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Bonnie Smith

After all the planning and preparations, our AGM was held on July 9th in North Vancouver at the Lonsdale Quay. It was a great location with easy access for our CRA members. The rain finally stopped and with the sun coming out made this a perfect day. With the time available I had the opportunity to meet and chat with familiar faces and to be introduced to other members for the first time.

During the past year the board was faced with many challenges within the infrastructure of the CRA. With that accomplished we look now look forward in building a stronger association for our members. In the months ahead we will do our best to keep you up to date with our progress.

Three positions were open for elections this year. Nicole Lafleche and I were re-elected for a two-year term. Our newest director who has joined the Board is Rita Bonnici from Mississauga, Ontario. She has taken the board position from Carol Romanella. Carol graduated in June after four long years and is now in the process of building her practice as a Homeopathic Doctor. Congratulations Carol, as we all wish you all the best.

On July 19, 20, 21 & 26 Toronto City Council adopted a series of recommendations respecting the Licensing Strategy to deal with Illegal Body Rub Activity in Licensing Premises. A copy of the entire Clause can be accessed via the Toronto Web site at:

The Clause may also be viewed in the City Clerk's Office, 12th Floor, West Tower, Toronto City Hall.

Love & Light
Bonnie Smith

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"People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is,
you'll know exactly what to do."
-- Michelle Ventor

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Rita Bonnici, RT & Director, Mississauga, ON

Rita BonniciTell us how you were introduced to Reiki

I was first introduced to Reiki about 4 years ago while going through a major turning point in my life. I began re-evaluating my life after my divorce and found myself needing direction and clarification. Like many people these days, I sought spiritual guidance. I had received many messages from various Clairvoyants and each was able to contact my "spirit guide/guardian angel" who, in turn, relayed a message to me that I should be practicing my "healing." "Why aren't you doing your Reiki healing?" they'd ask. Hence my introduction to REIKI!

What is Reiki? And why am I supposed to be healing, I wondered. Quite honestly, I chose to dismiss these messages at that time because this concept of healing seemed quite foreign to me until one day when I experienced my own healing potential first hand!

I had been visiting with my sister a few nights before her scheduled surgery. My sister was born with Spinabifida and has had surgery for almost every year of her 44 years of life. Through her personal challenges with this disease, she has also developed other serious complications such as blood disorders; rheumatic arthritis, anaemia and chronic pain that she tries to manage and cope with every day of her life. One night, a few nights before her surgery, I could see the pain through my sister's eyes and immediately knelt down beside her to comfort her. I gently rubbed her knees with my hands from where the obvious pain was radiating. I only touched her for a few minutes, and then said my good-byes and well wishes for her surgery that was to take place within the next few days. The very next day, she called me to share what had happened to her almost immediately after I left that night. She said that after I touched her, she needed to release much of the fluid that she was retaining in her body. Afterwards, she fell fast asleep that night with no signs of any chronic pain nor did she feel she needed her pain medication for the first time ever. Needless to say, this small act of compassion had prompted the beginning of my quest for the answers and validation of the truth about Reiki. Since Reiki is the purest form of divine healing and understanding of our purpose here on earth, Reiki Healing made perfect sense!! It was for me, the answer. Since that time, I have introduced my own home-run business called, "REIKI.healing with heart". Through my business, I devote a lot of my time to teaching Reiki and administering Reiki treatments to all that seek it. I have also studied other alternative healing modalities, including Reflexology and Customized Herbal Foot Spas, which seem to compliment my Reiki sessions very nicely. I have found myself almost instinctively using other healing tools as well, to aid in accelerating a client's Reiki healing including the use of essential oils and natural herbs.

What is your major focus for 2005

This year my focus has been on and continues to be focussed on continuing my education with respect to the study of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Through my own experiences when talking to colleagues and other business professionals about Reiki, I find that many people are "unaware" of what Reiki is, let alone the benefits of its healing. Because I could relate to their feelings of uncertainty, I find myself passionate about introducing Reiki to a more traditional mainstream target market and promoting Reiki healing to the corporate industry.

