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Bonnie Smith

As we are stepping forward into the early days of 2008, many of you will move into the New Year with promises and plans for new beginnings. Just remember that the universal flow of the Reiki Energy is with you and it will align you to these new resolutions and promises. Now that you have some awareness of your purpose for the New Year, it is now time to manifest them into your conscious mind. You will need to stay focused while you create your new dreams by turning them into your reality. This new beginning will provide you with joy as the birth of your plans grow and mature over the coming months. Trust that you will have the total support of the Universe with you at all times.

On behalf of the CRA Board of Directors, we wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.

I would like to remind everyone of the Annual General Meeting on May 31st, 2008 in Oakville, Ontario. Before your calendar gets booked with clients and classes, make a date to come and join us. We will send out information packages in the coming months.

The board is now planning the events for the upcoming AGM that will be held May 31st at the Oakville Holiday Inn, Oakville, ON. The CRA elections will be held after the business portion of our meeting. This year we will be voting for two board positions. The nomination form is now available on the home page of our website. This form will be included in the hardcopy newsletter that we mail to those members without the benefit of a computer. If you are nominated and accept to run, please submit a short bio and j-peg photo of yourself to Judy at reiki@reiki.ca.

Deadline for nominations will be March 15, 2008. This is a requirement as your information will be included in the AGM package. The number of proxy votes increased last year as members had the opportunity to read and get to know a little bit about the nominees and put a face to the bio. Make a note of May 31 st on your calendar and we will see you there.

Love, Peace and Wellbeing

Bonnie Smith
CRA President

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About the CRA

The Canadian Reiki Association: We provide our members with a national voice and encourage high educational standards. Through our Code of Ethics, we are promoting ethical practice and teaching. We assist the public with referrals to CRA Registered Practitioners and Teachers and we are committed to enlightening and educating our communities about Reiki.

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“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.“

~ E.E. Cummings

We welcome your comments, criticisms, and feedback. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.




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Member in Focus is...

Mari Okazaki, RP-CRA
Chilliwack, BC

Tell us how you were introduced to Reiki, your path with Reiki and what you do now?

Mari OkazakiMy path with Reiki started slowly, since my father passed away over 30 years ago, but it wasn't until the birth of our second child that the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place for me.

My mother was a nutritionist, so I was raised in an environment of good health by eating healthy. However, my father passed away because of a medical accident, simply a doctor's mistake from a prescription when he was being treated for flu at the age of 39.

This accident led me to be interested in the human body, so then I would know what is going on inside of our bodies when we get sick or are in pain.

Over 20 years had passed since his death. My mother suffered from menopause, so doctors prescribed drugs to help control her symptoms. I believe that these medications contributed directly to her death at age 57.

This made me question medications and prescription drugs, and be open to other forms of healing and believe in our body's natural healing system. I believed it was very important to learn about the human body, so I would be able to build a healthy family. I decided to study Health and Physical Education at Tokyo 's Women's College of Physical Education in Japan , where I earned my degree.

In 2002 we had our first child, Keith, and he was a very healthy baby. In 2004, we had our second child, Mayu, and she developed a severe case of eczema that covered her face with yellow liquid and dried out her skin. Whenever I took her to a pediatrician or skin specialist, the answers were to take an anti-histamine and steroid cream that I strongly disagreed with. I was desperate to find out the cause, so then I could treat from the root of the cause, not cover the symptoms, but they could not tell me anything.

We tried a strict diet, Chinese herbs, homeopathy etc, many of the alternative treatments, and every time we tried a new method, she would get better for a while, then her body would get used to the treatment and revert back to the worst condition.

We bought a high quality vacuum cleaner, we were going to install a air and water purification system, and spent lots of money to protect Mayu from the polluted environment. However, all of a sudden I realized, “All the other children around her can survive in this environment, why not her? I need to concentrate more on making her body stronger, not changing the environment around her!”

Soon after I realized this, I was introduced to a Japanese girl, Kimi, who was a spiritual healer and she still travels around the world to help heal our Earth. She came to our house and sat beside the kitchen sink where Mayu was taking a bath. She started to rub and splash water from the sink on Mayu's left arm and shoulder and after about 45 minutes, Mayu's left side of her body started becoming really smooth as if the skin was regenerating. Even a few months after, the left side of Mayu's body was clearer than the right side! I asked if I could do same thing that the Kimi did on Mayu, so then I could treat her every day. She said everybody has the healing power and she suggested that I might want to find out about Reiki. It was 2005.

At the same time, our family friend and homeopath, Sharon Richlark, said I should look into Reiki because I am from Japan , and also I would be able to treat Mayu on a daily basis. As Sharon helped us to find out the cause of Mayu's condition with her encyclopedic knowledge and spiritual ability, we trusted her from the bottom of our hearts and I felt her insight would fit me right.

All of a sudden, Reiki information started popping into my life.

Although I had heard of Reiki before, I did not know what exactly Reiki was. But the more I did research about Reiki, the more I got excited to learn as soon as possible, I wanted to learn in Japanese, my first language, so then I could fully understand the concepts. I took Level One from a Japanese master in 2005 and this lead me to find out more about the original root of Reiki. I simply wanted to be as close to the original, to Mikao Usui's teachings as possible and Mr.Tadao Yamaguchi from Jikiden Reiki was the closest in lineage that I could find. When I found out that Tadao-sensei's mother, Chiyoko, had learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi who was one of 20 students of Mikao Usui, I got very excited and decided to further my education from him.

I took his course and started to treat Mayu every night at bedtime. After two months, her skin became clearer, and after about 5 months her skin was completely clear.

We now have three children, Keith, Mayu and Geoff, and every time they feel sick or feel anxious, I use Reiki and it always works, and they just love it. It is a great way of giving attention and kinship for children.

At first, I was going to treat only my family and friends, but after this personal experience with Reiki and seeing the positive result from all the other people I have given treatments to, I really wanted to teach Reiki to as many people as possible, especially mothers with small children so then they could treat their children when they got sick. I think it is a great way of building kinship and a close and warm relationship. If you think about our future in a longterm vision, those small children will be supporting our community in 30 years. I want to create a strong base for the healthy mind, body and spirit in our community for our future, by sharing Reiki with as many people as I can.

There was the time that I lost the meaning to live, lost interest in my life, and I did not know why I even existed or who I lived for, and I was lonely. I lost the trust for people and held the fear that everybody would die before me, so I wanted to die before anyone else.

But positive things had happened, one after another since I came to Canada in 1999, and my loving husband supported me, to overcome the trauma and start our beautiful family, but especially after I learned Reiki, I have started to know why I am here today, my intuition has become sharper, and I am more peaceful and laid back. My body is stronger, my life direction has opened up in a wonderful way and I have my life back.

Right after I learned Reiki, my friend sent me an email with this quote and I burst into tears for its deep meaning. I would like to share this quote with many people.

“There are two significant moments in our lives. One is when we are born, the other is when we find out why.”

My beautiful family is the reason why I am here, and Reiki is another reason why I am here. We live in Chilliwack , 100 km east of Vancouver BC, and there is only a small Japanese population compared with Vancouver , so I am surprised that many people know about Reiki and are open to Reiki treatment. I slowly started my Reiki practice, whether I go to someone's house for treatment or people come to my house to receive treatment. I am always full of gratitude while I do Reiki, and this is my passion. It is a long process to become a teacher by learning with Jikiden Reiki but after I became a teacher I absolutely enjoyed every moment in my class.

What is your major focus for 2007?

