January 2006 | Light 6 - Ray 1

Forest Mist

“Forest Mist” by Bonnie Buus

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Message From The President

Bonnie SmithOn behalf of your board members, Barb, Nicole, Joselin, Rita and myself may we wish you all a Happy New Year. We look forward to the coming year with anticipation as we are working on new ideas and projects to keep our association moving in the right direction.

Many changes were made to the CRA last -year and we thank all of you for your patience and co-operation.

New forms and documents that were developed have caused some confusion for some of our members. I will keep the letter of explanation on the front page of our website to guide you along. The most important documents are the Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Policy forms. If you have not done so, please sign and submit these to head office.

We have good news for Toronto's Reiki community. The C.R.A. was accepted to be on the list of Accredited Associations. Licensing fees will remain the same and Toronto City Council members voted on December 5th, to accept the Qualified Professional Holistic Association Report.Effective immediately you must be a member in good standing with your association to obtain a practitioner's/business license.

Finally, set aside May 27th, 2006 for the next A.G.M. You will find more detailed information in this newsletter and in the coming months.

Love & Light
Bonnie Smith

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About the CRA

The Canadian Reiki Association: We provide our members with a national voice; encouraging high educational standards through our Code of Ethics, promoting ethical practices and teaching; assisting the public with referrals to Practitioners and Teachers; and is committed to enlightening and educating our communities about Reiki.

Editorial Committee

Editor: Mary Weston
Layout: Judy Cain
Website: Sue Chepelsky, Sue Studios

Board of Directors

Bonnie Smith
Barbara Weston
Joselin Ratto
Nicole Lafleche
Rita Bonnici

Mailing Address

PO Box 74072, Hilllcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

Phone: 1.800.835.7525 or
Local: 604.669.9049
Fax: 604.521.9557
Email: reiki@reiki.ca or membership@reiki.ca
Website: www.reiki.ca

CRA Newsletter is Published on:

January 15, June15,
September 15

"We are what we pretend to be,
so we must be careful what we
pretend to be"

--Kurt Vonnegut

We welcome your comments, criticisms, and feedback. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.




Advertise your business, sell merchandise or place job ads in the newsletter. On review of the content, non-members can also advertise in our newsletter.

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Carell MehlMember in Focus

Carell Mehl, RT-CRA, Calgary, AB

Tell us how you were introduced to Reiki

I started on my Journey with Reiki in the fall of 1997. The course which set me on this journey was a major emotional event that had occurred in my life, which left me stunned and dumb founded. In an effort to better understand this energy shift I went searching for answers. I went to a physic fair and discovered a person who was in the show I knew from past readings. She knew I had some major questions and concerns and could only seem to scratch the surface. She then advised me to see the woman across from her and mentioned she did Reiki and that it would be a good idea to talk with her.

I had never heard of Reiki until that moment. My girlfriend who had accompanied me knew about Reiki and said it would be a good idea. The Reiki Master then explained to me what she was going to do and a little bit about the therapy. I must say that I had never experienced anything quite like it and at the same time it managed to bring to light for me what was going on! I was hooked and planned to attend the first class that she had to offer. I had to learn more. And more I did!

It is soon to be 2006 and the journey just does not end! I became a Reiki Master in the year 2000 and since that time my body, knowing of Spiritual growth and enlightenment continues to be reawakened in so many different ways. I started my Shamanic Studies in 2002 with Leap Program in Calgary and became an apprentice in 2003 with the Sweet Sundance Medicine Path, a healing path, along with Hot and Cold Stone Massage and Raindrop Therapy.

I now work part-time as the Office Manager for the Wild Rose Wholistic College and Clinic and part-time at Shen-Om Therapy, which is a day SPA. Here I practice my massage therapies and Reiki. I currently teach out of my home as well...

In March of 2005 I formed a Reiki Healing Team called, "The Celestial Trine of Reiki Earth Healing" this team meets once a month for a general meeting and does group healings the other 3 Tuesdays of the month for people who are in need . Payment is an exchange in the form of a Heart gift for each team member. This is to increase the awareness and the healing for grandmother earth, which is so desperately needed in this time of change. People who have had much emotional trauma and or serious physical illness seem to be seeking out this form of healing and somehow find us.