Having a strong Marketing and Sales background, I plan to utilize these skills and my experience to continue to concentrate every effort to penetrate the untapped corporate audience. Thus far, I have created some opportunities for myself to demonstrate Reiki in such areas including hospital emergency rooms, senior retirement homes, health and beauty spas and fitness facilities. This September, I will be demonstrating Reiki to a large group of hospital health providers at Mississauga's Trillium Hospital in the hopes of bringing awareness and incorporating Reiki healing to their patients and staffing.

My main focus this year is to be moving forward and eventually to have Reiki recognized and accepted in many of the large corporate industries. I have received strong feed back from my new clients that have expressed to me that they would, in fact, like to see this service as part of their corporate health care benefit plan. So I will continue to diligently utilize every opportunity to spread the word on the wonders of Reiki healing. I feel strongly guided by my healing guides and higher self to assist in the education of others about the truths and miracles of Reiki and I feel confident that my past experience in the corporate world will definitely be a contributing factor in understanding the necessary steps in order to achieve my goals.

Tell us about the contribution you see yourself making to the CRA

There are many areas of contribution I could see myself offering the CRA. On a professional level, I feel that my Marketing and Sales experience can assist with the strategizing and implementation of some new opportunities for promoting growth by assisting in promoting more public awareness and visibility with respect to the Reiki profession.

Also, I would like to offer my suggestions in communicating new ideas and concepts to our own fellow light workers and Reiki Healers that I feel will support them in the personal growth of their own healing businesses, and at the same time, contribute to the expansion of the CRA.

I would like to actively contribute to the structure and consistency of creating information packages that could be readily available to any new members and existing members with respect to offering more structured teaching materials and information as well.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the CRA Board and look forward to the possibility of celebrating on its future successes!

Be Blessed,

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by Peter Zorzella, RT-CRA

Many people suffer from allergies or sensitivities to foods, fragrances, plants, or pets. Conventional treatments generally address allergies (sensitivities that result in anaphylactic or histamine reactions), but not other reactions, which are termed “sensitivities”. These sensitivities can be severe, and significantly affect the lives of those who have them. This article describes my own experience with serious food sensitivity and the successful use of Reiki to treat it.

In 1993, I became very ill and for years after did not recover my previous health - I was sickly, depressed, constantly tired, and missed a lot of work. A colleague mentioned that his wife had had similar problems and the source had turned out to be food sensitivity. He recommended that I see her doctor and I immediately made an appointment.

Tests determined that the culprit was corn, and the reaction was very strong. Exposure to corn products caused a depression, which, due to its severity, caused me to pass out during the allergy tests. Unfortunately, corn is very difficult to avoid in North America: vegetable oils that do not specify their source often contain corn oil. Corn syrup is an extremely prolific sweetener and many products contain corn starch (it is even present in some medications).

My sensitivity was so great that even the smell would cause a reaction - if someone made popcorn at work, I would pass out at my desk. I couldn’t speak or understand speech for at least half an hour after I had awoken, Couldn’t drive for hours afterwards, and even the next day or the day after, I would have to sleep most of the day and my face was slack on one side as if I had suffered a stroke. I had to make many changes in my life to avoid stimulating this reaction. My sensitivity to corn was a limiting factor in my life and my family’s lives.

It was not for another three years after that, that I learned Reiki, which helped me a lot with the reactions, but they were still debilitating. Once I had a reaction, self-Reiki was almost impossible because I was no longer able to form the intention.

A local intuitive healer told me that allergic reactions were the body’s way of protecting itself from something that it (mistakenly) thought was a threat (an echo of what the allergist said many years later). She said that to get the body to stop reacting, the perception of threat had to be eliminated, but she did not specify how.

The best tool at hand for me was Reiki, so I decided to try to use it to rid my mind of the feeling that corn was somehow a threat. I took a corn chip and held it in my hands, and found that there was a knot of tension in my stomach just from holding it. I performed Reiki on the food, but the knot persisted. I then performed Reiki on myself with the intention that the corn was all right and posed no threat, and eventually released the knot in my stomach.

There was only one way for me to test whether I was successful, and that was to eat the corn chip. If my body did not accept it, the next two days would be horrid, but if I proceeded with anything less than full openhearted confidence, I would undermine the process. So I ate it with a welcoming spirit. I experienced no reaction, and have had no reaction since to corn or corn products. By applying Reiki while holding the allergen until I was “comfortable” with it, I had overcome a life-altering sensitivity.

