eyes. The magic of Reiki never ceases to amaze me.

l-r) Donna and Jennifer and in the background are Roak and Norman
Photo by MW Web Design

We are already very excited about the 2005 Wellness Show as we have great plans for decorating the CRA booth to make it even more eye-catching. We plan on having three Reiki tables set up in our booth as opposed to only two which means we will require more participation from our registered practitioner members.

Canadian Reiki Association's Booth At The Vancouver Wellness Show

The cost to participate at the booth is $50.00. This is an excellent value and an excellent way to promote yourself and your Reiki business. It's also a fun way to get to know your fellow CRA registered practitioner members. I encourage all of our Vancouver registered practitioner members, who have not participated in the Wellness Show before, to consider this event for next year, and I invite all of the existing participating members to join us again in February of 2005.

For more information on the Vancouver Wellness Show contact Barb Weston at 604-985-7302 or send an e-mail to barb@innerfocus.ca or Judy Cain at reiki@reiki.ca.

(l-r) Adrian, Barb, Roak, Norman, Lyn, and in front, Judy
Photo by MW Web Design

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By Gayle Cooke

Continued from January 2004 issue

A synergy is a specially created blend or combination of essential oils. Not every blend has synergistic power. To be a true synergy means that each essence chosen enhances the others and amplifies the healing effect of the blend. It takes years of practice to become a Master "Nose" and compose true healing synergies. Here are some of the synergies I have created for Reiki Energy Healing. Combine the essences in a 5 ml. amber glass bottle, roll to mix and Reiki it before using. Don't forget to dilute the blend before using on the skin: 20-30 drops per 30 ml of lotion or oil.


This is an intoxicating, heady blend very beneficial for anxiety, emotional tension, heartache, & grief.

3 ml. Sweet Orange
1.5 ml. Rose Geranium
10 drops Rose Absolute


Use this grounding synergy to banish negative thoughts and open your heart and mind to Universal Light.

2 ml. Lemon
2 ml. Atlantic Cedarwood
1 ml. Frankincense


This healing synergy integrates all bodies into one Radiant Shining Being of Light.

2 ml. Grapefruit
2 ml. Palmarosa
10 drops Ylang Ylang
10 drops Orange Blossom (Neroli)

Uncommon Sense Aromatherapy
Phone: 604.328.7275
Email: uncommonscents@shaw.ca
Website: www.uncommonscents.ca
'Here first she bathes,and round her body pours soft oils and fragrance and ambrosial showers'

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"The Tapestry of Healing"

By Peter Zorzella

There is very little written on Reiki's use in conjunction with western medicine, let alone books written by experts in both. "Tapestry of Healing: Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine" by Jeri Mills, M.D., is special because she is just that, and she shares her experiences with us in this book. Dr. Mills is a veterinarian and M.D. (OB/GYN) who has used Reiki in her practice for over ten years, and Tapestry of Healing chronicles her progress from medical student to healer.

Jeri starts out with the mantra that science will heal all, but soon finds herself "channeling energy" (based on her own meditations) to patients. One of her patients turns out to be a Reiki Master, and she gets formally introduced to this system. Eventually she finds that, through the use of Reiki, her caesarian section rates go down significantly and women are having vaginal births of larger babies than those they had delivered through C-section. "Most women slept through the first half of labor, some slept through their entire labor with only Reiki for pain control."

Dr. Mill's story is one of great successes with patients, but limited tolerance by the medical establishment. Many patients are familiar with touch healing; most welcome it; one patient is even upset with Dr. Mills for not using Reiki earlier. But the 'official' line is often different: doctors and nurses who know and use the techniques keep it between themselves and the patients for fear of losing their credibility, and maybe their jobs. She does make progress during the time covered in the book - some of her medical colleagues who start out as skeptics eventually train with her.

Jeri includes descriptions of using Reiki with surgery patients, cancer patients, and children with ADHD. She tells of her use of Reiki with horses, and provides an overview of Reiki and of the Shamanic techniques that she has learned and sometimes incorporates in her work. Dr. Mills recounts lessons that many of us will relate to, about exchanges of energy being needed for credibility, about people who were not ready to move past their illness and found taking medication easier than trying to heal.

Jeri is a natural storyteller; her stories of the patients' birth experiences are vivid and dramatic. Tapestry of Healing is interesting and compelling reading for healing students, practitioners, and for anyone working with childbirth; highly recommended for all expectant parents.

Excerpts from Tapestry of Healing are available on Dr. Mills' website (www.tapestryofhealing.com). Dr. Mills lives in New Mexico and teaches and lectures on Reiki and Integrative medicine. She will be on a speaking tour next spring, including a number of hospitals considering using Reiki in integrative medicine programmes, with a stop in Ontario Tuesday May 4th (contact Barbara McKell at barbara@soulconnection.ca).

