January 2005 | Light 5 - Ray 1

"Flaming Star" Daryl Cain 2004
"Flaming Star" Daryl Cain 2004


Our President, Bonnie SmithHappy New Year from all of the CRA Officers and Board Members!

Since our last AGM, the Board Members have been moving forward by listening and responding to your requests, in efforts to make this a better association for you. We are looking at ways to increase membership and have an open ear for your suggestions, so please let us hear from you.

We now have the Reiki Practitioner's Client Forms which are available for download in the Members Only Section of the CRA website. This will support you in keeping accurate records of your client's information and treatment history. If you do not have access to a computer please contact Judy and she will send you a copy.

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Bullit About the CRA
Bullit Member in Focus
Bullit Nature Soothes the Soul
Bullit Integrated Reiki
Bullit The Power of Reiki
Bullit The Science Behind Reiki
Bullit AGM 2005
Bullit Reiki News from the Yukon
Bullit Reiki Shares & Exchanges
Bullit Announcements
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The CRA was present at The Whole Life Expo held in Toronto this past November 26-28. Attendance records were broken from the previous year, which contributed to the show's success. What a wonderful way to meet not only the public and inform them of our association, but to make contact with our very own members. We have such a diverse group of members in so many different modalities but our common link is Reiki. Thank you to all who came out to support the CRA.

Coming this April 8-10th 2005, the Holistic World Expo will again be held in Toronto and if you would like to volunteer and have not already signed up, please contact me at bonniesmith@cogeco.ca.

For personal reason's Tona McMurran resigned from the board. We welcome Nicole Lafleche who will take on the roll of Acting Board Member in in Tona's place.

For our Vancouver members, make sure to tell family and friends to drop by the CRA booth at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre the coming weekend of February 4-6th 2005. Barbara Weston and her volunteers have been working hard putting the CRA booth together for this great show.

Finally, we are preparing for the next AGM. It will be held July 9th, 2005 in North Vancouver at the Lonsdale Quay. We are planning interesting workshops for after the business meeting so please make a note of this date and join us.

There will be a required registration process to ensure we have an accurate headcount of participating members. This will allow us to more accurately project costs for the AGM. In the near future e-mails will go out to all members that will direct you to the CRA website where a Registration Form will be available for you to download. For members without computer access, Judy will be mailing out this package of information. Please note that there will be a Registration Deadline for this AGM, as we need to pre-order the food for the luncheon and reserve sufficient space for the meeting.

Love and Light
Bonnie Smith
CRA President

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The Canadian Reiki Association: We provide our members with a national voice; encouraging high educational standards; through our Code of Ethics, promoting ethical practices and teaching; assisting the public with referrals to Practitioners and Teachers; and is committed to enlightening and educating our communities about Reiki.

Editorial Committee

Editor: Mary Weston
Layout: Judy Cain
Website: Sue Chepelsky, Sue Studios

Board of Directors

Bonnie Smith
Barbara Weston
Carol Romanella
Joselin Ratto
Nicole Lafleche

Mailing Address

PO Box 74072, Hilllcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

Phone: 1.800.835.7525 or
Local: 604.669.9049
Fax: 604.521.9557
Email: reiki@reiki.ca or members@reiki.ca
Website: www.reiki.ca

CRA Newsletter is Published on:

January 15, April 15,
July 15, October 15

'One never knows what each day is going to bring. The important thing is to be open and ready for it.'
                      -- Henry Moore

We truly welcome your comments, criticisms, and feedback.
Letters may be edited for length and clarity.



Advertise your business, sell merchandise or place job ads in the newsletter. On review of the content, non-members can also advertise in our newsletter.

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Joselin Ratto

Joselin Ratto, M-CRA, Toronto, Ontario

Tell us how you were introduced to Reiki

I was introduced to Reiki through my Mom, and in 1998 I decided to take the first step into the new path of my life.

What is your major focus for 2004?

I have many goals for the future, and one of them is the opportunity to expand, spread, and share my experiences in the development of Reiki in sports.