I next tried a similar approach on my daughter, as she suffered from “hay-fever” every summer. I explained the process to Kathleen, who was then 12 years old, and a level 1 Reiki practitioner herself. Then we walked around the back yard picking flowers, weeds, pollinated tree parts, anything that she intuitively felt drawn to try. Every time that she picked a flower or leaf, she decided whether there was a reaction or whether there was any discomfort when she held it close or smelled it. If not, we moved on; if there was a reaction, I did Reiki with her until she said that the tension had released and that she was now comfortable with that plant. We walked around the block, repeating the process with any trees or flowers that we did not have in our own yard. She was comfortable the rest of that summer and the “hay-fever” has not returned after three years.

I repeated the process soon after with a friend of hers who had no predisposition to believe in the efficacy of Reiki (other than my daughter’s recommendation), with similar results. When I next visited my Reiki Master, she said that she had used this process with a friend who was sensitive to shellfish, again with good results.

I have not used this technique with people who have serious reactions other than myself - neither the process, nor testing whether it worked, are safe in such an instance. I certainly do not recommend exposing anyone with an anaphylactic reaction to his or her allergen. It may be that we could desensitize someone with a very serious reaction without their handling the substance, as just thinking about the substance or handling a photograph is likely to cause them tension. In such a case, trying the process without direct exposure may reduce the sensitivity, and be worth doing, though we could not determine whether the process had worked until another accidental exposure.

However if the client can be exposed to the substance she or he is allergic or sensitive to without risk, performing Reiki on that person while she or he is in contact with that material until they become comfortable handling it can reduce or eliminate reactions.

The Ontario Reiki Programme Centre is an Ontario not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing Reiki programmes in Health Care Centres. We provide presentations, training and treatments, and have a comprehensive website (at of research on this non-invasive therapy. Therapists and teachers are registered with the Canadian Reiki Association. These articles are part of our mandate to inform people who may benefit from Reiki that this therapy exists, and how it has been shown to apply. This material may be used to promote Reiki and Reiki programmes in Health Care Centres so long as the material is used intact and includes the copyright and attribution.

Reiki is a complement to treatment by a physician. It does not provide services in lieu of a Doctor, nor is it a medical diagnostic tool. However, there is a growing body of opinion that integrative medicine that takes advantage of all parts of the care spectrum as appropriate is more effective (and cost-effective) than allopathic treatment alone.

Author: Peter Zorzella, BASc, RT-CRA, founded the Ontario Reiki Programme Centre to make healing through Reiki available to everyone who could benefit from it. Peter is a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association; in addition to the work associated with the Centre, he has a clinical practice South of Ottawa.

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of Kimberlie Remillard, RP-CRA

Celie - The Amazing Story Of How Energy Healing Helped A Traumatized Stray

Celie was found tied up to die in a vacant lot. She was about 5 months old, 10-12 lbs underweight, with a severe infection of the tail - caused by someone placing a rubber band around it in hopes that it would just fall off. Apparently, they cast her aside when the infection was so bad they couldn't stand the smell of her anymore.

This little cast-aside stray ended up at our house because we have a "reputation" in the neighborhood of taking in and placing stray animals. Initially, we thought we wouldn't be able to help this little one and would simply take her to the animal rescue organization in our area where she could receive medical attention. Unfortunately, her condition was so poor; the organization told us that they would have to put her down for lack of resources to devote to her. We could not let that happen!! We began a campaign to get Celie well.

Celie went to the vet for a complicated tail amputation, which left her with an open wound due to the lack of viable skin. She was given vaccinations, de-wormer (she had 4 different types of worms) and lots of antibiotics. The vet was unsure of her prognosis.

Needless to say, Celie was a very traumatized little being. Two days after Celie's surgery is when the miracle of Kim came into Celie's life. When I saw Kim's advertisement, I knew immediately I must contact her. Others in my life thought I was crazy. what could someone miles away do for this little puppy?