"Tapestry of Healing", Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine", Jeri Mills, M.D., Pub 2001 White Sage Press, ISBN0-9713350-0-1; available through www.tapestryofhealing.com from Singing Pebble Books in Ottawa, and through Barbara McKell. May 4th (contact Barbara McKell at barbara@soulconnection.ca).

There is someone who looks after us from behind the curtain. In truth, we are not  here. This is our shadow."
                      -- Rumi

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British Columbia


Canadian Reiki Association Exchange
First Saturday of each month, subject to change
Nikkei Japanese Heritage Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
1:30 to 4:30pm
Donation: $5
All levels of Reiki Practitioners are invited. Newcomers are welcome. Come and try out Reiki.
Comments: We begin with a meditation, and a Reiju Empowerment for anyone who would like to participate. Then we exchange Reiki. Bring your pamphlets and business cards to share.
Contact: Barbra Hudson, RT-CRA, President
Phone: 604.515.1226
Email: Barbra@unifiedreiki.com


Last Wednesday of each month, excluding December
at Always J Wellness Center in Coquitlam
6 to 10 pm
Free to the public. Anyone who would like to enjoy a free Reiki treatment is welcome.
Comments: 25-minute sessions. Please call to book your time as space is limited.
Contact: Juliane Teves, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.945.9324
Email: online@alwaysj.com


The Tri-Cities Reiki Exchange
Second Friday of every month
at Aura Wellness Centre in Coquitlam
7 to 10 pm
Suggested donation of $2.00.
We welcome all Reiki lineages of Level One or higher.
Comments: Cozy space so book early. We have room for two tables and one chair-Reiki set-up at our current location. Please call ahead for directions.
Contact: Lyn Ayre, RT-CRA, 604.524.8565
Email: LynAyre@telus.net or NormanAyre@telus.net

North Delta / Surrey

First Saturday of each month
Delta Room, North Delta Recreation Centre
11415 – 84th Avenue, North Delta
6 to 9 pm
Donation: $5
Comments: All participants will receive a Reiki
Attunement and a mini Reiki Treatment during the Reiki Share provided they are willing to receive the gift.
Contact: Lee Dutta, M-CRA,
International Institute of Holistic Healing
Email: lee_dutta@dccnet.com

Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast

Third Saturday of every month
Call or email for location
1 to 4 pm
Open to all Practitioners, Level One or higher
Comments: There is no cost. Cozy space with two healing tables. Possible to stay overnight if you don’t mind camping out in the living room.
Contact: Mayavati Calder, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.740.3771
Email: mayavaticalder@yahoo.ca

White Rock

Reiki Social Night
Last Wednesday of every month; the date varies. Please email for details
7:30 to 9:30 pm
Comments: As Reiki is meant to be shared, I am holding a social night once a month at my home in White Rock, BC. This evening is meant to discuss Reiki specifically, with other practitioners in the area. I believe it's beneficial for all of us who really want to practice Reiki and be involved with it on a daily basis, to share experiences and information that would benefit others. A Reiki table will be set up for demonstrations or short sessions. Please email me if you would be interested in coming.
Contact: Nanci Caljouw, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.531.6171
Email: howdy2@telus.net
Website: www.ReikiandRhyme.com



Reiki Shares / Healing Circles
Held regularly every 2nd month
Dates to be announced
Voluntary donations accepted to cover expenses for the evening. For Practitioners, Teachers and their invited guests.
Contact: Shelly, RT-CRA, for information
Phone: 204.724.6855
Email: jsmayer@westman.wave.ca



Whitehorse Reiki Exchange
Once a month
Whitehorse Public Library
Contact: Fay Eby for more information
Phone: 867.667.4979



3rd Thursday of the month
Call for more information
Comments: I am a Reiki Master / Teacher and Karuna practitioner. We hold a Reiki support group and have been doing this for the past year with great success!
Contact: Valerie Pickles, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.624.1733
Email: valerie6971@hotmail.com

Guelph Reiki Share

Second Wednesday of each month
Held at the offices of Hospice Wellington
75 Speedvale Avenue East, Guelph
7 to 10 pm
Donation: $5
Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Barbara McKell, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.823.2162
Email: barbara@soulconnection.ca

Hamilton Reiki Share

Fourth Wednesday of each month
Call for location
7:00 pm start time
Donation: $10
Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Mary Catherine Darling, RT-CRA
Phone: 905.318.8630
Email: soulhealer3@yahoo.ca