Tell us about the contribution you see yourself making to the CRA

My contribution to the CRA will be to support and develop new ways in which Reiki could be shared across Canada and the Universe.

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Nature is all-encompassing, an unending circle of events that touches every life on Earth. It's the rock in your flower-strewn garden. It's the first snowfall that covers that garden, leaving a downy white playground for the kids to explore. It's the pattern left in the snow by a passing doe, the same one that feasted on your blueberries last summer.

Whether you are scaling a summit, camping with friends, floating peacefully along the river's edge or resting in a hammock in your own backyard, nature offers incomparable moments of exhilaration and adventure, beauty and awe, serenity and healing.

Excerpt from The Chicken Soup for the Soul

Sensei's personality was gentle and modest and he never behaved ostentatiously. His physique was large and sturdy. He always wore a contented smile.

(Excerpt from the Mikao Usui Memorial Stone, 1927)

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by Diane Young, RT-CRA

Since 1997 I have been practicing Reiki and the Learning Path Integrated Technique (LPIT) in Toronto. The more I do so, the more I realize how compatible the two techniques are. They blend seamlessly, no matter whether the primary treatment is Reiki or LPIT.

Most people will not be acquainted with the Learning Path Integrated Technique as it is just now becoming more recognized. It is a technique that has helped many people heal major trauma with relative ease. There is no revisiting the event with LPIT, just a feeling of lightness and peace. It is both a self treatment and a treatment that can be performed over a distance.

LPIT uses a diagram in space to trace the client's existence line from when they left the Creator to when they return to the Creator. The practitioner senses through this line, using her hands to find those missed opportunities to learn life's lessons. The practitioner then allows the client to access the learning around those situations if he or she so chooses; to bring in love, healing and forgiveness, so that these events do not need to repeat themselves. If the person using this technique has Reiki, the entire existence line of the client receives this wonderful healing energy if they choose. The person is able to access Reiki not only as they are now, but also as they were at the time of the trauma. The practitioner may stop at any point during the treatment and give Reiki. Thus, the client not only does the learning necessary to move forward in life, but also heals the wounds.

We all have, as Reiki practitioners, experienced those times when one location on a client takes a lot of energy. Doing LPIT on the spot, allowing the cells to learn and heal, can speed up the process and provide a more complete treatment. It releases any blocks to the healing, including any energies that do not belong to the client. In our complicated world it is easy to pick up discordant energies that do not belong to us, but influence us at every turn. These are easily released, using techniques from the LPIT. I give very few treatments without using some LPIT.

For me, Reiki and the Learning Path Integrated Technique, have formed an indispensable partnership. I enjoy and appreciate being able to give my clients such a complete healing treatment.

Diane is a Reiki Master in the Usui and Komyo styles working out of Toronto, Ontario. She is also a teacher/practitioner of the Learning Path Integrated Technique. Diane holds classes in these techniques as well as workshops on Energy Clearing Techniques and the Chakras. She may be contacted at diane@circle-of-one.com or 416.690.6336

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by Martin H. Doherty, RP-CRA

I had the most wonderful experience in August of this past summer. I had just completed my Reiki Level II a couple of months earlier and had been networking for new clients in my neighborhood.

I had discovered that a cousin of a lady I knew on my street, was down from the north of Toronto visiting the Toronto Princess Margaret Hospital for a couple of weeks. I was told that she (Madeleine) had a form of severe cancer. She was in her early thirties, had 2 young children (a four year old son and a ten month old daughter), and was recently separated from her husband.

I gladly volunteered to give Madeleine Reiki treatments as a gift, if she was open to receiving them. Although I had other clients from whom I willingly accepted payment for such treatments, I felt compelled to offer this to her. Twelve years earlier I myself, had a near-death experience, having spent 6 months in the Hospital on the edge of life. That experience left me with a new awareness and appreciation of life and the power of healing. I felt it would be an honor to help in any manner I could; and perhaps, in some small way, this was a means for me to give something back to the ones who pulled me through those challenging times.