Well, let me tell you the amazing things that have happened!! First, you must understand that prior to the energy treatments, Celie was a trembling little mass of fear, who chewed on the plastic legs of my office chair even while I was sitting in it. She would protect her food from everyone, even the cats. Celie was so worried and scared that she became very dependent. She would not leave my side for a moment and I had to be right next to her even when she went potty. For no reason at all that we could tell, Celie would stand in the middle of the living room and whine. After her surgery, she would constantly attempt to get the bandage off her tail, despite the head cone she had to wear. Once, she even succeeded!

Since the energy healing Kim gave to Celie, her entire being has changed. The difference was almost immediate. At the time of the first treatment, Celie barked in a voice we had never, and haven't since, heard her use. She whined and went in circles toward her tail. Then, she just stopped, went into my office and fell soundly, deeply asleep. It was the first time we had seen her sleep so deeply and so peacefully.

The next morning, Celie vomited as soon as she woke up. This amazed me because throughout all of her ordeal she had not thrown up as I might have expected her to do. I find that strays often vomit within the first couple of days of being in a nurturing environment. This vomit is usually full of all the terrible things they have eaten while on the street but Celie's vomit was clean. I apologize for being so descriptive, but this detail is important. I truly believe that at that moment, Celie released all the toxins and negative "stuff" she had been holding in.

As the day progressed, I noticed amazing differences in Celie. She was calmer, more centered and she no longer trembled. She began to explore the house without me and even went outdoors with the other dogs without me! She sat and waited for me to put her food dish down and did not growl at the cats as they walked by while she ate. Since her treatments, Celie has not once stood in the middle of the living room and whined.

Celie has shown signs of what I might call "positive regression." In other words, she has started to behave like a puppy again! She has mouthed my own hand and has nibbled gently on one of our other dogs. Celie has started to play!

Perhaps one of the most amazing things, however, is her behavior at the vet. Three days after Celie's initial energy treatment, she returned to the vet to have her bandage changed. Celie hated going to the vet and she would cry the entire time we sat in the waiting room. She would try to hide in the corner of the operatory when the vet (a gentle, kind, and loving man) entered the room. Celie would have nothing to do with him voluntarily and would cry relentlessly as he bandaged her tail. After Kim's work with Celie, all that changed. Celie laid quietly in the waiting room, and even walked up to the doctor as he came out to call her in. She did not cry at all as he re-bandaged her tail.

Amazingly, just three days after the initial treatment, the vet looked at Celie's tail and pronounced his disbelief at the incredible amount of healing that had taken place in her tail. The vet said that at this rate, it might only be 7 to10 days before she can have the bandages removed all together!! This is amazing because in the beginning, everything pointed to a 2-3 month healing process.

I must make an important point here, however. Even if this sort of amazing healing of her tail had not taken place, Kim's work with Celie would still have been of incredible importance. Trauma such as what Celie experienced can turn a dog into a mistrustful, miserable being with destructive behaviors caused by anxiety and fear (i.e.: chewing, digging, separation anxiety, overprotective instincts). Even if the animal overcomes the abuse to the point where he/she can be trusted around children, or any person for that matter, these behaviors often persist. Celie no longer chews my chair or anything else. She has self-confidence and an air of trust that was not present before.

We really appreciate all that Kim has done for and with Celie. If you or anyone you know works with abused animals, urge them to contact Kim. Kim's gift is of enormous benefit to traumatized animals. Thank you Kim!

Much love from,
Ceilie, Misty and Jen
Detroit, Michigan USA

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Finding The Quiet Within

By Lyn Elizabeth Ayre © December 17, 2003

Used to be…

It used to be that, at the end of the day, there was time for reflection. We had the opportunity to sort through the day just lived. There was ample time to think things through, make up our mind, discover who we are and what we want, make plans, fantasize, dream, and imagine.

With our current technology, we can ‘reach out and touch someone’ 24/7. We are never turned to the off position. No matter what your preference as an ‘early riser’ or a ‘night owl’, there is always something you can do. As the saying goes, we have become ‘human-doings’ instead of ‘human-be-ings’.

We are seldom out of touch with the ones we love. We can be contacted via our telephone, fax line, cell phone, email, snail mail, and web cam. Those moments in the car, in the bathroom, shopping, eating, in the movies, at the massage therapists, and at a friend’s house were once great times to reconnect with ourselves in thoughtfulness. They are now constantly punctuated with varying sounds from Beethoven’s Fifth to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and every imaginable sound in between.