In October of 2005 I was honoured with the task of being a birth support person for someone who wished to have me present and provide Reiki with the birth of their second child. It was an incredible experience and prompted me to take the Doula course in November of 2005. I have always wanted to be a part of this process for Moms. To be able to provide Reiki for both Mom and baby was the most incredible service I had ever done. It also showed me how powerful Reiki can be in holding a space for women in the birthing process. Having had children of my own it was a whole new perspective.

What is your major focus for 2005?

My major focus for 2006 is to continue with the improvements of our healing team service, expand my Doula Service and continue with my own personal healing and growth through the healing team and other forms of knowledge in the Wholistic field. I would like to get started working on getting my Wholistic Practioner's Diploma as well. I also am expanding my teaching process and getting my Web site completed.

Tell us about the contribution you see yourself making to the CRA

The contribution that I see myself making for the CRA is to continue to promote and support the Association of membership by advising and sharing events and articles with my students and team members in an ongoing basis. If we keep putting that in front of the people we connect with, chances are they will want to be affiliated in a professional manner as well. Anyone who is serious about his or her professionalism in Reiki should become a member!

My best wishes and continued success in 2006 to everyone who travels the road to enlightenment!

Love and Light
Carell Mehl -RT-CRA

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Reiki Can Do Miracles

by Shelly Mayer, RT-CRA

Have you ever questioned the effects of Reiki on your loved ones or those you have touched with your hands and your heart while providing them with Reiki?

Do others not believe the effects Reiki can have on their life? Well if that is the case share this story with them.

This is a true story about how the healing power of Reiki worked a miracle in the life of my mother who lay critically ill in a hospital bed for 46 days.

I am a Reiki Master living in Manitoba, Canada and I would like to share with others this story of awe and wonder that is very dear to my heart.

Friday, March 26 of 2004 my mother, who was a very healthy and active 68 year old, was scheduled to have a Hiatus Hernia removed with laparoscopic surgery, a relatively safe procedure.

Living a few hours away from my mother I was going into visit her on Sunday the 28 just for the day. When I got there my mom was struggling for breath and they had found four blood clots in her lungs and started to treat it. I decided to stay in town over night to make sure everything was ok before I left to go home.

Before leaving my mother's room that evening I told her to have a good sleep and my last words I said were I love you, see you in the morning. I love you too she replied.

March 29, 2004
Not sleeping very well that night I awoke early and called the hospital to see how things were. Much to my surprise things had gotten critical during the night. My mom was having a panic attack and they asked me to come and try to calm her down.

We got ready, my oldest daughter and myself, and arrived at the hospital within an hour from the time of my call. My mom was sedated and a machine was breathing for her when we arrived. With tears in my eyes after seeing her I asked the nurses what happened. They didn't know why her natural body process of absorbing blood clots was not kicking in. I stayed with her all day and spent the night in a hotel across the street.

March 30, 2004
I awoke early in the morning phoned the hospital. They said I should come in to be with her. When I got there she looked even worse then the day before. Her colour was yellow, and they said her kidneys were failing, her heart was racing and her whole body was swelling. It didn't even look like her anymore. Again I stayed with her all day with my daughter. My brother and uncle came to be with her a few times during the day. Again I stayed all day and spent the night at the hotel.

March 31, 2004
I arrived in the morning to be with my mom. Today was a very bad day. Her body systems were shutting down more and more.

I spoke to the nurse asking if it was safe to drive home to get a change of clothes because I just had what I was wearing for my day visit. She looked me in the eyes and said "I don't think that would be a good idea. If there is anyone who needs to see your mom today would be the day". I called my brother so he could contact all of the family and I called my friend in Brandon to ask if she would come and support me during this time. She raced to be with me.

My mom is the eldest of ten and all her family came to be with her. This was very emotional as they were coming to say good-bye to their sister. The hospital was very accommodating to us during this emotional and stressful time.

My friend, who came to support me, was with me as everyone else started to leave for the hotel room for the night. We stayed with my mom, one on each side holding her hands and doing Reiki for about an hour. I have been doing Reiki for some years now and didn't know if the emotions while giving my mom Reiki were my own or my moms, it was much different then I had ever experienced. My friend also had said she felt a lot of energy being exchanged.

She then stepped out so I could be alone with my mom before we left the hospital for the night.

Believing that this may be the last time with my mom in this life I talked to her speaking all the words I ever needed to say. I bent down to kiss her good bye and my labadorite crystal fell out of its pendent casing, onto her bed. I didn't know what to make of this as I left the hospital that night.