I was still becoming "comfortable" with the whole idea of Reiki - did it really work, could it make a difference for people, or was it just psycho-babble?. I am an "optimistic skeptic" by nature, so although I am open to new ideas, I always weigh in with an ounce of skepticism to keep things grounded. I am still a firm believer that Reiki should always be used to augment one's primary form of therapy - not as a replacement, but that it works best as a complementary form of treatment. To place all of one's faith in one modality or belief system while avoiding the potential benefits of other forms of treatments is at best limiting, and at worst - potentially dangerous. Balance in my humble opinion, is the key.

I gave Madeleine her first session on a Thursday. I had prepared the room prior to her arriving, and had some nice relaxing Reiki music playing. Madeleine was a graceful, dynamic and very pleasant soul. She was on perhaps 15 medications for different reasons, and was in severe pain, yet she had a most grateful light smile. She had been through chemo earlier, perhaps twice now. When we started the Reiki session, Madeleine had to lie on her side, as she was physically unable to lie on her stomach due to internal pressure. The session was SO powerful that it was like an almost constant charge of energy flow that I felt through my entire upper body projecting to Madeleine - especially in the Sacral Chakra area. This was exactly where the cancer was located. Madeleine had many, many "releases" (body twitches) - such as when you are asleep. I actually thought Madeleine WAS asleep - until an hour had gone by when her sister showed up, and Madeleine said she had been awake for the whole session. Up to that point it was as though I had been at the gym for an hour of intense activity. I was perspiring, my heart rate was up, and I had that same "runners high" or endorphin rush as I get from weight training or from a class of Karate. Yet - I had hardly moved for that session.

This was one of perhaps two or three sessions over a course of two weeks. Each session was as powerful as the first. During the months that passed, I also performed Distant Healing sessions for Madeleine on a number of occasions.

After the first session, we had a moment to sit down and talk. I asked Madeleine how she felt the session had gone. She said it was truly amazing - that she had pictured "butterflies" floating from her body carrying away the pain. When we were sitting there in the room talking - it was as though communication was simultaneously occurring on another plane. I could see right into her soul through her eyes - Madeleine had a tremendous amount of gratitude and awareness of life. She was so awake. Madeleine seemed to carry a childlike wisdom about her. I recognized instantly (perhaps from my own experience) that same appreciation of each and every moment of life. Grasping for each fleeting moment that exists as an ever-moving wave - never still - yet with eternity tied within that same moment. And - I was taken aback - almost shy, and that is very rare for me. It was all quite overwhelming and powerful. I fought back the tears that misted my eyes.

In early November Madeleine was back in the Toronto Princess Margaret Hospital for the last time. I had an opportunity to visit her once in the Hospital. We simply sat and held hands while I was there - yet I could feel the flow of Energy, and even though her body was in it's last stages of shutting down, her spirit was still very much alive. Sadly, as I write this, I learned today of Madeleine's passing on the previous Sunday. (Intuitively, I already knew this before I received the call).

In early December there will be a Fund Raiser that will go towards a Trust that has been set up for Madeleine's two children. I will be there to honor her. I know she will be there too.

Note: If you feel so inclined to give a gift towards Madeleine's children's Trust Fund, you may do so through any Scotia Bank - "Festival of Life Fund" Account #944660087483.

She will always remain as a sunbeam of inspiration in my soul. This was by far just as much a gift for me as it was for her.