Some of the key benefits of daily meditation are: finding peace within and the clarity that comes with that; knowing that our actions are in harmony with who we are; connecting with our truth; and keeping our connection to the Source open and flowing. Reduced pain, the ability to handle the usual stresses of life, increased mental focus, and an improved immune system are a few other ‘side-effects’.

Since these previously imposed quiet times are not forced upon us today, we need to use self-discipline to carve out our own meditation routine. When we find the time, what do we do then? Do anything that makes you feel connected to the true you: sing, do art, do music, do exercise, breathe deeply, slow down your breathing, meditate, pray, write in your journal, focus on an object, think through a question or issue you would like clarity on, or just sit and be.

To the quiet, and make it quick!

Follow your breathing. This is something that you can do anywhere, anytime. You can do this with your eyes open or closed. In less than a minute, you can be in a calm, centered space. All you have to do is start paying attention to your breathing. This is a built in talent that most of us don’t use, probably because we never thought of it. Just slow down and breathe two or three times. It works!

Ten ways to find the quiet…

1. Get up earlier or stay up later
These are what I refer to as bonus times. Everyone is still asleep, all the radios, computers and TV’s are off, and the energy of the house has changed and settled down. When our space is quiet, it is easier for us to be quiet.

2. Use your time in the bathroom
You’re sitting there anyway. Why not use this time throughout the day to centre yourself? Make this time inviolate. When you are in the bathroom, no one must disturb you for any reason unless it is a dire emergency. Keep some uplifting/spiritual/religious books handy for reading. Say your prayers, if you wish. Meditate, light a candle, and burn some incense. Did you know that ‘The Thinker’ statue was originally seated here until they moved him to Paris, France? (Smile broadly)

3. Listen to soothing music you love
Really listen. Follow the music and allow yourself to move within it. There are numerous CD’s with quality sound to entrance you. Begin by breathing deeply two or three times, relax your body, then, go into the music, become the notes, or follow one instrument only. Find the many other ways you can enjoy your selection.

4. Sit by flowing water
Sit and soak up the negative ions created by flowing water. These tiny molecules flood the space around us and attach themselves to the positive ions of dust, bacteria, viruses, and ‘negative energies’, allowing these particles to fall harmlessly to the earth. When there are quantities of negative ions cleaning the air, we feel revitalized. Burning a beeswax candle produces the same effect.

5. Drive around rural areas
Go see the horses, cows, and falling down barns in your rural area. Take your camera. Visit the local nature reserves. Or haunt the old miner’s shacks, railway trestles, and abandoned mines in your area. Drive on back roads and drink in natural beauty.

6. Walk in the woods
Notice the myriad hues of green. Place your hands on the side of a tree and get in touch with the energy flowing under the bark. Wrap you arms around it. Fill yourself with appreciation for this enormous tree being. Stand beside it and get in touch with the root system. Imagine you have roots and pull the energy up from the earth into your own body, as does the tree.

7. Take the scenic route to work
If at all possible, leave a little earlier and take the back roads. Opt out of the traffic, turn off the radio and cell phone, and drink in the scenes around you. Imagine – quietly, people are getting out of bed, having their breakfast, walking the dog, taking their morning beverage out to the patio or gazebo and surveying the view. Watch for wildlife on the way.

8. Mindfully direct your attention
There are several things to chose from. Depending on the sense you want to stimulate, you could choose cloves, cinnamon, perfume, a candle, flower, photo, a bird, song, tone, and so on. Keep it singular and simple. Put all of your attention into the object of your focus. Breathe deeply and renew your spirit.

9. A party for one
Light your favourite candles and incense, put on your special music and move your body to the rhythm. Follow your own promptings. If you have a drum, didge, or some other toning instrument, play along.

10. Pretend the power’s out
Turn everything off and sit. Be quiet, find your sacred space within and honour your process. Get in touch with who you are at this very moment. What do you really want? Are you doing the things that boost your self-esteem? Do you still have some habits that annoy even you? Are you willing to give them up yet?

If you don’t want to have a serious look at this time, go to bed and read a book by flashlight. Light the fireplace, if you have one, and roast marshmallows and drink cocoa. Put your mattress on the floor beside the fire and sleep in your flannel pj’s.