April 1
The next morning I was very nervous as I arrived at the hospital not knowing what I would find. I walked in the room to see my mom, her colour was better and her kidneys were starting to work better. She was still sedated and had machines breathing for her and still critical. Needless to say I was pleased and hopeful.

My mom has had two more surgeries, a tracheotomy and a chest tube during the forty-six days in the hospital. The doctors have no idea how she pulled through this. When they see her at their office now they call her a miracle, because they had given up. There was nothing left to give her or do for her that day.

Today my mom is home and doing very well physically but still is dealing with the emotions of what has happened. She has shared with me that she heard me talk to her that night even though she was sedated, and wonders what we did for her. She tells me she has a little boy angel that now stays with her, she recognized him as my youngest son.

The night my friend and I did Reiki on my mother as a team, made all the difference in the world. With all the distant healing and prayers from around the world I believe from the depth of my soul that friends, family and the kindness of strangers increased my mother's strength during this time.

So in closing, the next time you doubt the power of Reiki, even just a little, think about my story and how it has truly changed my life forever. Just believe and Reiki will fill your life with Universal Love and many wondrous things.

Shelly Mayer, RT-CRA
Manitoba, Canada

"We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn."

-- Mary Catherine Bateson

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Reiki & Sports

by Judith Campbell, RT-CRA

In June of this year, I received an invitation to volunteer my time to giving a presentation in September, to girls and women in the city of Ottawa on the subject of Reiki. The city would be celebrating a 20-year milestone of shared sports facilities throughout the city, previously monopolized by men and boys.

As a part of their programming, they wanted to have a presentation on Reiki - another milestone, from my perspective. Of all the possible women in the city of Ottawa whom they might have selected to do a presentation, they chose me. They found me through the CRA website! From there, they checked out my personal website and then wrote to me with their request. I was honored to be asked to do this, and saw it as a real opportunity to portray Reiki in a very professional light, as both treatment and prevention.

I developed a power point presentation to help me explain Reiki to my novice audience, and I tailored my presentation to the subject of Reiki and Sports, something I had never considered before.

I invited two Reiki Master friends to accompany me to do two fifteen-minute demonstrations during my 35-minute presentation. One of my friends is a grandmother to two granddaughters who also took part in the demonstrations. Their involvement was quite deliberate, as I wanted the audience to see that all age groups can practice Reiki. One of the girls was 20, the other 11 - both with level one Reiki. I prepared a short explanation of Reiki within a release form, and left instructions at the registration desk that anyone interested in having a demonstration read and sign the release beforehand. This worked quite well.

Picture a small amphitheatre with two Reiki tables, one on either side of the screen at the front of the room, a Reiki Master standing at each doing a short treatment to a member of the audience, and a chair positioned somewhere in between, with two young woman - one working on the upper body of the third participant and the other working on her feet.

In the midst of this, I am standing over a computer, which is flashing my visual presentation on the screen as I am filling in the auditory details.

We took a moment at the halfway mark in the presentation for reaction from the first set of people having the demonstrations, before the second set took their turn. The comments were all quite positive, of course, and served to increase the interest of the audience. I took time to speak of research that has been done in Reiki and to ensure that it would be understood as a valid energy healing modality that can be used for both treatment and prevention.

At the conclusion of the presentation I then solicited remarks from the second set of audience participants receiving the demonstrations. One of the women had tears in her eyes as she shared with everyone that she felt that she needed to pray! These demonstrations served to remind me, yet again, how powerful and healing is this wonderful thing called Reiki, and how even a short treatment can yield amazing results.

Judith M Campbell, RT-CRA
Stittsville, ON

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CRA Annual General Meeting

The C.R.A. would like to invite you to our next Annual General Meeting on May 27th, 2006, in Oakville, Ontario. The event will take place at the Quality Inn Hotel on Bronte Road from 9:30 to 4pm.

We are in the midst of planning an eventful day that we hope will be of interest to all. We will keep you up to date as we move along with our program. At the moment we are arranging for door prizes and looking for a few more contributors. We are also looking for vendors to participate in our mini market bazzar. If you would like further information or you are able to work with us in these areas please contact Bonnie at: bonnie@soulsjourney.ca or phone her at 905-639-5980. For our members out West who would like to help out with a door prize please contact Judy Cain at reiki@reiki.ca.

This year we are opening the meeting to non-members. We hope that we can interest you in joining so please keep that in mind.