As I am writing this article, my memory comes back to me of the time I had decided to come to Canada, in 1999. At that time, my goal was to become a bridge between Canada and Japan in some way, but I did not know how I could do that. Now I realize that I think I am on my way to achieving my goal to be a bridge by teaching Reiki, the Japanese method of healing technique, in Canada in English, which is my second language. Even though it is not easy to teach things in this second language and I am doing my best to improve my English, I am so grateful to be able to teach Reiki along with my Japanese culture, which has a beautiful old history and is not very simple to understand. The concept of Reiki is very deeply related to Japanese culture and I would like to teach Japanese culture, as much as I know, during my class.

I have two focuses for 2008. I am working on my own website: www.JikidenReikiwithMari.com and the other focus is to become a Shihan (second level teacher), and start teaching the first and second level to share this beautiful Reiki path for people to open up their life direction.

As much as my limited time with three little children allows me, I will continue to give Reiki treatment for people, and do my best to make the population of Reiki practitioners bigger, so then more people can give Reiki for sick people.

Tell us about the contribution you see yourself making to the CRA?

My contribution to the CRA is to open Reiki exchange meetings in my local area to make people more aware of Reiki.

I would also like to have Reiki courses for families that have cancer patients, AIDS patients etc, so that they can do group treatments on a daily basis. I hope many people will agree that by learning Reiki, you do not need to become a business owner as a Reiki practitioner or teacher, you can simply use Reiki for your family and friends as one loving way of helping and caring for others.

With gratitude,

Mari Okazaki

"The point is not to pay back kindness
but to pass it on."

– Julia Alvarez

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Reiki Gatherings, Building Community, Sharing love

By Stephanie Cookson

As Reiki students, Practitioners and Teachers, we need to be together;

  • to share and learn from our growth and experiences, to hold a common understanding,
  • to develop our practice and maintain best practice standards,
  • to take care of ourselves, to learn as the world and energy consciousness changes and to celebrate.

A Celebration of Love, the first Fall Reiki GatheringA Celebration of Love, the first Fall Reiki Gathering, in Downtown Toronto was held on October 07. This created a new space for doing just this. Those with experience of Reiki treatments, students, Practitioners and Master/Teachers had a fabulous day, getting to know each other, exploring Reiki, getting to know ourselves a little better and having some fun!

The day flowed. Energy flowed. The love was so fully present. From so many moments, key highlights from the day included;

  • Meditations, opening and closing ceremonies and the flow of energy throughout the day. There was so much love.

  • Sharing of Reiki stories and creation of a Reiki Story wall for reading throughout the day.

  • Sharing experiences with group questions and answers, about Reiki, energy work, understanding attunements…

  • The personal and moving account of survival and wellness innovation with lessons from mother nature for living our lives in health and happiness, from Leslie Bridger.

  • The hugest Reiki Circle and Reiki exercises. Sending energy to our personal intentions was facilitated by Diane Young. The energy goes on and on and on as we manifest our desires.

  • Experiencing Sekhem energy in the room and exploring our path in understanding energy vibration, connection and different techniques with Stephanie Cookson.

  • A personal account of overcoming brain tumor and surgery and an exploration of our masculine/feminine balance, with Ingrid Splettstoesser complete with costume of half suit and tie and half dress. A wonderful group vescia Pisces.

  • A great Market place with selection of Reiki books, music, statues, jewelry, singing bowls, meditation cards, Networking table and CRA membership information.

  • Voice and rhythm workshop and celebration with Deb and Corrie of Joyful Resistance. The energy, freedom and love in the room were unstoppable. Everyone was playing, singing, dancing; doing something! It was impossible to keep still.

  • Meeting new friends and huge hugs.

A Celebration of Love, the first Fall Reiki GatheringEveryone joined in, everyone had their own special moment, a personal journey, a group community, a being together with Spirit. Thank you to everyone for your love and sharing. Thank you to Spirit and Reiki for our common sharing in your transformational love.

Comments from the day

‘An excellent day, thank you'

‘Positive love energy, truly wonderful'

‘Many smiles, warmth and sincerity all much needed'

‘People from many different backgrounds were able to connect together'

‘I enjoyed learning about Reiki, meeting everyone, meditations and sharing'

‘I enjoyed the drumming, singing, everything, listening to personal stories, and the hugs!'

‘The day went by quickly with much energy, excellent program, congratulations'

‘Thank you for organizing such a great experience. Everything was great, looking forward to more.'

A Celebration of Love, the first Fall Reiki GatheringThere is an ongoing need for ‘professional' development amongst Reiki students, Practitioners and Teachers. The opportunity to share and get together, outside of our own practices and Reiki shares, as a larger community. Here we can learn from each other, raise the energy vibration of Toronto , reach out to others and spread much needed love in the world.

The Gatherings will be held twice a year, Spring and Fall. Everyone is invited to be a part of their development with ideas for:

  • Suggestions for speakers and topics
  • Volunteer to assist, before or on the day
  • Purchase own market place table to display/sell your products
  • Any other ideas!

Please contact Stephanie on tel. 416.916.2980 or stephanie@transense.ca.

Information about the Gatherings, past and future with photographs and feedback can be found on www.transense.ca.

The Spring Reiki Gathering, From the Heart, will be in Sunday April 13, 2008.

Program so far:

We are delighted to have Joyful Resistance join us again, this time also with Jessie on didgeridoo for more rhythm, voice and Spirit work. In addition the day will include keynote presentations, structure networking and sharing of practice, exercises, Reiki circle and of course the market place.

Book ahead either on the website or by contacting me on email stephanie@transense.ca or call 416.916.2980. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

Stephanie Cookson
Holistic Practitioner, Reiki, Sekhem, SSR Teacher
Registered Nurse (MH-UK), MBA
Canadian Reiki Association Registered Teacher

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The Art of Happiness

Public talk by the Dalai Lama
October 31, 2007 - Toronto

When I learned that the Dalai Lama would be in Toronto and found out that he would be, in the morning, right across from where I teach yoga in Etobicoke and in the afternoon very close to where I work in downtown Toronto, you can imagine how excited I felt! I chose to attend his public talk entitled "The Art of Happiness" in the afternoon.

There was an audience of 16,000 instead of the 30,000 that was expected. Even though it was a big crowd, it did not feel overwhelming because the Rogers Centre is huge. The doors were opened a little late but the crowd was, as expected, calm and courteous. Tibetans could easily be spotted in the crowd with their beautiful colourful outfits. The monks were in their traditional garbs with no second thought to the chilly wind.

Before the Dalai Lama's appearance, 3 monks blessed the event with chanting so beautiful that I fell into a trance. A woman seated next to me kept elbowing me to wake me up because I looked like I was asleep.

The Dalai Lama was 15 minutes late coming on stage and was greeted with a standing ovation when he showed up. He started by mentioning that he is a Canadian citizen now and was cheered by the crowd. His demeanour on stage was relaxed, easygoing and warm. More than once, he made the crowd roar with laughter.

The key themes in his 60-minutes talk were:

  • The link between the affection of a mother to her child and global harmony. He spent almost 20 minutes addressing this point: how a child who has been shown affection and love will grow to be a balanced individual and how a healthy community starts with healthy individuals. Maternal affection is the key to a warm-hearted outlook to others.

  • The importance of having a calm mind and a warm heart and the influence of compassion on our relationships with others. Whether we love others or not, we depend on them; we must consider others as part of ourselves.

  • The new reality that global warming, international trade and the threat of terrorism have made the world interdependent and interrelated.

  • He passionately urged Tibetan-Canadians, who have the freedom in Canada to keep their culture alive, to endeavour to do so. That is the reason that same morning he blessed the newly established Canadian Tibetan Cultural Centre in Etobicoke. He also encouraged them to be good Canadian citizens, to pursue education and to be diligent in advancing their careers.

  • The Tibetan consciousness is very strong. This consciousness has influenced the whole world. This is seen in the ever-increasing move toward an individual relationship with God instead of relying on intermediaries.

  • All religions and faiths deserve respect because they promote compassionate values. Difficulties arise when believers are not really sincere. Westerners should not rush to Buddhism but rather retain their religious traditions and be open minded about other faiths.