Martin H. Doherty
'Strategic Business Coach' Project Manager / BPR
Reiki Therapist, RP-CRA
Toronto, ON

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What Happens in a Treatment?

by Tamisha Sabrina

Independent research by Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. John Zimmerman during the 1980's investigated what happens whilst people practice therapies like Reiki. They found that not only do the brain wave patterns of practitioner and receiver become synchronised in the alpha state, characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation, but they pulse in unison with the earth's magnetic field, known as the Schuman Resonance. During these moments, the biomagnetic field of the practitioners' hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal, and not as a result of internal body current. Toni Bunnell (1997) suggests that the linking of energy fields between practitioner and earth allows the practitioner to draw on the 'infinite energy source' or 'universal energy field' via the Schuman Resonance. Prof. Paul Davies and Dr. John Gribben in The Matter Myth (1991), discuss the quantum physics view of a 'living universe' in which everything is connected in a 'living web of interdependence'. All of this supports the subjective experience of 'oneness' and 'expanded consciousness' related by those who regularly receive or self-treat with Reiki.

Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and Seto (1992) in Japan further investigated the large pulsating biomagnetic field that is emitted from the hands of energy practitioners whilst they work. They discovered that the pulses are in the same frequencies as brain waves, and sweep up and down from 0.3 - 30 Hz, focusing mostly in 7 - 8 Hz, alpha state. Independent medical research has shown that this range of frequencies will stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues. For example, 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7Hz bone growth, 10Hz ligament mending, and 15 Hz capillary formation. Physiotherapy equipment based on these principles has been designed to aid soft tissue regeneration, and ultra sound technology is commonly used to clear clogged arteries and disintegrate kidney stones. Also, it has been known for many years that placing an electrical coil around a fracture that refuses to mend will stimulate bone growth and repair.

Becker explains that 'brain waves' are not confined to the brain but travel throughout the body via the perineural system, the sheaths of connective tissue surrounding all nerves. During treatment, these waves begin as relatively weak pulses in the thalamus of the practitioner's brain, and gather cumulative strength as they flow to the peripheral nerves of the body including the hands. The same effect is mirrored in the person receiving treatment, and Becker suggests that it is this system more than any other, that regulates injury repair and system rebalance. This highlights one of the special features of Reiki (and similar therapies) - that both practitioner and client receive the benefits of a treatment, which makes it very efficient.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Becker carried out his study on world-wide array of cross-cultural subjects, and no matter what their belief systems or customs, or how opposed to each other their customs were, all tested the same. Part of Reiki's growing popularity is that it does not impose a set of beliefs, and can therefore be used by people of any background and faith, or none at all. This neutrality makes it particularly appropriate to a medical or prison setting.

Written by - Tamisha Sabrina - UK Reiki Federation (www.reikiteaching.co.uk/page10.html)

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CRA 2005 AGM

The Canadian Reiki Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on July 9th, 2005 and this year it will be taking place in Vancouver, BC. Additional information will be mailed out to all members in good standing at the beginning of April, 2005 (eg: Agenda, Proxies, Registration Forms).

Barbra Hudson, past CRA President and Founder of Blue Matrix Energetics will be presenting an introduction to Blue Matrix healing.

Topics covered will be:

  • What is universal life force energy and where does it come from?
  • Understanding various frequency dimensions in running energy
  • Understanding Multi Dimensional Healing Assistants
  • The Blue Matrix Merkaba technique
  • The importance of the Blue Matrix Body template

Ryon Wexler is a Reiki Master and a certified Aromatherapist and Store Manager of Saje Natural Wellness at the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

Ryon's presentation at the 2005 CRA AGM will include:

  1. Safety and precautions of using essential oils during Reiki sessions
  2. Benefits of using essential oils during a Reiki Practice
  3. Different properties of the essential oils used in a Reiki Practice (with tester oils for people to sample)
  4. Methods of application for both client and practitioner
  5. Chakras and corresponding essential oils
  6. History of how essential oils and aromatic substances have been used in healing and ritual purposes in the past (ie: Ancient Civilizations)

Ryon will provide an information handout for everyone attending.

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'Today is the day in which to express your noblest qualities of mind and heart, to do at least one worthy thing which you have long postponed.'

by Faye Eby, RT-CRA

ALTERNATIVE HEALTH is heating up in the Yukon.....


It was the first time that Whitehorse, Yukon sponsored the Senior Canada Games.