The registration fee of $10.00 for C.R.A. members and $20.00 for non-members includes a buffet luncheon.

We hope that if you have never been to a C.R.A. AGM before you will now consider it for 2006.

We look forward to your continuing support and making this a great event.

Love & Light
Bonnie Smith

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On the Ground


by Alex Chornyj, RP-CRA


You there on the ground
Look up into the sky
When you're so inclined
May see more than vapour.
The world is a community
Is like one big house
We are all related
Though life, most take for granted.
Some wash their faces
In the early morning
You're not held back by yesterday
Breeze to you is no mere breeze.
You look at things
Like you're part of the wind
Give back more than you take
You are a true savant.
See things in their true light
Not with foggy spectacles
Natural wonders exist
For those with eyelids not welded shut.
At an auspicious moment
Feel non-gravitational pull
You glance the horizon
See a window to the stars.
Purple hues adorn
In its circumference
With eyes of a feline
Distinct with watchful orbs.
What this represents
Creative - female intuition
Look for stone, cat's eye
Connect dream to touch.
Destiny within this life line
Begins to be fulfilled
What some see as fiction?
You define as fact.
White light streams from the window
Voice heard from other side
You are nearing the time
When comes full comprehension.

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Moving Beyond Dis-ease

by Lyn E Ayre, Ph. D., RT-CRA
December 2005

Over the years, my health was declining. Sometimes, my legs didn't work and I was overtaken by exhaustion. I would go through periods where I couldn't hold onto anything because my arm would jerk out of control. My speech became slurred and my mind dull and slow. Symptoms such as these came and went and came back again along with more symptoms, it was a slow progression beginning with Trigeminal Neuralgia 26 years earlier.

My doctor thought it could be Multiple Sclerosis. He made an appointment for me to see a neurologist who booked an MRI. There were no lesions and no positive diagnosis for MS.

My husband picked up the slack in our daily routine and covered for me. I had become unreliable, and it was impossible to predict how I would be on any given day.

A few years later, I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly felt an icy-fire running through my legs and arms. It felt like pins and needles and electric shocks and the bottoms of my feet were burning. My Doctor's partner was on shift and prescribed percocet demi, telling me to get my doctor to check me out for MS as it sounded like paraesthesia.

I went to see another neurologist. He suggested an MRI and evoked potentials. The MRI showed eight lesions on the white matter, apparently only enough to diagnose me with probable MS.

Whether or not I am ever definitively diagnosed is neither here nor there. The fact is, no matter what it is called, these were symptoms that I had to manage daily.

I had been so ill for a very long time. For about a month, I had been praying for God's healing grace to enter me and restore me to health and mental clarity. As each day passed, I became more and more willing to change my thinking and let go of old outworn ideas, and belief systems that no longer served me well and I felt a change begin to occur in me.

It was around that time that I was introduced to Usui Reiki - a Japanese, light-touch wellness modality. A major component of Reiki is self-healing. I began daily self-healing and improved enough that I did not require my walking sticks, or the use of a wheel chair in shopping malls and hospitals, and I sold my electric scooter.

Some days, I would forget to take my meds and still feel okay. With my Doctor's blessing, I gradually went off all of my medications. This is what happened to me and I'm not advocating that any of you, dear readers, do anything against your doctor's plan for you. I had become so completely willing to heal that I did the self-healing technique almost every day. Over the last three and a half years, I have probably missed a dozen days. Willingness is certainly one of the keys needed in healing; persistence is another.

I was recently asked a question. "So, are you saying you are cured of MS?" My response is simple. "No, I am not cured. The symptoms sometimes bother me from time to time. I do say I am healed, though, because the symptoms don't bother me often. When I was sick, I was getting worse and worse with no lessening in between. I was on some pretty heavy-duty medication with potentially devastating side-affects. I lost my job. I lost feeling in various parts of my body. My vision blurred. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Now I feel well. I have energy from morning to night and I'm improving every day. I am back into life. I feel whole again." This, is my story.