He ended his talk by answering a few questions that were submitted by email prior to the event. One of the questions pointed out that the title of his talk was: “The Art of Happiness” whereas Buddhists' sacred texts mostly talk about suffering.

The point that I found controversial, and made it the object of contemplation the next few days, was when he said, “I don't believe that a person can heal others”.

I was glad I made the effort to attend this public talk. I left feeling enriched, calmer and having had a few good laughs.


Liliane Najm, FOYT R, RT-CRA
Hatha Yoga Teacher

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Toronto Whole Life Expo

By Louyse E Vigneault

Toronto Whole Life Expo I would like to say a big thank you to Bonnie for having created such a great team of volunteers. We were all REIKI practitioners coming from all over the world, this was so awesome to be able to do REIKI in different languages.

I learned from many volunteers that they had learned REIKI in their own country and moved to Canada and became members of the CANADIAN REIKI ASSOCIATION. We were a great team and served the universe by giving energy to people who were coming to the CRA booth.

Toronto Whole Life ExpoWhat a great experience this was, even the Grey Cup was there to cheer and many football fans were at the show to experience some great Reiki energy.

Thank you all for the great Reiki energy and big smiles everyone brought in at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto.


Louyse E. Vigneault, RT-CRA
CRA Board of Directors

Toronto Whole Life Expo

By Bonnie Smith , RT-CRA

Toronto Whole Life ExpoWe celebrated our fifth year at the Whole Life Expo this past November 23, 24th and 25th. The number of visitors to the show was affected by the Grey Cup festivities going on outside but that did not slow down visitors wanting to try Reiki for the first time and Reiki practitioner's themselves coming in for a well deserved mini session.

Toronto Whole Life ExpoOur booth had a very welcoming appearance with three well dressed tables and with our Practitioners looking their very best with several wearing the new CRA shirt. As I walked by another exhibitor's booth the man saw the logo on my shirt and commented “Canadian Reiki Association – you guys are everywhere” he then complimented the CRA shirt on how good looking it was. If you are holding onto an old CRA shirt it may be time to order a new one before the next show. We made a great impression with our booth and the new shirts.

Toronto Whole Life ExpoThirty-five of our members volunteered their time as we gave over 100 fifteen minute Reiki sessions during the course of the week-end. We were also successful in the selling our logo pins and Meditation CD's.

The Whole Life Expo was a wonderful venue for all who came to lend their Reiki hands in support of the CRA. We had many members out for the first time and I hope it was a memorable experience for them as well as the practitioners who have attended the show over the past few years. I would like Toronto Whole Life Expoto express my deepest appreciation for all who volunteered this year. With out you we would not be able to share the word of Reiki or inform Ontario practitioners there is a Canadian Reiki Association.

I would like to offer a special thanks to Louyse Vigneault for her support and work over the weekend.

Love & Light

Bonnie Smith, President

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Professionalism in Practice

By Barbara McKell, RT-CRA
Guelph , ON

Because Reiki is one of the fastest growing methods of hands on healing in the world today, it is very important to address the subject of professionalism in practice. There are many other systems and new methods of energy healing being created as I speak, but lately they are all being compared to Reiki as if it were the gold standard. Effective for treating a wide range of illnesses, Reiki has grown exponentially because it can be used to treat one's self and is very easy to learn.

When I first started my private practice in 1999, people seemed to hold everything in comparison to Therapeutic Touch primarily because it was one of the very few energy healing modalities people knew about. Practiced by nurses and offered in some hospital settings, Therapeutic Touch was also the first energy healing modality that was generally accepted.

We are moving away from control and elitism in our society. One of the beautiful things about Reiki is that it is such an accessible healing art. The Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) has done a great job at creating standards and a professional association that gives all members accountability and credibility. It is also important that we create that professionalism and credibility within our own practice. In this way we, along with our students and other professionals, gain credibility.

Speak well of other practitioners, no matter what method they are using. All modalities have been created to help people. Truth is found in the effectiveness of the method. Certain things work better than others depending on the practitioner's ability and the client's needs at the time. If you do not have anything good to say, then say nothing.

Use your energy to offer assistance. We need to support each other so that we may all succeed. By putting down another person's practice or method, we are creating negativity around all Reiki practitioners. After all, we are energy workers and know the Karma created when we stand back and hope another person will fail. Even if you are not congruent with what another person is doing, it is more important that you lead by example and not try to discredit them or their practice.

If they are a CRA Member and not abiding by the Code of Ethics, or CRA standards, then it is your duty to report them and let the CRA handle it. If they are not a CRA member and are doing something illegal, you can always contact the police or encourage the complainant to do so. Either way, do this quietly and do not gossip. When you gossip, this is a form of physic attack on another individual. Negative energy will always come back to you. Furthermore, it creates a poisonous environment for all. It is important to be mindful rather than critical. Offer assistance. If the practitioner does not want your assistance and no laws have been broken, then leave it alone.

Succeeding in Practice

We have all had to start somewhere and if you are not able to quit your job in order to completely immerse yourself in developing a full time Reiki practice, then make sure you are not sending out the message that this is not your “real” job. If you work Monday to Friday and have decided to start an evening and/or weekend practice, then regard that as a professional practice in its own right.

When someone calls you and wants to book an appointment for Tuesday afternoon, you don't say, “I work Monday to Friday, so I can't see you.“ Rather you say, “I don't have an opening on Tuesday, but I have some openings on Saturday. Would that work for you?” It lets the client know when you can see them rather than when you cannot.

I am always amazed when a practitioner is competitive with other Reiki professionals. Do they fear that there are not enough clients to go around? What a wonderful world that would be if there was no one in need of healing! Doctors neither hold this fear nor compete with other doctors. Rather, they support and refer so that the general public will have access to a medical system that they can trust. We need to create this trust within Reiki practice.

“A good healer is not the one who makes claims to be able to heal others, but the one who constantly works hard to heal her/himself.”

I have often noticed that people who complain that they cannot earn a living through a Reiki practice are the same people who are not willing to pay another professional to assist them in their own personal healing. They are operating from a diminished place and on some level are not willing to invest in themselves. Through the Law of Attraction, you will be holding the energy that healing treatments do not have value.

Look at how you spend your money. If you are able to order a pizza, rent that Friday night video, stop in at Starbucks on a regular basis and get your hair done, but are not willing to spend any of your hard earned money on personal healing, then you might want to examine your priorities.

As responsible practitioners, we need to do our own personal healing. We need to also support others who are doing the healing work. These are the beginning steps of creating a network of professionals that you can refer your clients to with confidence.

You should know practitioners that you trust and can refer your clients to when you go on vacation or cannot see them for some reason. If we try to control or keep clients from going to other practitioners, they will likely find someone else on their own anyway. You can also use the CRA directory to help your clients find another practitioner. You can refer, with confidence, even if you don't know the practitioner personally because all CRA members abide by a set of professional standards and ethics.

Professionally, it is a good idea to have a network of other practitioners to refer to when necessary. We must always remember that our goal is not keep clients, but to see them empowered and making progress. If this is not happening in the work you are doing for them, perhaps it is time to refer to someone else. If a client leaves you because they are getting better then that is great for the whole profession. They will tell people about it and more and more people will be looking for Reiki practitioners. If they leave because they are not getting any results, then they may find help through a physiotherapist or Naturopath. Remember, other therapies compliment what we do, including medical intervention, and everything helps to ensure a successful outcome.

Know your scope of practice and stay within the parameters of your qualifications. Refer people on to another practitioner when you are sensing they need something else. In the end, they will appreciate and recognize your professionalism. They are also more likely to return for preventative, relaxation sessions trusting in the relationship that you have developed with them.