Faye Eby

Sylvia McLaren & Faye Eby after a session at the Senior Canada Games

There were over 700 seniors in town competing in various events. The community was surprised at how big an event this was. The seniors had a wonderful time and presented a very positive atmosphere in the community.

The Yukon Wholistic Health Network sponsored a very successful "Comfort Zone" during the Canada Senior Games. The "Comfort Zone" saw over 40 wholistic (complementary and alternative) health practitioners offering over 20 modalities and of course Reiki was one of them. The Emergency Health and Wellness Station, which ended up being called the "Comfort Zone", was shared with Doctors, Nurses Physiotherapist and all the Wholistic Practitioners. It was more successful than any of us could have imagined. It was also the first time that the medical profession and the alternative health practitioners have worked so closely together.

We hear that seniors who are attending Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Sr. Games in 2006 will be advocating for a wellness station too. There were many Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioners taking part, along with Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, etc. It was a most wonderful high for everyone with positive energy flowing all over the place.

Deborah & Julius Debschewitz
Both are RP-CRA Members

Lise Merchant - Healing Touch
Eleanor Velarde - Reiki Practitioner
Gaye Hansen -Reiki Practitioner


Whitehorse will be hosting the Canada Winter Games in 2007 and there is a lot of enthusiasm being expressed that alternative health modalities be offered for this venue too.

HEALTH FAIR held in Whitehorse, Yukon - October 16th, 2004
Sponsored by the Yukon Wholistic Health Network

The Fair was another exciting day for all the members of the Yukon Wholistic Health Network. I'm pleased to report that there was 5 Reiki Practitioners who were kept very busy the whole day. The Canadian Reiki Association brochures and newsletters were handed out. I thank the CRA for sponsoring my booth. I'm hoping that next year we will have more people interested in joining the CRA.

Coming up in Whitehorse….

Sponsored by the Yukon Government Public Health, Whitehorse, Yukon

The first Seniors Health Fair will be held in June of this year and the Yukon Wholistic Health Network has been asked to have a member sit on the board. Faye Eby will be the representative for this first time ever Fair. This Fair will be geared toward seniors and family members working with seniors. The Fair would include alternative health providers offering information in various disciplines.

And last but not least from the Yukon

Faye was invited by the Laureate Alpha Beta Sigma Phi Sorority to give a talk about Reiki. It was a lovely evening and Reiki was very well received. Everyone gave each other a mini Reiki session.

Reiki Level 1 Class was held in Whitehorse, Nov. 6-7 and a Master Class was held November 20 & 21, 2004. Contact Faye Eby at 867.667.4979 for more information

Respectfully submitted by Faye Eby
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master

'Today is the day in which to express your noblest qualities of mind and heart, to do at least one worthy thing which you have
long postponed.'

-- Grenville Kleiser

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British Columbia


Canadian Reiki Association Exchange
There is no share on February 5th. Come out and see us at the 13th Annual Wellness Show on February 4, 5, 6th. The next share will be March 12th and then back to the first Saturday of each month, subject to change
Nikkei Japanese Heritage Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
1:30 pm to 4:30pm
Donation: $5
All levels of Reiki Practitioners are invited. Newcomers are welcome. Come and try out Reiki.
Comments: We begin with a meditation, and a Reiju Empowerment for anyone who would like to participate. Then we exchange Reiki. Bring your pamphlets and business cards to share.
Contact: Judy Cain, M-CRA
Phone: 604.525.1764
Email: reiki@reiki.ca


Last Wednesday of each month, excluding December
Always J Wellness Center
6 pm to 10 pm
Comments: Free to the public. Anyone who would like to enjoy a free Reiki treatment is welcome. 25-minute sessions. Please call to book your time as space is limited.
Contact: Juliane Teves, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.945.9324
Email: online@alwaysj.com