Email for date, time, and location.
Comments: I am in London, Ontario and have been holding group Reiki exchanges so we can have evenings together. It is often a small group of 6 but we all truly enjoy the time together and go away feeling light and refreshed. Some, who come and do not practice Reiki other than on friends and family members, are pleased to join together and experience receiving a treatment.
Contact: Mercedes@execulink.com


Second Thursday of each month
Email for details on location
6 to 9:30 pm
Donation: not noted
All who have first level Reiki or Learning Path Integrated Technique are welcome to join us.
Contact: Diane Young, RT-CRA, of Healing Integration.
Email: diane@healingintegration.com

Reiki Share with Guided Meditation & Icebreaker
Date: Call for next dates. (Not a ‘church’ event)
United Church, 300 Bloor St W, 3rd Flr, Rm 31
6 to 9:30 pm
Cost: $5.00 (Donations are encouraged with thanks since the admission is very minimal.)
Everyone welcome – healers of all modalities, and the public
Comments: Includes a guided meditation, icebreaker to meet new friends, followed by Reiki treatments. Please bring to a cup and something lay on or bring a Reiki table, if you have one. Feel free to forward this info to family & friends. These events are building a loving supportive community so we can help each other. People often leave feeling happier and more peaceful than when they came in and excited from having made new friends and connections.
Contact: Stephanie Norwich, RT-CRA
Phone: 416-377-9059
Email: sgiver@yahoo.com

Toronto Central Reiki Clinic
Every Wednesday
At College and Spadina. Please call for details.
6:30 to 9:00 pm
Requested donation $10
Open to general public and all channels from all Masters
Comments: Time in the clinic is tracked for CRA qualification. New first-time channels must complete a short intro course on clinic procedures and group hand positions, as we work in teams of 2 or more. Cost: $45.00. Proof of current Reiki Level is required.
Contact: Roman Szymczak, RT-CRA
Phone: 416.531.1141
Email: Roman@HandsOfaHealer.com


Every second Thursday of each month
Call for location
7 to 10 pm
Comments: We welcome any new “Reiki Types” for an evening of discussions on various matters before group treatments.
Contact: Debbie Boehlen, RT-CRA, 905.714.0298
Email: debb@iaw.com

Reiki Share/Exchange Format

Please send your notice of Reiki gatherings in your own area to Enews@reiki.ca.


Name of the Share/Exchange
Date (and is it ongoing?)
Who is welcome
Contact info (name, phone, email)


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The Yukon Senior Elder Active Association is hosting the Canada Games for Seniors in September and a committee is being formed to offer Reiki, massage and other healing modalities to the athletes. More on this as it develops.

Jeri Mills"Tapestry of Healing" With Jeri Mills, M.D.

An Evening with Jeri Mills

Tuesday May 4th, 2004
7:00PM to 10:00PM
Ramada Inn and Conference Center
716 Gordon Street, Guelph Ontario

Jeri Mills is a physician board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. She is also a Veterinarian, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and author of the book "Tapestry of Healing: Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine." Her articles on women's health and integrative medicine have appeared in newspapers and journals in the United States, Canada, and the UK. She has lectured extensively about the integration of Western medicine and Energy medicine. The rich story-telling format of her presentations moves her audiences to laughter and tears, as they are motivated to bring Eastern healing practices into their own lives.

Dr. Mills recently retired from her Western medical practice and is devoting her time to writing and& teaching. Her purpose and her passion are to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine. Listen to Jeri's wonderful stories of inspiration and love as she talks about her experiences and challenges of combining traditional medicine with energy medicine. She will teach proven energy techniques to tap into our creative nature and a technique of holographic trauma resolution. Whether one is a more advanced student, or knows little about the field of Energetics and integrative medicine, Mills' welcoming voice engages her audiences, always proposing new ways to look at things, including one's self.

Refreshments will be served. Book signing to follow Jeri's presentation. Cost $60 (GST included) per person.

Jeri's website: http://www.tapestryofhealing.com.

To Register send a cheque for $60 to: Soul Connection, 12 Oakridge Crescent, Guelph ON, N1L 1J1. Write your cheque out to "Soul Connection" and include the following information with your registration: Name, Address, Phone number and Email Address.

'Passion, excitement, and confidence are the important medicines that you need every day.'
                                   - Dr. Phil

For information call Barbara at 519.823.2162
or Email: barbara@soulconnection.ca
Website: http://www.soulconnection.ca

The CRA is interested in ways to bring the membership together so they can get to know each other and share ideas and experiences. For those who frequent the Internet via e-mail and website browsers, the CRA has set up a members only e-mail list discussion group subscribe at: cra_news-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. More innovations are planned in the near future.