Be sure that your business cards, brochures and advertising send out a clear message of exactly what it is you do. Practitioners sometimes feel that they will attract more clients by having a long list of credentials. But truthfully, it is often confusing for the client and may send a message that you have not mastered any particular healing method based on experience and conviction.

If you book a Reiki appointment with a client and are qualified in practicing other healing methods aside from Reiki, be sure to let the client know when you will be using something other than, or in addition to, Reiki. Be sure that you have your client's informed consent.

Professionalism is the way you conduct your business.

Your business card should also have the CRA designation on it. This is of value to both you and the client because it signifies you operate by professional standards and a code of ethics. Have promotional material printed that looks professional, not home made. At minimum, a professional practitioner needs to have a business card and a brochure that explains what they do in more depth. If you are intent on creating a thriving practice that attracts the kind of clients you would like to be helping, then Reiki your promotional material with that intention. Have a clear vision of what it is you would like to create and do not worry about the how, just allow the wisdom of Reiki to assist in manifesting it for you. Hold your hands over your printed material while envisioning the light of Reiki permeating it with your intention. Each time someone picks up your material, they will receive a blessing of Reiki.

More people go to the Internet in search of healing modalities than any other source. So having a good website is an investment that will help you grow and prosper. Be sure to maintain it with regular updates and be responsive to emails; otherwise you are losing the effectiveness of having this tool. Be careful of free website offers because often they will put ads on your site that might not be congruent with what you are trying to convey. Having a website is energy work so don't allow the energy to become stale and outdated. Be sure the graphics and information convey a clear message of who you are and what you are offering. Prospective clients are most interested in what you can do for them and it is not necessary to site all your credentials. Be careful not to make any false claims.

For your Reiki practice, have a confidential business phone line that only you answer. Be responsive to phone messages and return calls promptly. If you are going away for a period of time, be sure that someone responds to your phone calls. This way, appointments can be scheduled and you won't miss out on any business opportunities while you are away.

Have a private space that will not be disrupted during the client's visit. If this is not possible within your own home, then consider sharing an office space with another practitioner until you are ready to rent an office on a full-time basis. Be sure that your office is clean and clear both physically and energetically. Provide a nurturing and tranquil setting for your clients. If you are unsure of how to do this, you might want to consider hiring someone who can assist in creating a healing space. You can also ask another practitioner to give you some advice. Remember, to keep it simple and only place objects that have significance in your healing space.

Dress in a professional manner. Do not appear at the door in bedroom slippers and a tracksuit. A clean, neat and fresh environment is all-important. Remember that when your client is in a relaxed state, they will be more sensitive to unhealthy scents, pet odours, cooking odours and loud intrusive noises. The successful and considerate practitioner will provide a space that will not subject the client to anything that could interfere with their healing session.

Provide proper receipts for all your clients. Keep records of expenses and payments. Keep an accurate record of all your treatments for reference to and progress notes. Have a written confidentiality policy and release of information form. Secure all client records in locked cabinets. Invest in a shredder for any old documents you may need to destroy. Never throw anything in the garbage that has a client's personal information on it without shredding it first.

I hope that these ideas will assist you in creating a productive and successful Reiki practice. If you would like to experience more constructive ideas, be sure to attend the CRA annual general meeting in May.

As part of my private practice, I also provide professional consultation to those seeking to establish a Reiki business. Feel free to contact me at:

519-823-2162 or email barbara@soulconnection.ca

Barbara McKell, RT-CRA

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Book Review - “Entangled Minds – Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality”
by Dean Radin

Entangled Minds – Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum RealityPeople tend to back off and cringe as soon as they hear terms like quantum physics , quantum mechanics, or quantum this and that. As for me those terms peak my interest. Research in these fields reinforces our energy work and provides validation for those who need it.

Radin provides scientific evidence on areas of psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis. He delves into the tragedy of 9/11 for those who aren't aware of the RNG results during that time period.

A quantum object has no location in time or space when unobserved. This can relate to Reiki distance treatments. In Gendai Reiki one learns how to treat past Karma. This makes perfect sense on the quantum basis that time is fractal and not linear. Since there is no past or future…it's all just here…then distance treatments to the linear way of thinking can go into the past or the future. We respond emotionally prior to a situation occurring. How? It's because we know what is going to happen. This is presentiment.

People respond uncomfortably when being stared at by someone in a totally separate room. Lab tests for perceptual psi (ESP) have people describing hidden objects, some of which are many miles away. Modern Ganzfeld tests are well known to scientists because they are so close to the perfect psi experiments. Radin writes about: the power of group intention, the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), and studies performed by the PEAR Lab with RNG units where people changed the randomness of these machines.

Psi work is still considered to be controversial. I think this is largely due to the fact that the general public isn't aware of the vast quantity of research that has been performed over the years. This book can't help but open your eyes. What many have long considered to be intangible is in actuality part of acceptable scientific circles.

Jo-Anne G. Stevens
RT/P-CRA, Axiatonal Re-Alignment
Teacher/Practitioner, Masseuse
S.I. Therapist Level II
Metaphysical Healer

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Excerpt - From Fire The Grid

"It has been an incredible journey since I spoke on the George Noory show in mid Dec. '05. For those who do not know George Noory, he hosts a radio talk show with over 15 millions listeners. Many things have happened since that time including Doreen Virtue of the Angel book fame who has joined us by including an invitation to read and join in Firing the Grid on her monthly newsletter. This amounts to many other tens of thousands that have been connected to the site and hopefully to the project when the time arrives."

As a Lightworker, I feel called to participate and I will be gathering a group of people at my home on July 17th to spend an hour in prayer and meditation to assist in Firing the Grid. I also feel the need to spread the word of this Global attempt to heal our planet and therefore would appreciate you using and or forwarding this message as you see fit.

Love & Light,
Debbie Berry

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Protection Prayer


Dear Lord May your divine light
Reach this being through my hands.
I beg for your protection, healing
energy and blessing.
May your will stay loving and eternal.

I am the light, I am the light, I am the light.
The light is in my heart,
The light goes through my heart.
The light protects,
The light is my guide.

Oh beautiful and divine source of all that is created,
I offer my body as the instrument of
your Holy power.
May you descend your healing energy
though my hands.
May no harm be done and your will forever
be respected.



Lydia Fougères, RP-CRA
Dunham , PQ

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Reiki - The Gentle Healer

by Graham Christie

I shall never forget my feelings on the day when I was asked if I would visit a hospital to give Reiki healing to someone whose leg had been amputated following a car accident. I had first met Ros the previous December at a Christmas dinner for alternative health practitioners, this being a new venture for me as a newly qualified Reiki therapist. Over dinner we discussed how our respective treatments had been how treatment could be combined to be more effective.

In March 1998, Ros telephoned me, and explained in her usual bubbly manner "I am in Oldchurch hospital, and I have had my leg amputated following a car accident. Can you visit me and give me some Reiki healing? I immediately agreed and arranged a date for the following Tuesday.

After I had put the telephone down, my fears welled up inside me. How do you treat a person who still feels their leg is attached to their body? As I had only recently qualified, could I help her? It's amazing how inadequate you can feel when confronted with a real test!

Prior to qualifying I was a very squeamish person, but one thing Reiki has given me is trust. People are only sent to you for treatment through fate, a chance encounter, a recommendation, therefore you are only asked to deal with a situation that you can handle. Reiki has its own intelligence and works in the best possible way for the individual.

When I arrived at the hospital, I nervously located the ward that Ros was in, and spotted her surrounded by flowers and get well cards and after a brief chat, I "tuned in" so that I could commence the treatment.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, I feel we all have a "Guardian Angel", and when you start administering Reiki you have that feeling that someone is there helping you, and this time was no exception. I put myself completely in the hands of my healing guide, silently saying "look I haven't a clue how to deal with this, over to you".