The Tri-Cities Reiki Exchange
2nd Friday of the month except February it will be held on the Thursday the10th
Aura Wellness Centre, Coquitlam
7 pm to 10 pm - Doors close at 7:15 pm
Suggested donation of $2.00
Comments: All are welcome to come and experience Reiki. A Reiju Empowerment will be given to those who wish it and who have not yet been attuned to Reiki. Cozy space so book early. We have room for two tables and one chair-Reiki set-up at our current location. Please call ahead for directions.
Contact: Lyn Ayre, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.524.8565
Email: LynAyre@telus.net


Every 3rd Friday of the month for January & February, location changes end of February
Wings of Dove Holistic Centre Steveston Village, Richmond
7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Everyone welcomed. It is a time to share our experiences - what worked and what didn't do so well and why, Q/A period, meditation w/Dr Usui, give/receive healing treatment.
Contact: Claudette
Phone: 604.275.7774
Website: www.wingsofdove.ca

White Rock

Reiki Social Night
Last Wednesday of every month; the date varies. Please email for details
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Comments: As Reiki is meant to be shared, I am holding a social night once a month at my home in White Rock, BC. This evening is meant to discuss Reiki specifically, with other practitioners in the area. I believe it's beneficial for all of us who really want to practice Reiki and be involved with it on a daily basis, to share experiences and information that would benefit others. A Reiki table will be set up for demonstrations or short sessions. Please email me if you would be interested in coming.
Contact: Nancy Caljouw, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.531.6171
Email: howdy2@telus.net
Website: www.ReikiandRhyme.com



Every 4th Monday of the month
The Banff Seniors Centre, except July & August
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Dates subject to change due to availability of space please visit
www.reiki-rocks.ca for up do date information.
Contact: Noortje Vanderelst, RT-CRA


Every 2nd Thursday of the month
The Canmore Recreation Centre, except July.
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Dates subject to change due to availability of space please visit www.reiki-rocks.ca for up to date information.
Contact: Noortje Vanderelst, RT-CRA



Healing Co-op Reiki Share
The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
165 - 3rd Avenue S (The Birks Building)
We meet in front of the elevators between 7 pm to 7:15 pm
Donation: $2.00 off sets the cost of cups & water.
Comments: Reiki Level 1 is required to be a part of our share. We ask interested Reiki people to contact us if you are interested in joining us.
Contact: Darlene, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.933.2800
Email: healingcoop@shaw.ca


1st Monday of every month
Yorkton Acupuncture & Wholistic Health Center
275 Bradbrooke Drive, Yorkton
7 pm to 8:30 pm
Comments: Everyone welcome that has Level 1 or higher. Time for sharing and short treatments. You are asked to call ahead so we know how many will be attending. Hope to se you!
Contact: Pat Bjarnsson, RT-CRA
Reiki Master/Teacher
Phone: 877.783.1560



Reiki Shares / Healing Circles
Held regularly every 2nd month
Dates to be announced
Donation:Voluntary donations accepted to cover expenses for the evening.
Comments: For Practitioners, Teachers and their invited guests.
Contact: Shelly, RT-CRA
Phone: 204.724.6855
Email: mayers@mts.net



Whitehorse Reiki Exchange
Once a month
Whitehorse Public Library
Contact: Faye Eby, RT-CRA, for
more information
Phone: 867.667.4979


Like stars, mists and candle flames
Mirages, dewdrops and
water bubbles
Like dreams, lightning and clouds
In the way I will view all existence

(Taken from the notebook of Mikao Usui dates 1923.)

The quote is an extract from an eighth-century Buddhist prayer/contemplation on the nature of impermanence.