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Whole Life Expo

by Bonnie Smith, RT-CRA
CRA President

The Expo was held in Toronto from November 25- 27th. It was the third consecutive year for the Canadian Reiki Association to have a booth and doing our mini Reiki sessions. All the volunteers were kept busy by introducing Reiki, selling our new Meditation CD, our T-shirts. and talking to the general public about our Association. It was very interesting to see how many more men were curious about Reiki and willing to try it for the first time. This was a definite change from previous years. Our members who gave their time to be at the Expo helped make this show a success. I would like to thank Joselin Ratto, Rita Bonnici, Joe McAleer, Suzanne Dobinson, Maralyn Wilson, Alice Creighton, Diane Peterson, Christine Baum, Carol Romanella, Denise Raike, Simone Bowman, Shalini Agarwal, Sladana Ilic, Mark Brewer, Inessa Manorik, Alain Passenaud, Louyse Vingneault, Alain Richard.

Support from our members helps to keep the C.R.A. moving forward.

Love & Light
Bonnie Smith

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Comments Section

I am an RP with the CRA and just read one of the articles in the September newsletter which has prompted me to write to you. The article was written by an RT in Mississauga.

She states that one of her interests is to get corporations to pay for Reiki treatments. Oh, this is an interesting topic! I have talked to several insurance companies that deal with corporations as well as offering self-employed people insurance coverage that includes "alternative therapies". To my dismay, when services such as Reiki, Nutrition, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Therapeutic Touch, etc. are listed as covered services, there is a catch. Here is the BIG catch: they are only covered in Ontario if they are offered by a licensed professional! What is a licensed professional you may ask? An MD, and ND (Licensed Naturopath) or and RMT (Licensed Registered Massaged Therapist). This probably leaves out the vast majority of Reiki practitioners.

I am self employed. I am an RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner) and Reiki Master (practicing as an RP, I'm not teaching at this time) and I sell some wellness products. I have a BSc from a recognized Canadian university. I have a clean police check from the Durham Police (I practice and live in Durham Region). I have errors and omissions insurance and 3rd party liability (slip and fall). I am insured for a Reiki or Nutritional claim against me. And still, people cannot claim my service invoices for reimbursement. Insurance companies say they are following Revenue Canada (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) guidelines for tax deductible services.

So, beware of doing general promotion of Reiki at corporations. This may leave most of us practitioners out in the cold financially (so to speak) unless there is a demand by the company that their insurer cover ALL CRA Registered Practitioners. (for Reiki that means they have a CRA number). This doesn't mean we seek to exclude licensed practitioners, but rather ensure that CRA members are included, no matter what their other degrees or certifications.


Shelley Dagorne, RP-CRA
Pickering, ON

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Book Review: "Teach Yourself Hand Reflexology"

Teach Yourself Hand Reflexologyby Denise Whichello Brown

This is a terrific little book absolutely filled with diagrams and simple instructions. This comprehensive guide is effective whether you have a practice, or simply want to take more responsibility for your own health. In addition to the reflexology techniques and sequences, you are provided with information about essential oils, the various methods of diagnosing, the structure of the hands and steps to prepare for a treatment. Information is laid out so well that the book contains a contents section, a common ailments chapter and closes with a widely diverse index. In the "real" world there are few of us who are able to attend courses on every healing modality that interests us. Reading good "how to" books increases our knowledge base however, making us more effective healers. To date I have found the techniques in this book to be successful for both my clients and myself.

Review written by:
Jo-Anne G. Stevens, RT-CRA
Essential Wellness Centre
Promoting Your Natural Ability to Heal
Conventianal & Holistic Treatments / Courses

"My grandfather once told me that we're two kinds of people: those who do the work & those who take credit. He told me to try to be in the first group."

-- Indira Gandhi

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Reiki Shares & Exchanges

British Columbia


Canadian Reiki Association Exchange
Come out and see us at the 14th Annual Wellness Show on February 3, 4, 5th. The share will still be happening on February 4th and will be hosted by Lyn & Norman Ayre.
Nikkei Japanese Heritage Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Donation: $5
All levels of Reiki Practitioners are invited. Newcomers are welcome. Come and try out Reiki.
Comments: We begin with a meditation, and a Reiju Empowerment for anyone who would like to participate. Then we exchange Reiki. Bring your pamphlets and business cards to share.
Contact: Judy Cain, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.525.1764
Email: reiki@reiki.ca


The Tri-Cities Reiki Exchange
2nd Friday of the month
Aura Wellness Centre, Coquitlam
7 pm to 10 pm
Doors close at 7:15 pm
Suggested donation of $2.00
Comments: All are welcome to come and experience Reiki. A Reiju Empowerment will be given to those who wish it and who have not yet been attuned to Reiki. Cozy space so book early. We have room for two tables and one chair-Reiki set-up at our current location. Please call ahead for directions.
Contact: Lyn Ayre, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.524.8565
Email: LynAyre@telus.net