Extra copies of the newsletter are available for special events or to use for promotional purposes. They're great to have for Reiki Shares Wellness Shows. For additional copies contact: Judy Cain at: reiki@reiki.ca.

We are always looking for items of interest for our members & the public. Send in your articles, special sayings, up and coming workshops, and notices that you would like included the newsletter.

Shop at The Reiki Corporate Store

CRA merchandise featuring our logo is available! T-shirts in navy and red available in sizes S, M ,L, XL plus Navy baseball caps all available for $15.00 each. Send cheque or money order to:

Corporate Store
c/o Canadian Reiki Association
PO Box 74072 Hillcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

Please include size and colour preferences where applicable! Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

'The greatest discovery of my generation is that a  human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.'                - William James

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Reiki Drumming Workshop
and Practitioner Certification
with Barbara McKell

Open to all Level Two and higher
Reiki Practitioners

Saturday October 16, 2004, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Part One ~ Reiki Drumming

Can be taken on its own.
$80.00 + GST
Sacred Space Creation
Earth-based Drum teachings
Drum Journey
Introduction to Reiki drumming techniques
Reiki Drum Healing
Drumming Circle

Sunday October 17, 2004, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Part Two ~ Practitioner Certification

Prerequisite: Reiki Drumming
$225.00 + GST
Drumming the Four Directions
Group Drum Journey
Group Drumming
Drum Attunement Ceremony
Reiki Drumming Technique
Facilitating a Drum Journey
Manual & Certificate
Sponsored through Aura Wellness Centre
For more info, Call Lyn 604.524.8565


Face MassageWith Kundan Mehta of the London (England) Centre for
Indian Champissage. June 19th to 22nd, 2004 in Welland, Ontario.

Contact Debbie Boehlen at 905-714-0298 or at debb@iaw.com

Aura Wellness Centre

near Vancouver, BC, Canada
Offering Sessions and Courses in
*Karuna Ki and Usui Reiki*
*Meditation Techniques*
*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)*
*Crystal Healing*
*Chakras Balancing & Energy Bodies*
and Therapeutic Touch sessions with Norm
For more information, please call Lyn Ayre
604-524-8565 or LynAyre@telus.net


Come and relax and retreat on 75 acres of Boreal Forest in Ontario’s beautiful Muskoka region.
Two days for $250 includes all meals & workshops
(Overnight lodging extra at reasonable price)

Contact Marie-Paule Brumm at

Nancy Calijouw, RT-CRA

3352 157A Street
South Surrey, BC V3S 3Y4
Phone: 604-531-6171
Email: howdy2@telus.net

Nancy performs healing sessions and teaches all levels of Reiki. Please call for a free brochure

Canadian Society of Dowsers
17th Annual Convention
June 18-20 at York University, Toronto

Harmony, Balance and Health Through Dowsing

Lectures—Workshops—Dowsing Schools
‘Open Space’ sessions - Marketplace

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Patrick MacManaway
President of British Society of Dowsers
Other Presenters:
• Frank J. Austin (Manyhorses) -
Witsuwiten Elder
• Merlin Beltain—President, Canadian
Society Of Questers
• Alicja Aratyn—Alicja Centre of Well-Being

Sunday morning ‘Open Space’ Sessions:
• Using Dowsing in a Reiki Practice
• Ethical Practices in Dowsing
• Many other participant—suggested topics

Convention details at: www.canadiandowsers.org


Facilitated by Brigitte Gebauer

This teaching encompasses every area of human understanding, explores the development of mankind from ancient civilizations to the present time and offers clarity regarding the world’s state of consciousness and what is needed for a smooth and easy transition into a new consciousness.

Includes MerKaBa Meditation as taught by
Drunvalo Melchizedek (www.floweroflife.org)

For more information,
Contact Marie-Paule Brumm at
705-636-9727 or
Email: bodysoul@bodysoulharmony.com

Reiki Magazine
Reiki Magazine International is written for all Reiki Practitioners of all schools and movements.

Contents: Interviews with Phyllis Furumoto, Paul Mitchell, and Masters initiated by Mrs. Takata; Personal Reiki Stories of students and Masters; Reports on Reiki in science, medicine, art, psychology, and sports.

For more information or to subscribe contact: Francesca Warriner
Phone: 905.665.7558
Email: cesca@rogers.com
Website: www.reikimagazine.com


Indian Head MassageThrough the London (England) Centre for Indian Champissage. 10.5 CEUs. Classes are
available and ongoing throughout Canada.

Contact: Debbie Boehlen at 905-714-0298 or see website at www.iaw.on.ca/~debb for upcoming workshop


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