In the Spirit of Truth
3rd Sunday of each month
Dr Sara O'Neill's Chiropractic Office
52 Toronto, Barrie
1 pm to 4 pm
Donation: none
Comments: This share/exchange if open to all persons - practitioners (any lineage) and the general public.
Contact: Lorinda Weatherall
Phone: 705.722.4052
Email: info@inthespiritoftruth.com


3rd Thursday evening of the month
Holiday Inn Select, 30 Peel Centre Drive
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Donation: not noted
Comments: This is open to local CRA members as well as my students.
Contact: Mark Brewer
Phone: 905.791.8320
Email: mark@reikitoronto.com

Guelph Reiki Share

2nd Wednesday of each month
Held at the offices of Hospice Wellington
75 Speedvale Avenue East, Guelph
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: $5
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Barbara McKell, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.823.2162
Email: barbara@soulconnection.ca

Guelph Pathways Healing Share

Last Thursday of each month except for July, August & December
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: Small donations or snacks, juice, etc. are accepted by not required.
Comments: Meditation and Healing Share open to all levels and lineages. RSVP if you would like to attend.
Contact: Bonnie Adam, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.763.7948
Email: themoondancer7@hotmail.com

Hamilton Reiki Share

4th Wednesday of each month
Call for location
7:00 pm start time
Donation: $10
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Mary Catherine Darling
Phone: 905.318.8630
Email: soulhealer3@yahoo.ca


1st Tuesday of each month
Sacred Journeys Healing Arts Centre
115 King Street West, Kingston
Donation: $10.00 drop-in fee
Comments: RSVP is required. Everyone is welcome! Anyone who has taken Reiki or would like to come and experience what Reiki is all about. Come to be treated, to treat others, to share Reiki stories, or exchange new information about Reiki.
Contact: Cheryl Hiebert
Phone: 613.542.2325
Email: cdh@kingston.net
Website: www.sacred-journeys.ca


Call for date, time, and location.
Comments: I am in London, Ontario and have been holding group Reiki exchanges so we can have evenings together. It is often a small group of 6 but we all truly enjoy the time together and go away feeling light and refreshed. Some, who come and do not practice Reiki other than on friends and family members, are pleased to join together and experience receiving a treatment.
Contact:Mercedes Mancari
Phone: 519.660.3664
Email: Mercedes@execulink.com


3rd Tuesday of each month
Universal Energy Training & Learning Centre
2393 Sixth Line, Six Nations Reserve
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5 per person
Comments: An informal drop-in group. Any level of Reiki is welcome. Please come and check out our facility. Refreshments provided. Call for directions or more information.
Contact: Michelle Thomas or
Jane Burning
Phone: 519.445.1904


2nd Thursday of each month
Email for details on location
6 pm to 9:30 pm
Donation: not noted
Comments: All who have first level Reiki or Learning Path Integrated Technique are welcome to join us.
Contact: Diane Young, RT-CRA, of Healing Integration.
Email: diane@healingintegration.com

Reiki Intro. Talk & Share
Call for next dates
Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Avenue. In the Council Chamber room on the 2nd floor. Street parking is free where available!
1 pm to 5 pm
Festivities: An icebreaker will be followed by a guided meditation, Reiki talk and an afternoon of Reiki sessions.
Donation: $10 admission and $8 for students, seniors and low income.
Comments: Please bring something comfortable to lie on: a pillow, foam or yoga mat, bed sheet, pillowcase, towel. Massage tables are greatly appreciated too!
Reiki is… A Japanese method of hands on healing. It is deeply relaxing, alleviates pain, soothes emotions, aligns and detoxifies the body.
Contact: Stephanie Norwich, RT-CRA
Phone: 416.604.3448
Email: sgiver@yahoo.com

Toronto Central Reiki Clinic
Every Wednesday
At College and Spadina.
Please call for details.
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Donation: $10 requested
Open to general public and all channels from all Masters
Comments: Time in the clinic is tracked for CRA qualification. New first-time channels must complete a short intro course on clinic procedures and group hand positions, as we work in teams of 2 or more. Cost: $45.00. Proof of current Reiki Level is required.
Contact: Roman Szymczak, RT-CRA
Phone: 416.531.1141
Email: Roman@HandsOfaHealer.com


Every 2nd Thursday of each month
Call for location
7 pm to 10 pm
Comments: We welcome any new Reiki Types” for an evening of discussions on various matters before group treatments.
Contact: Debbie Boehlen-Maier
Phone: 905.714.0298
Email: debb@iaw.com