3rd Friday of the month
Wings of Dove Holistic Centre
140-12031 First Avenue
Steveston Village, Richmond
7 pm to 9:30 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: This is an opportunity to share our experiences & discoveries, and to receive further coaching if necessary. Meditation and Healing open to all Reiki Levels. Please call or email that you are attending.
Contact: Claudette, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.275.7774
Website: www.wingsofdove.ca

White Rock

Reiki Social Night
Last Wednesday of every month; the date varies. Please email for details
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Comments: As Reiki is meant to be shared, I am holding a social night once a month at my home in White Rock, BC. This evening is meant to discuss Reiki specifically, with other practitioners in the area. I believe it's beneficial for all of us who really want to practice Reiki and be involved with it on a daily basis, to share experiences and information that would benefit others. A Reiki table will be set up for demonstrations or short sessions. Please email me if you would be interested in coming.
Contact: Nancy Caljouw, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.531.6171
Email: howdy2@telus.net
Website: www.ReikiandRhyme.com



4th Monday of the month
Banff Seniors Centre, except July & August
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Dates subject to change due to availability of space please visit www.reiki-rocks.ca for up to date information.
Contact: Noortje Vanderelst, RT-CRA


2nd Thursday of the month
Canmore Recreation Centre, except July.
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Dates subject to change due to availability of space please visit www.reiki-rocks.ca for up to date information.
Contact: Noortje Vanderelst, RT-CRA


Reiki Sharing Circle
2nd Thrusday of each month
Argyll Plaza Hotel (meeting room)
Corner of 99 St & Argyll Rd (63 Ave)
7:30 to 10 pm
Donation: $10
All levels and lineages welcome. RSVP by email or at www.wholistichealth.ca
Contact: Marianne Goetsch, RT-CRA
Phone: 780.479.0620
Email: ewg@telusplanet.net



4th Thursday of the month
Serenity Now Therapy
170 Cresent Lake Road, Saltcoats
Only 15 minutes from Yorkton
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Everyone level welcome. Please call ahead to confirm attendance.
Contact: Pat Bjarnsson, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.744.8122


Healing Co-op Reiki Share
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
165 - 3rd Avenue S (The Birks Building)
We meet in front of the elevators between 7 pm to 7:15 pm
Donation: $2.00 off sets the cost of cups & water.
Comments: Reiki Level 1 is required to be a part of our share. We ask interested Reiki people to contact us if you are interested in joining us.
Contact: Darlene, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.933.2800
Email: healingcoop@shaw.ca



Reiki Shares / Healing Circles
Held regularly every 2nd month
We meet in front of the elevators between 7 pm to 7:15 pm
Donation:Voluntary donations accepted to cover expenses for the evening.
Comments: For Practitioners, Teachers and their invited guests. Call or email for dates and additional information.
Contact: Shelly, RT-CRA
Phone: 204.724.6855
Email: jsmayer@westman.wave.ca



In the Spirit of Truth
3rd Tuesday of each month (except December, July or August)
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: none
Comments: Open to all students of different teachers & the general public. Call for location
Contact: Lorinda
Phone: 705.722.4052
Website: www.inthespiritoftruth.com


3rd Wednesday night of the month
Kiwanis Youth Centre for Sports Excellence
247 McMurchy Avenue S, Brampton
Donation: not noted
Comments: Those interested please call or email for details
Contact: Mark Brewer, RP-CRA
Phone: 905.791.8320
Email: mark@reikitoronto.com


Aura Care Reiki Balance Centre
3rd Thursday of the month
130 Cambridge Street, Cambridge
6 pm Social; 7 pm check in/mediation
7:30 pm to 10 pm Reiki Share
Donation: Potluck snacks/drinks
Comments: Any/all levels and lineages. Special interest in musical and/or alternative Reiki techniques. Bring a bed if you have one! Please RSVP.
Contact: Laura Gautherier
Phone: 519.622.1269
Email: balance@auracarereiki.com

Guelph Reiki Share

2nd Wednesday of each month
Held at the offices of Hospice Wellington
75 Speedvale Avenue East, Guelph
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: $5
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Barbara McKell, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.823.2162
Email: barbara@soulconnection.ca