Imagination is key to finding the quiet time in our lives. We can support ourselves throughout our lives with ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there, remembering we won’t always have two jobs to go to or three kids to care for or a parent who is ill. If we can make regular deposits to our ‘spiritual bank account’, when these times come we’ll be better able to handle them and not lose our own centre.

Lyn Ayre, RT-CRA
Aura Wellness Centre
Coquitlam, BC

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"The Field ... The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe"

by Lynne McTaggart

This book is a truly intriguing book. Throughout there are numerous examples of scientific research results that explain among other things, how energy healing works. The Zero Point Field, Edgar Mitchel's telepathy tests from the moon, virtual particles, cancer and photo repair, morphic fields, water memory, human electro-magnetic fields, perception, laser holograms, microtubules, superradiance, implanted dreams and remote viewing are just a few of the topics covered. Surprisingly this book is an easy read. Of all the books I've read about quantum physics, this is my personal favourite because of the wide variety of topics covered. Wayne W. Dyer stated "McTaggart presents the hard evidence for what spiritual masters have been telling us for centuries."

This is a wonderful book to educate you on the interconnectiveness of the universe. You will come away with a "thirst for more".

Review written by:
Jo-Anne G. Stevens, RT-CRA
Essential Wellness Centre
Promoting Your Natural Ability to Heal
Conventianal & Holistic Treatments / Courses

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Reiki Shares & Exchanges

British Columbia


Canadian Reiki Association Exchange
There is no share on February 5th. Come out and see us at the 13th Annual Wellness Show on February 4, 5, 6th. The next share will be March 12th and then back to the first Saturday of each month, subject to change
Nikkei Japanese Heritage Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
1:30 pm to 4:30pm
Donation: $5
All levels of Reiki Practitioners are invited. Newcomers are welcome. Come and try out Reiki.
Comments: We begin with a meditation, and a Reiju Empowerment for anyone who would like to participate. Then we exchange Reiki. Bring your pamphlets and business cards to share.
Contact: Judy Cain, RP-CRA
Phone: 604.525.1764


The Tri-Cities Reiki Exchange
2nd Friday of the month
Aura Wellness Centre, Coquitlam
7 pm to 10 pm - Doors close at 7:15 pm
Suggested donation of $2.00
Comments: All are welcome to come and experience Reiki. A Reiju Empowerment will be given to those who wish it and who have not yet been attuned to Reiki. Cozy space so book early. We have room for two tables and one chair-Reiki set-up at our current location. Please call ahead for directions.
Contact: Lyn Ayre, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.524.8565


3rd Friday of the month
Wings of Dove Holistic Centre
140-12031 First Avenue
Steveston Village, Richmond
7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: This is a time to share our experiences & discoveries, and to receive further coaching if necessary. Meditation and healing open to all Reiki Levels. Please call or email that you are attending.
Contact: Claudette
Phone: 604.275.7774

White Rock

Reiki Social Night
Last Wednesday of every month; the date varies. Please email for details
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Comments: As Reiki is meant to be shared, I am holding a social night once a month at my home in White Rock, BC. This evening is meant to discuss Reiki specifically, with other practitioners in the area. I believe it's beneficial for all of us who really want to practice Reiki and be involved with it on a daily basis, to share experiences and information that would benefit others. A Reiki table will be set up for demonstrations or short sessions. Please email me if you would be interested in coming.
Contact: Nancy Caljouw, RT-CRA
Phone: 604.531.6171



4th Monday of the month
Banff Seniors Centre, except July & August
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Dates subject to change due to availability of space please visit for up to date information.
Contact: Noortje Vanderelst, RT-CRA


2nd Thursday of the month
Canmore Recreation Centre, except July.
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00
Comments: Dates subject to change due to availability of space please visit for up to date information.
Contact: Noortje Vanderelst, RT-CRA



Healing Co-op Reiki Share
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
165 - 3rd Avenue S (The Birks Building)
We meet in front of the elevators between 7 pm to 7:15 pm
Donation: $2.00 off sets the cost of cups & water.
Comments: Reiki Level 1 is required to be a part of our share. We ask interested Reiki people to contact us if you are interested in joining us.
Contact: Darlene, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.933.2800