Nova Scotia


The last Wednesday of each month
142 Braemar Drive Dartmouth
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Comments: Everyone with Reiki Level I and above are welcome.
Contact: Gail Piccott Bannister
CRA & AURA Member
Phone: 902.463.1775

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"Unleashing Your Energetic Self"
Retreat Weekend

~a course in subtle energy concepts~
March 18, 19, 20, 2005
Friday 7:00 pm to Sunday 3:00 pm
Edenvale Conference & Retreat Centre
4330 Bradner Rd, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Lyn and Norman Ayre

Lyn and Norman Ayre of Aura Wellness Centre are facilitating this lively and interactive retreat workshop covering such topics as: what is energy? "Frequencies of Energy"; how do we lose energy and how are we drained of it? The energy of "Inspiration & Momentum"/"Joy & Hope"/"Rituals & Ceremonies"; how can we gain the energy we need to live a full and joy-filled life? Energetic Techniques; introducing several universal symbols, meridian tapping, energy body techniques, and a Saturday night energy healing session.

Energy is the key to happy living. Have you got all of yours? Or has it been parceled out before you even get your feet on the floor in the morning. Come and learn how to stay in your own energy. Find out how to send out the surplus to those in need. Discover your energetic self.

$375.00 per person, two people sharing. Includes meals, beverages, accommodation, manual and weekend seminar. Class size is limited to 12-14 participants. No pre-requites.

For a registration package contact: Lyn Ayre 604-524-8565 or LynAyre@telus.net

Though the retreat is scheduled for mid-March, registrations and payments need to be completed by February 1, 2005. We need to let the Retreat Centre know six weeks in advance, if we're going ahead. Thanks for understanding and booking early.

Import Notice For The Vancouver Area

The February Burnaby Reiki Exchange will not be taking place due to our attendance at the 13th Annual Wellness Show. It is being held February 4, 5, 6th at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC. We will be in booths 900/900A. Come by and say hello. For more information on participating contact Barb Weston at barb@innerfocus.ca or Judy at reiki@reiki.ca.

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CRA merchandise featurine our logo is available! T-shirts in navy and red available in sizes S, M, L, XL plus we have Navy baseball caps all available for $15.00 each. Send cheque or money order to:

Corporate Store,
c/o Canadian Reiki Association
PO Box 74072 Hillcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

Please include size and colour preferences where applicable! Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

The CRA is interested in ways to bring the membership together so they can get to know each who frequent the Internet via e-mail and website e-mail list discussion group; subsucribe at:

Extra copies of the newsletter are available for special events or to use for promotional purposes. They're great to have for Reiki Shares & Wellness Shows. For additional copies contact: Judy Cain at: reiki@reiki.ca.

We are always looking for items of interest for our members & the public. Send in your articles, special sayings, up and coming workshops, and notices that you would like included in the newsletter. We would also appreciate receiving your book reviews.


Mountains and Divine Inspiration

Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the souce of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all the fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with that your own, becoming the Breath of Live itself.

(Quote by Morihei Ueshiba from The Art of Peace by John Stevens)


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In Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Offering Sessions & Courses in
*Chakras & Chi*
*Crystal Healing*
*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)*
*Karuna Ki and Usui Reiki*
*Meditation Techniques*

Sessions Only In:
*Aromatherapy, Massage, Sound Healing*

For more information,
please call Lyn Ayre
604.524.8565 or LynAyre@telus.net


In Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offering workshops and
sessions in Reiki
Learning Path Integrated Technique
Axiatonal Alignment
Energy Sensing and Clearing Techniques
Contact Diane: 416.690.6336

'It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.'
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Indian Head Massage

Through the Canadian Centre for Indian Champissage. 10.5 CEUs.
Classes are available and ongoing throughout Canada.
Contact Debbie Boehlen-Maier at 905.714.0298 or see website at www.iaw.on/~debb
for upcoming workshop dates.

Reiki Associates


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