Guelph Pathways Healing Share

Last Thursday of each month except for July, August & December
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: Small donations or snacks, juice, etc.
Comments: Meditation and Healing share open to all levels and lineages. RSVP if attending.
Contact: Bonnie Adam, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.763.7948
Email: bonnie@pathwayshealing.com

Hamilton Reiki Share

4th Wednesday of each month
Call for location
7:00 pm start time
Donation: $10
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Mary Catherine Darling
Phone: 905.318.8630
Email: soulhealer3@yahoo.ca

Holland Landing

Monthly Reiki Practice Group starting in 2006!
2nd Sunday morning of every month
10 am to 12 pm (noon)
Donation: no cost
Comments: First degree Reiki or more welcome
Contact: Judy Watson, RT-CRA
Phone: 905.868.0804
Email: judy-wolf@rogers.com


1st Tuesday of each month
Sacred Journeys Healing Arts Centre
115 King Street West, Kingston
Donation: $10.00 drop-in fee
Comments: RSVP is required. Everyone is welcome! Anyone who has taken Reiki or would like to come and experience what Reiki is all about. Come to be treated, to treat others, to share Reiki stories, or exchange new information about Reiki.
Contact: Cheryl Hiebert
Phone: 613.634.8220
Email: cdh@kingston.net
Website: www.sacred-journeys.ca


London Reiki Share
Call for date, time, and location
Comments: I have been holding group Reiki exchanges so we can have evenings together. Often a small group of 6 but truly an enjoyable time together and we go away feeling light and refreshed. Some, who come and do not practice Reiki other than on friends and family members, are pleased to join together and experience receiving a treatment.
Contact: Mercedes Mancari
Phone: 519.660.3664
Email: Mercedes@execulink.com


3rd Tuesday of each month
Universal Energy Training & Learning Centre
2393 Sixth Line, Six Nations Reserve
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5 per person
Comments: An informal drop-in group. Any level of Reiki is welcome. Please come and check out our facility. Refreshments provided. Call for directions or more information.
Contact: Michelle Thomas or
Jane Burning
Phone: 519.445.1904


Reiki Associates
3rd Monday of the month
106 - 2211 Riverside Drive, Ottawa
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00 requested to be donated to Make a Wish Foundation
Comments: Everyone welcome. Check our website for confirmation of time and place: www.reikiassociates.com
Contact: Richard Wardel, RP-CRA
Email: reikiassociates@superage.com


Reiki Associates
3rd Monday of the month
2368 Christie Lake Road, Perth, ON
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00 requested to be donated to Make A Wish Foundation
Comments: Everyone welcome. Check our website for confirmation of time and place: www.reikiassociates.com
Contact: Denise Carpenter, RT-CRA Phone: 613.913.2803
Email: reikiassociates@superage.com


2nd Thursday of each month
Email for details on location
6 pm to 9:30 pm
Donation: not noted
Comments: All who have first level Reiki or Learning Path Integrated Technique are welcome to join us.
Contact: Diane Young, RT-CRA, of Healing Integration.
Email: diane@healingintegration.com


Reiki Intro. Talk & Share
Date: Saturdays - call for next dates
1 pm to 5 pm
Donation: $10.00 and $8 for students, seniors & low income.
Comments: An icebreaker will be followed by a guided meditation, Reiki talk and an afternoon of Reiki sessions.
Please bring something comfortable to lie on: a pillow, foam or yoga mat, bed sheet, pillowcase, towel. Massage tables are greatly appreciated too!
Contact: Stephanie Norwich, RT-CRA Reiki Master/Instructor
Phone: 416.604.3448
Email: sgiver@yahoo.com


Toronto Central Reiki Clinic
Every Wednesday
At College and Spadina.
Please call for details.
6:30 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $10 requested
Open to general public and all channels from all Masters
Comments: Time in the clinic is tracked for CRA qualification. New first-time channels must complete a short intro course on clinic procedures and group hand positions, as we work in teams of 2 or more. Cost: $45.00. Proof of current Reiki Level is required.
Contact: Roman Szymczak, RT-CRA
Phone: 416.531.1141
Email: Roman@HandsOfaHealer.com


Every 2nd Monday of the month
Please visit websie or call to confirm date
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
All Reiki practitioners at Level 1 and up are welcome.
Comments: Come enjoy interesting discussions on Reiki & other natural healing modalities and group treatments. Please contact me to confirm your attendance.
Contact: Debbie Boehlen, RT-CRA
Phone: 905.714.0298
Website: www.canadianchampissage.com

Nova Scotia


The last Wednesday of each month
142 Braemar Drive Dartmouth
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Comments: Everyone with Reiki Level I and above are welcome.
Contact: Gail Piccott Bannister
CRA & AURA Member
Phone: 902.463.1775



Whitehorse Reiki Exchange
Once a month
Whitehorse Public Library
Contact: Faye Eby, RT-CRA, for
more information
Phone: 867.667.4979

Reiki Share/Exchange Format

Please send your notice of Reiki gatherings in your own area to reiki@reiki.ca.