What followed was amazing. My hands were virtually taken to different parts of Ros' head and body. She felt tremendous heat through my hands and a huge wave of emotion swept through her, releasing the emotional pain that was still locked inside her. When treating the area where her leg should have been, she could feel it being taken away (when doing healing on amputations you have to go into the subconscious and alter the blueprint of the body so that the mind accepts the loss of the limb).

Reiki is one of the simplest, yet most effective methods of healing, working on the physical body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. Like all forms of healing, recovery takes time and patience, and so this first treatment began a long process of healing that would eventually heal the four aspects that Reiki treats, releasing all the emotions that the accident created.

I continued visiting Ros weekly until July, when she felt that Reiki had helped her reach a full emotional recovery. By then she had had her 'new leg' fitted and was back to swimming, cycling and playing tennis.

We can all overcome sickness or accidents if we have a positive approach, and the correct kind of help. A miracle happens every day which is beyond human understanding, but only because it is outside known physical laws. Everyone has a choice to stay where they are or to grow as a person. Reiki gently dissolves the inner obstacles that can block the ability to get well, love, and respect each other.

The Patient's View

by Roslyn Aston

I am a practicing homoeopath, who after a recent traumatic accident, discovered the benefits of Reiki healing. During a road accident in March, I had my right leg severely crushed between a stationary car and a moving car. My right leg had to be amputated above the knee.

After my recovery from intensive care, I began treating myself with homoeopathic remedies for shock and trauma, grief for the loss of the limb, both bone pain and severe phantom pains, muscle twitching and infections.

The skin at the back of my residual limb was so damaged that skin grafts were necessary. To heal the skin and to prevent scarring, I used Vitamin E and the homoeopathic remedy Silica. This approach proved very successful.

After the first week in hospital, I was still experiencing phantom pains. These pains would shoot down the length of my right leg and felt like knives cutting through the foot. I had met Graham Christie recently and felt a need to ask if he would give me some Reiki healing. During the first session of healing I felt an immense release of emotions which I interpreted as grief. Then, within a few minutes, I felt happiness and found myself grinning.

As the healing continued, I felt a great heat wherever it was focused. As it continued further down my body, I felt at one point that my right leg - or the ghost of it -was slightly lifting off the bed and my right hand then made several thrusts as if to say 'goodbye' to it. I then felt my left leg moving and twitching as if it was telling me that it wanted to 'move on'.

Finally, at the end of the session, Graham moved to about twelve inches away from the end of my stump, when I felt a violent jerking as if repeatedly lifting off the bed. Immediately, at the end of the treatment, I felt relaxed but exhausted. But within 30 minutes I felt that my 'batteries had been recharged'. I also felt that the phantom pain had reduced by around 80%.

With further sessions of Reiki, I felt a mixture of emotions rising up to the surface, particularly grief, acceptance and frustration, and have always felt better for this.

I went on to take a Reiki I course, both to find out more about Reiki and to make use of it myself. Self-healing has so far been successful.

“It is wisdom to believe the heart”

~ George Santayana

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Poem - I Am


I Am

I am the wind and the rain.
I am the sun and all that shines.
I am that which holds the heavens and all that does not shine.
I am the all of all-ness and the no-thing of nothingness.
I am you - the very source of your being.
That which breathes you as you breathe me.
I am that which creates through my breath and the sounding forth of my words.
I am that which uses care in making myself known to you,
for unto man comes a mighty resistance to claiming me as I Am That I Am.
For in so doing, one claims the self as I Am
That I Am.

I reside in your heart and in your mind.
I reside in the all of you, your fingers and toes, your organs,
your emotions, your thoughts and
indeed in your actions.
For good or for naught matters not for I do not judge myself
I am love, so great and so vast, that I reside in a
state of namelessness and formlessness for no-thing
can I create can contain me, for I Am That I Am.

To limit myself by these very words diminishes my
being by encapsulating my breath, my words into the world of form.
Each word I speak, in this moment, is creating for I
am that which manifests myself without definition or containment.
As the rock creates a ripple in the pond, I create
ripples with my breath. Upon each exhale, I send
myself forth to materialize in the world of man
through action, through inspiration, through the
very beingness of the hearts of my heart.

If you, who is me, visualize me, I am not containable
in a single form, or any form for I am un-ending -
the alpha and omega. I have no face or body.
I have no religious right or left. I have no direction.
I possess no correctness and
know not the concept of wrong, of judging, of being evil or of being good.

If you welcome me into your thinking, feeling,
acting body, you may find that as I am
unleashed in the power of one, who is you, creation is ever flowing, unstoppable.
I surround you now in fields and flowers, stars and comets, rain and thunder.
I surround you now in the suit of skin that cloaks your bodyworks, your organs and cells and arteries.
I am all that and more.

Yet, oftentimes, you see me not in the workings, the
appearance of all things for you understand not the
mind of god, which is no mind at all, for I Am Love.
A love so vast it responds immediately to the
smallest cry, the tiniest of whimpers of desire.
If one wishes to experience the thrill of terror,
one will surely find terror on the doorstep.
If one holds the smallest particle of doubt,
doubt will surely appear.
For I hold no limit in my expression.
I Am That I Am.

You have seen me in your lover's eyes and the tiny fist of a newborn child.
You have seen me in the warships and in the bloom of a flowering plant.
You have witnessed my phenomenal appearance with
every breath you take, in the all of which you are surrounded.
You live, move and have your being in me as I Am, in you.
We are not separate.
I am you.
I am divine perfection.
I am known to you.
I live in you.
I express in you.
I am creator and creation in one.
I am unity.


Author Unknown

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Shares & Exchanges

British Columbia


Canadian Reiki Association Exchange
1st Saturday of the month
Nikkei Japanese Heritage Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Donation: $5
All levels of Reiki Practitioners are invited. Newcomers are welcome. Come and try out Reiki.
Comments: We begin with a meditation, and a Reiju Empowerment for anyone who would like to participate.
Contact: Judy Cain, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.525.1764
Email: reiki@reiki.ca


Anamcara Reiki Share
Date: 3rd Thursday of each month
Place: Anamcara, Centre for Kindness & Conscious Living
Location: 19273 - 80th
Time: 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Donation: $5
Who is welcome: All levels of Reiki practitioners and newcomers.
Comments: We begin with a meditation and a Reiju Empowerment for anyone who would like to participate. Then we exchange Reiki. Bring your pamphlets and business cards to share as well as your CEU forms if you are working on your CRA practicum.
Contact: Virginia Smith, RT-CRA of Harmony Healing
Phone: 604.574.9974
Email: v_smith@telus.net


The Tri-Cities Reiki Exchange
2nd Friday of the month
Aura Wellness Centre, Coquitlam
7 pm to 10 pm
Doors close at 7:15 pm
Suggested donation of $2.00
Comments: All are welcome to come and experience Reiki. A Reiju Empowerment will be given to those who wish it and who have not yet been attuned to Reiki. Cozy space so book early. We have room for two tables and one chair-Reiki set-up at our current location. Please call ahead for directions.
Contact: Lyn Ayre, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.524.8565
Email: LynAyre@telus.net


Reiki Healing Night
Last Wednesday of every month
The date varies. Please email for details.
Time: 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Comments: Reiki practice night for all levels. Meet and share Reiki energy with other healers. Newcomers are welcome. Come and try Reiki.
Contact: Junko Kawabata, RP-CRA
Phone: 250.758.6190
Email: junkomassage@hotmail.com

North Vancouver

St. Andrew's United Church Reiki Share
Dates for 2008: Feb 20, Mar 19, Apr 16, May 14, June 11, Sept 3, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 10
Place: The gym at St Andrews United Church, 1044 St Georges Ave, North Vancouver. Entrance is off of 11th Street.
Time: 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Cost: Free
Who is welcome: All levels of Reiki practitioners and the public.
Comments: This event is hosted by Barb Weston of Inner Focus Holistic Healing. We begin with a guided meditation and an Empowerment for those who wish to receive and then for we do 15 minute Reiki sessions for everyone attending. Bring your CEU forms if you are working on your CRA Practicum.
Contact: Barb Weston
Phone: 604.985.7302
Email: barb@innerfocus.ca


3rd Friday of the month
Wings of Dove Holistic Centre
140 - 12031 First Avenue
Steveston Village, Richmond
Time: 7 to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: This is an opportunity to share our experiences & discoveries, and to receive further coaching if necessary. Meditation and Healing open to all Reiki Levels. Please call or email that you are attending.
Contact: Claudette, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.275.7774
Website: www.wingsofdove.ca


Vancouver Reiki Share
Dates: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month
Place: Knight St & Kingsway area, Vancouver (exact address given to attending members)
Time: 7:00 to 9:30 pm
$2.00 suggested donation
Who Is Welcome:
Reiki Level 1 and higher, plus all paths of Reiki
We will focus on sharing stories and techniques, discuss problems or issues, give support and suggestions and practice Reiki through one-on-one or group healings.
Join Group Through:
www.reikimeetup.com/369 (Meetup.com site)
Margaret Jang, RT-CRA

Vancouver Skills Exchange
Dates: The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10 am to 1 pm. The 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 6 to 9 pm.
Location: near 14th and Granville (address to be provided with RSVP
Admissions: $10
RSVP: The exchanges are limited to 5 people, please call or email to reserve a spot. Non-Reiki and Reiki Practitioners are welcome. For more information please contact Daniel.
Comments: The focus is on a skills exchange and developing our High Sense Perceptions while having fun. We will take turns giving, receiving and witnessing in a safe environment.
Contact: Daniel Shevchuck, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.216.5003
Email: daniel @findyourwayhome.ca
Website: www.findyourwayhome.ca



Date: Every 3rd Sunday of the month
Place: Contact by email or call for address
Time: 3:00 to 9:00 pm
Cost/Donation: Drop in fee $5.00
Comments: Everyone is welcome.
by e-mail or call
Contact: Lynn Holman, RT-CRA
Phone: 403.272.1598
Email: info@templeofalexandria.com

Canmore/Banff Area

Date: Every 3rd Thursday of the month
Place: Canadian Rockies School Division, Canmore
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $10.00 - register online
Comments:Open to everyone with First Degree Reiki and higher
Note: Dates are subject to change (due to availability of spaces), please visit www.reiki-rocks.ca for up to date information.
Contact: Norja Vanderelst, RT-CRA


Reiki Shares/Healing Circles
Held regularly every last Monday of the month
Location: 12221 - 54 Street
Time: 7:00 to 9:30 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: All levels and lineages welcome. RSVP by email or at www.wholistichealth.ca
Contact: Marianne Goetsch, RT-CRA
Phone: 780.479.0620
Email: ewg@telusplanet.net



4th Thursday of the month
Serenity Now Therapy
Location: 170 Cresent Lake Road, Saltcoats
Only 15 minutes from Yorkton
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Everyone level welcome. Please call ahead to confirm attendance.
Contact: Pat Bjarnsson, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.744.8122


Reiki Circles
2nd Tuesday of each month
Location: Bridge City Health Centre, 302 - 4th Ave North, Saskatoon
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Donation: $2.00 off sets the cost of cups & water.
Comments: Reiki Level 1 is required to be a part of our share. We ask interested Reiki people to contact us if you are interested in joining us.
Contact: Darlene, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.220.3188
Email: darlenemcgrath@sasktel.net



Reiki Shares / Healing Circles
Held regularly every 2nd month
Donation: Voluntary donations accepted to cover expenses for the evening.
Comments: For Practitioners, Teachers and their invited guests. Call or email for dates and additional information.
Contact: Shelly, RT-CRA
Phone: 204.724.6855
Email: mayers@mts.net


Amherstburg, ON

3rd Friday of every month
Masonic Temple
Location: 68 Murray Street
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: none
Comments: We welcome all people for sample sessions. All are welcome to come and experience Reiki. Open Reiju will be given to those who wish it.
Contact: Donna Hibbert, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.736.2473


In the Spirit of Truth
3rd Tuesday of each month (except December, July or August)
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: none
Comments: Open to all students of different teachers & the general public. Call for location
Contact: Lorinda, RT-CRA
Phone: 705.722.4052
Website: www.inthespiritoftruth.com


3rd Wednesday night of the month
Kiwanis Youth Centre for Sports Excellence
247 McMurchy Avenue S, Brampton
Comments: Those interested please call or email for details
Contact: Mark Brewer, RP-CRA
Phone: 905.791.8320
Email: mark@reikitoronto.com


2nd Tuesday of every month
Breast Cancer Support Services (BCSS)
Location: 695 Brant Street
Park in the drive or across at the Post Office
Time: 7:00 pm sharp (meditation) to 9:00 pm
Donation: $5
Comments: Open to all Reiki levels & lineages. Tables are welcome, otherwise bring a pillow & blanket. If you need practice for CEU's bring your Practicum form. Registration is required due to space limitations.
Contact: Jo-Anne Stevens, RT-CRA
Email: info@essentialwellnesscentre.com
Contact: Kerry Fargo, B.A. RT-CRA
Email: info@circle-of-light.ca

Reiki Share/Exchange Format

Please send your notice of Reiki gatherings in your own area to reiki@reiki.ca.


Name of the Share/Exchange
Date (and is it ongoing?)
Who is welcome
Contact info (name, phone, email)

"When we long for life without difficulties,
remind us that
oaks grow strong in contrary winds and
diamonds are made under pressure."

– Peter Marshall



Hamilton/Waterdown/Flamborough Reiki Share
3rd Thursday of every month. (Please view website www.circle-of-light.ca or e-mail for any updates or to find out about extra shares.)
Where: Carlisle Memorial Hall
Location: 273 Carlisle Rd Carlisle , ON L0R 1H2
Directions: For step by step driving directions go to www.mapquest.com Click on Directions. Input the above address into the Ending Location section.
Parking: available behind building
Time: 7pm-9:30pm
Donation: $6.00
Who is invited: All levels of Reiki Practitioners are welcome.
Comments: Come on out and give a treatment and receive a treatment! We will begin with a short meditation and Reiju empowerment for anyone who would like to participate. We will then exchange reiki treatments. Teas, and water available. Please bring a massage table if you have one or a pillow and a couple of blankets. Please RSVP if possible via phone or e-mail so I can co-ordinate enough tables for participants. For those students collecting CEU's to register with the CRA please bring your forms to have signed. You can download them from the CRA website.
Contact: Kerri Fargo, B.A., RT-CRA
Tel: 905.690.8081
E-mail: info@circle-of-light.ca
Website: www.circle-of-light.ca


Guelph Reiki Share
2nd Wednesday of each month
Location: Soul Connection
12 Oakridge Crescent, Guelph, ON
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: $5
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Barbara McKell, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.823.2162
Email: barbara@soulconnection.ca

Guelph Pathways Healing Share
Last Thursday of each month except for July, August & December
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: Small donations or snacks, juice, etc. Comments: Meditation and Healing share open to all levels and lineages. RSVP if attending.
Contact: Bonnie Adam, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.763.7948
Email: bonnie@pathwayshealing.com

Guelph Learning and Sharing Reiki
Last Wednesday of Sept, Oct & Nov 2006
Location: contact for location
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Donation: $5 - $10
All Reiki Practitioners welcome.
Comments: Hosted by 3 Reiki Masters
Contact: Anne Harauz, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.763.7566
Email: anne@spiritfilledhealing.net