Name of the Share/Exchange
Date (and is it ongoing?)
Who is welcome
Contact info (name, phone, email)

"All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail."
-- Dorothea Brande

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Shop at The Reiki Corporate Store:

 New at the Store -- CRA CD

This 17 minute guided Chakra Meditation CD is perfect to use at Reiki Shares or Exchanges. It is a lovely way to bring the group together while relaxing and centering them at the same time. It is also perfect for personal use to relax and refresh you in just 17 short minutes and makes a perfect gift for anyone.

CRA merchandise featuring our logo is available! T-shirts in navy and red available in sizes S (red only - limited), M, L plus we have Navy ball caps.

Please include size and colour preferences where applicable!. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

All Items available for $15.00 each plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Send cheque or money order to:

Corporate Store,
c/o Canadian Reiki Association
PO Box 74072 Hillcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

The CRA is interested in ways to bring the membership together so they can get to know each other by sharing their ideas and experiences. For those who frequent the Internet via e-mail and website browsers, the CRA has set up a members only e-mail list discussion group; subscribe at: cra_news-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Extra copies of the newsletter are available for special events or to use for promotional purposes. They are great to have for Reiki Shares & Wellness Shows. For additional copies contact: Judy Cain at: reiki@reiki.ca.

We are always looking for items of interest for our members & the public. Send in your articles, special sayings, up and coming workshops, and notices that you would like included in the newsletter.

We would also appreciate receiving your book reviews.

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I don't think you can go wrong."

-- Ella Fitzgerald

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Path to Life

Carol L. Roman ella, D.H.M.H.S., H.D., RP-CRA
Phone: 416.721.4884 or 416.961.1900

Address: 72 St Clair Ave W
Email: csruping@primus.ca
Website: www.pathtolife.net

Wings of Dove Holistic Centre

Sacred space for Personal Empowerment

Usui Reiki Sessions & Training
CranioSacral Therapy
Healing Matrix - Multidimensional Healing
Animal Communication & Healing
Spiritual & Mediumistic Sessions
Metaphysical Education
Classes Workshops Retreats

604.275.7774 - 1.866.275.7776

Circle of One

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offering workshops and
sessions in Reiki
Learning Path Integrated Technique
Axiatonal Alignment
Energy Sensing and Clearing Techniques
Contact Diane: 416.690.6336

Carleton University Research on Reiki and Social Work

I am a MSW student seeking individuals in Ottawa with both reiki and social work credentials to obtain perspectives on the possible barriers, benefits and limitations of incorporating reiki into
social work practice.

Please contact researcher:
Cheryl Grant
by telephone: (613) 260-7615 or email:

Sharlene McLearon

Blue Matrix Energetics,
Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki
London, Ontario

Indian Head Massage Course

Indian Head Massage

Through the Canadian Centre for Indian Champissage. 10.5 CEUs.

Contact Debbie Boehlen at 905.714.0298 or see website at www.iaw.on/~debb
for upcoming workshop dates.

Reiki Associates

Aura Wellness Centre

In Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Offering Sessions & Courses in
*Chakras & Chi*
*Crystal Healing*
*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)*
*Karuna Ki and Usui Reiki*
*Meditation Techniques*

Sessions Only In:
*Aromatherapy, Massage, Sound Healing*

For more information,
please call Lyn Ayre
604.524.8565 or LynAyre@telus.net

Bridges To Health

A Non-Profit Community Health Fair
Saturday, April 29, 2006
Central United Church
Sarnia, Ontario
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

" FREE "

For more information contact:
Joan Kenny 519-542-8025
Gillian Watts 519-344-6367
or e-mail: rwatts4@cogeco.ca

"It may be hard for an egg
to turn into a bird:
it would be a jolly sight harder
for it to learn to fly while
remaining an egg"

-- C.S. Lewis

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