Holland Landing

Monthly Reiki Practice Group
2nd Sunday morning of every month
Time: 10 am to 12 pm (noon)
Donation: no cost
Comments: Welcome are those with 1st degree Reiki or higher
Contact : Judy Watson, SM-CRA
Phone: 905.868.0804
Email: judy-wolf@rogers.com


Reiki shares are the 1st Tuesday of each month and require an RSVP
Donation: $10.00 drop-in fee
Time: 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Comments: Everyone is welcome! Anyone who has taken Reiki or would like to come and experience what Reiki is all about. Come to be treated, to treat others, to share Reiki stories, or exchange new information about Reiki.
Contact: Cheryl Hiebert, RT-CRA
Sacred Journeys Healing Arts Centre
Location: 654 Barnsley Crescent
Kingston, Ontario K7M 8X4
Phone: 613.634.8220
Website: www.sacred-journeys.ca
Email: info@sacred-journeys.ca


Date: The 3rd Monday of the month
Place: Academy of Holistic Modalities inc (AHM), 460 Frederick Street
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm doors open at 6:30 pm
Cost: $5
Who is welcome: All levels
Comments: We begin the evening with a guided visualization/group healing, answer questions and share related experiences; move into hands-on where everyone gives and receives. After the share, for those who wish, refreshments are served/social time.
Contact: Niki Klein
Phone: 519-745-5971
Email: aohm@rogers.com


Waves Fitness and Lifestyle Centre
2nd Sunday of every month
10 am
200 Davis Drive, Unit #1
Donation: $5.00 suggested
Comments: All those interested in Reiki - All Practitioners any style of Reiki
Contact: Gill Skyvington
Phone: 905.967.1112
Email: gill@holisticpathways.net


Reiki in Action Share
Date: last Thursday of the month starting Jan 31
Location: MacLaren Centre, 340 MacLaren St
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Cost/Donation : $10
Who is welcome: open to all levels
Comments: Join us at the MacLaren Centre to give or receive Reiki. There will be a short guided meditation to open. Please RSVP in order for us to plan tables.
Contact: Catherine Bastedo
Phone: 819.778.2590
Email: cbastedo@visionreiki.com
Website: www.visionreiki.com and

Ottawa Share
Second Thursday of the month
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Location: 106 - 2211 Riverside Drive, Ottawa
Donation: Free will - proceeds to Make A Wish Foundation
Comments: Everyone welcome! Includes group meditation and Reiki exchanges.
Contact: Gabrielle Aarons, RT-CRA
Website: www.reikiassociates.com
Email: gabrielle@reikiassociates.com


Date: Last Thursday of the month
Location: 30-C North Street, Perth
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: Free will - proceeds to Make A Wish Foundation
Comments: Everyone welcome! Includes group meditation and Reiki exchanges.
Contact: Denise Carpenter, RT-CRA
Website: www.reikiassociates.com
Email: denise@reikiassociates.com


Reiki Share in Toronto
3rd Saturday of each month (except December)
Location: Intersection: Mt Pleasant & Eglinton Ave
East - Contact Claudia for directions
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Cost/Donation: $5 ( includes beverages/snacks) Who is welcome: All Reiki practitioners welcome.
Comments: Please RSVP via phone or e-mail as space is limited to 10 participants. We will begin with a short meditation and then we will exchange reiki treatments. Claudia will teach Japanese ReikiTechniques for those who are interested. Bring CEUs' forms to have signed if you are collecting hours to register with the CRA.
Contact: Claudia Bertotto, RT-CRA
Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Phone: 416 519 5161
Email: claudiabertotto@yahoo.com
Website: www.reiki-soul.com

Toronto Share
Please register by email if you plan to come.
Place: 615 Yonge St, #403
Donation: something for snacking
Comments: All who have 1st Level Reiki or Learning Path Integrated Technique are welcome to join us.
Contact: Diane Young, RT-CRA of Circle of One.
Email: diane@circle-of-one.com

Toronto Reiki Intro. Talk & Share
Date: call for next dates
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm
Location: Swansea Town Hall , 95 Lavinia Ave , Council Chamber 2nd flr, street parking free where available!
Donation: $10.00 and $8 for students, seniors & low income.
Comments: An icebreaker will be followed by a guided meditation, Reiki sessions and light refreshments. Bring something to lie on: a pillow, foam or yoga mat, bed sheet, pillowcase, towel. Massage tables are greatly appreciated too! I also facilitate trades between holistic healing practitioners of all modalities & run volunteering & practicie nights. People can also join the "Toronto Reiki Healing Shares Group" at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/-
to be informed of our on-going Reiki Shares.
Contact: Stephanie Norwich, RT-CRA
Phone: 416.785.3611
Email: sgiver@yahoo.com

Spadina & Dupont
Date: Last Wednesday of the month
Time: 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Location: 250 Dupont St, Toronto
Donation: Donation
Evening Activities: Guided Meditation, Group Reiki Sessions, Discussion
Reiki Practitioners: Earn Continuing Education Unites (CEU) towards CRA membership.
Contact: Vivian eilON, Reiki Master
Phone: 416.457.3330
Email: info@vivianeilon.com
Website: www.vivianeilon.com

Toronto Hypno Healing Reiki Share
Every 4th Monday
Time: 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Place: Hypno Healing Institute Inc, 3355 Keele Street
Donation: by donation
Comments: This is open to all Reiki Practitioners or members of the public who wish to join us. The purpose of this gathering is to inform people about the benefits of Reiki, and to receive a Reiki treatment to promote healing in their everyday life. Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested. To join our Reiki Share please call our office.
Contact: Debbie Papadakis
Phone: 416.760.8996
Email: debbie@hypno-healing.com


Welland Reiki Share
Please visit website exact dates
18 Cross Street in Welland
Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Comments: Come enjoy interesting discussions on Reiki and other related subjects as well as the group Reiki share.
RSVP: Please contact me to confirm date and your attendance.
Contact: Debbie Boehlen, RT-CRA
Phone: 905.714.0298
Website: www.canadianchampissage.com



Reiki for Kids
Workshop for Kids 6-12 and Teens 13+
For more information
Contact: Karen Mosuk, RT-CRA
Phone: 514.856.3435
Email: karenmosuk@hotmail.com

Nova Scotia


The last Wednesday of each month
142 Braemar Drive Dartmouth
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Comments: Everyone with Reiki Level I and above are welcome.
Contact: Gail Piccott Bannister
CRA & AURA Member
Phone: 902.463.1775



Whitehorse Reiki Exchange
Comments: If interested in an exchange please phone
Contact: Faye Eby RT-CRA
Phone: 867.667.4830
Email: fjeby@northwestel.net

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Shop at The Reiki Corporate Store

For your convenience we now offer PayPal® through the internet Corporate Store to pay for all store products plus new and renewal of memberships.

“What is Reiki” Brochure

Our newest item in the Corporate Store is our “What is Reiki” brochure.
It covers:
What is Reiki, The History of Reiki, How it Works, A Reiki Session. The brochure is in simple language for the non Reiki person. Our intention is to give you another resource for seeking out potential clients. When a potential client has a better understanding of Reiki , they may be more inclined to book a session with you. They are $3.95 for 12 plus S&H.

CRA Logo Lapel Pins

These beautiful pins are an ideal gift for yourself or as a gift for your Reiki students when they complete a class for only $5.00. Buy 5 pins for $25.00 and get 2 free with your order.

Reiki Certificates

Don't forget we have generic Certificates for Level's I, II, III and Master for members and non-members. Email for pricing or go to our on-line Corporate Store. In addition to the Reiki Certificates we offer to include your students name to the certificate. A minimal charge of 50 cents per name for this service will be added to the cost of the certificate along with the shipping and handling.
Cost is: 1 certificate for $3.50 or 4 certificates for $5.50 S&H included.

Chakra Meditation CDChakra Meditation CD

This 17 minute guided Chakra Meditation CD is perfect to use at Reiki Shares or Exchanges. It is a lovely way to bring the group together while relaxing and centering them at the same time. It is also perfect for personal use to relax and refresh you in just 17 short minutes and makes a perfect gift for anyone. $15.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

Send cheque or money order to:
Corporate Store,
c/o The Canadian Reiki Association,
Box 54570 ,
7155 Kingsway,
Burnaby , BC V5E 4J6

Don't forget you can pay on-line through PayPal®

The CRA is interested in ways to bring the membership together so they can get to know each other by sharing ideas and experiences. For those who frequent the Internet via e-mail and website browsers, the CRA has set up a members only e-mail list discussion group ; subscribe at: cra_news-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Extra copies of the newsletter are available for special events or to use for promotional purposes. They are great to have for Reiki Shares & Wellness Shows. For additional copies contact: Judy Cain at reiki@reiki.ca.

Reiki Certificates for Reiki Teachers to present to their student's upon completion of the Level they were attuned to are available in the Corporate Store. In addition to the Reiki Certificates we offer to include your students name to the certificate. A minimal charge of 50 cents per name for this service will be added to the cost of the certificate along with the shipping and handling. Example of Cost: One certificate would be $3.50 or four certificates would be $5.50

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Affilate Program wiht Embroidme

The corporate store now carries CRA Shirts, Track Pants, with matching Jackets, Blouses, Vests and Polar Fleece blankets - just the right size for your Reiki Table. They are now available through the Corporate Store. The product is competitively priced and is of excellent quality. The shirts, jackets and track pants are made out of high quality cotton and you will have a choice of styles and wide range sizes of shirts and jackets. There is also a variety of colours to choose from.

We will be starting with a few products at first but the opportunity to introduce more in the clothing line will depend on how well we do with the orders. I would like to mention that the CRA logo is embroidered on not a transfer that has been ironed on as it was with the old style of shirts. We know how everyone felt about the old shirts so we are pleased that we have found a way to update the product line and bring other items in without the costly overhead.

With our Affiliate Program from Embroidme in place it is without a doubt the best way for the CRA to provide a good quality product without the expense and storage that we experienced with the previous order of shirts.

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Amethyst Bio Mat

Negative Ion & Far Infrared Therapeutic Treatment System


Call for further information, to book a treatment, or a complimentary demonstration.*

Ask about becoming an Independent Bio Mat Representative.

Stephanie Cookson
Reiki, Sekhem, SSR Teacher, Registered Nurse (MH-UK) MBA
Downtown Toronto
Tel. 416.916.2980

Bonnie Smith
Reiki Master/Teacher
Reflexology Teacher
Burlington, ON
Tel. 905 639 5980
Soul's Journey

Barb Weston
Reiki Master/Teacher
North Vancouver, BC
Tel. 604 985 7302

Bobbi Casey
Reiki Master/Teacher
North Vancouver, BC
Tel. 604 929 2952
Holistically Yours,
Holistic Healing

Judy Cain
Reiki Practitioner
Burnaby, BC
Tel. 604.525.1764

*Valid for first time visit only.


Love with a joyful soul……
Sekhem & Reiki natural energy, treatments,
classes (all levels), Retreats, events,
selection of worldly goods (meditation cards,
books, cds, singing bowls, statues, crystals)

Stephanie Cookson
Holistic Practitioner
Reiki, Sekhem, SSR Teacher
Registered Nurse ( MH- UK ), MBA
Canadian Reiki Association Teacher

556 Church Street (upper level)
M4Y 3A2

Website: www.transense.ca
Tel: 416.916.2980

Jikiden Reiki Seminar

Jikiden Reiki is the original Japanese Reiki started in Japan, the birthplace of Reiki, and offers the only seminars presenting the original teachings of Chujiro Hayashi who was one of only 20 teachers created by Mr. Usui.

What does ‘Jikiden' mean?

It means “directly passed down”. Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi and his mother, Chiyoko began the Jikiden Reiki Seminars because they wanted to show people the Reiki the she learned directly from Chujiro Hayashi in the 1930s.

2008 Seminar Schedule

Date: end of March, 2008
Location: Vancouver downtown
Teacher: Tadao Yamaguchi
(with English translator)

Mr. Yamaguchi comes to Vancouver once a year to teach. If you are interested in taking a seminar with him, or on-going seminars by Jikiden Reiki teachers in the Vancouver area, please contact us.


In Japanese: Masayoshi Mineta
(Jikiden Reiki Shihan, RT-CRA)
Phone : 604-669-2732

In English / Japanese: Mari Okazaki
(Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku, RP-CRA)
Phone : 604-792-2542
or himawarimari@telus.net

Awakening The Heart

A Retreat at the Chalice Well
Glastonbury, England
June 28 - July 3, 2008

  • Open your heart to who you are and who you are becoming at this timeless and sacred place, full of legend and symbolism
  • Explore Sacred Geometry, meditation, energy work
  • Private access to Stonehenge at the new moon
  • Stay within the house and garden of the Chalice Well

Tel: 416.916.2980 / 416.320.8524 or
email: stephanie@transense.ca


Avalon Wellness

Life Enhancement Programs
Fitness, Nutrition, Energy Work

The Human-Dolphin Connection, Yoga &
Setting Yourself Free
June 1-7, 2008

Join us in Bimini , Bahamas as we laugh, play
and swim in the loving embrace of wild dolphins.

Contact: Dale Choquette N.D., L.B.E. at:
e-mail: dale_choquette@sympatico.ca

Circle of One

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offering workshops and
Sessions in Reiki
Learning Path Integrated Technique
Axiatonal Alignment
Energy Sensing and Clearing Techniques
Contact Diane: 416.320.8524

Build Your Reiki Practice

Get this FREE, 22 page report:
"67 Surefire Ways to Attract Clients"

at: www.julietaustin.com

Sharlene McLearon

Blue Matrix Energetics,
Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki
London, Ontario

Indian Head Massage Course

Indian Head Massage

Through the Canadian Centre for Indian Champissage. 10.5 CEUs.

Contact Debbie Boehlen at 905.714.0298 or see website at www.canadianchampissage.com
for upcoming workshop dates.

Reiki Associates

Jikiden Reiki Seminars

2days Shoden Certificate Course

Date: Feb 16 (Sat) 1:00pm ~ 5:00pm
Feb 17 (Sun) 10:00am ~ 5:00pm

Location: 9579 Menzies St , Chilliwack , BC

Cost: $350.00


Date: March 15 (Sat) 1:00pm ~ 5:00pm
March 16 (Sun) 10:00am ~ 5:00pm
Location: 9579 Menzies St, Chilliwack, BC

You will receive a beautiful traditional Japanese certificate and English certificate


More information or to register:

Mari Okazaki
Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku, RP-CRA
Phone: 604-792-2542
Email: himawarimari@telus.net

Aura Wellness CentreAura Wellness Centre

Offering Chakra & Ch'i harmonizing, crystal healing, drumming/journeying, EFT, Life Coaching, Reiki, and sound sessions.

Through Academy of Energy Healing enjoy in-person, email or correspondence courses.
We are accredited and offer the Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner™ program

Info: 604.524.8565 or

Wings of Dove Holistic Centre

Sacred space for Personal Empowerment

Usui Reiki Sessions & Training L1-2-3-MT
CranioSacral Therapy
Healing Matrix - Multidimensional Healing
Animal Communication & Healing
Spiritual & Mediumistic Sessions
Metaphysical Education
Classes Workshops Retreats

604.275.7774 - 1.866.275.7776

“I think the purpose of life is
to be useful,
to be responsible,
to be honorable,
to be compassionate.
It is, after all, t
o matter:
to count,
to stand for something,
to have made some difference
that you lived at all.”

— Leo Rosten

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