1st Monday of every month
Serenity Now
170 Cresent Lake Road, SK
7 pm to 9:00 pm
Comments: Everyone welcome that has Level 1 or higher. Time for sharing and short treatments. Please call ahead & leave a message if you are planning to attend. Hope to se you!
Contact: Pat Bjarnsson, RT-CRA
Phone: 306.744.8122



Reiki Shares / Healing Circles
Held regularly every 2nd month
We meet in front of the elevators between 7 pm to 7:15 pm
Donation:Voluntary donations accepted to cover expenses for the evening.
Comments: For Practitioners, Teachers and their invited guests. Call or email for dates and additional information.
Contact: Shelly, RT-CRA
Phone: 204.724.6855



In the Spirit of Truth
3rd Sunday of each month
Dr Sara O'Neill's Chiropractic Office
52 Toronto, Barrie
1 pm to 4 pm
Donation: none
Comments: This share/exchange if open to all persons - practitioners (any lineage) and the general public.
Contact: Lorinda Weatherall
Phone: 705.722.4052


3rd Thursday evening of the month
Holiday Inn Select
30 Peel Centre Drive, Brampton
7 pm to 9:00 pm
Donation: not noted
Comments: This is open to local CRA members as well as my students.
Contact: Mark Brewer, RP-CRA
Phone: 905.791.8320


Aura Care Reiki Balance Centre
3rd Thursday of the month
130 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, ON
6:00 pm Social; 7:00 pm check in/mediation
7:30 pm to 10:00 pm Reiki Share
Donation: Potluck snacks/drinks
Comments: Any/all levels and lineages. Special interest in musical and/or alternative Reiki techniques. Bring a bed if you have one! Please RSVP.
Contact: Laura Gautherier
Phone: 519.622.1269

Guelph Reiki Share

2nd Wednesday of each month
Held at the offices of Hospice Wellington
75 Speedvale Avenue East, Guelph
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: $5
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Barbara McKell, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.823.2162


Guelph Pathways Healing Share

Last Thursday of each month except for July, August & December
7 pm to 10 pm
Donation: Small donations or snacks, juice, etc. are accepted by not required.
Comments: Meditation and Healing Share open to all levels and lineages. RSVP if you would like to attend.
Contact: Bonnie Adam, RT-CRA
Phone: 519.763.7948

Hamilton Reiki Share

4th Wednesday of each month
Call for location
7:00 pm start time
Donation: $10
Comments: Welcome Level One and higher
Contact: Mary Catherine Darling
Phone: 905.318.8630


1st Tuesday of each month
Sacred Journeys Healing Arts Centre
115 King Street West, Kingston
Donation: $10.00 drop-in fee
Comments: RSVP is required. Everyone is welcome! Anyone who has taken Reiki or would like to come and experience what Reiki is all about. Come to be treated, to treat others, to share Reiki stories, or exchange new information about Reiki.
Contact: Cheryl Hiebert
Phone: 613.542.2325


Call for date, time, and location.
Comments: I am in London, Ontario and have been holding group Reiki exchanges so we can have evenings together. It is often a small group of 6 but we all truly enjoy the time together and go away feeling light and refreshed. Some, who come and do not practice Reiki other than on friends and family members, are pleased to join together and experience receiving a treatment.
Contact: Mercedes Mancari
Phone: 519.660.3664


3rd Tuesday of each month
Universal Energy Training & Learning Centre
2393 Sixth Line, Six Nations Reserve
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5 per person
Comments: An informal drop-in group. Any level of Reiki is welcome. Please come and check out our facility. Refreshments provided. Call for directions or more information.
Contact: Michelle Thomas or Jane Burning
Phone: 519.445.1904


Reiki Associates
3rd Monday of the month
106 - 2211 Riverside Drive, Ottawa
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00 requested to be donated to Make a Wish Foundation
Comments:Everyone welcome. Check our website for confirmation of time and place:
Contact: Richard Wardel, RP-CRA


Reiki Associates
3rd Monday of the month
2368 Christie Lake Road, Perth, ON
7 pm to 9 pm
Donation: $5.00 requested to be donated to Make A Wish Foundation
Comments: Everyone welcome. Check our website for confirmation of time and place:
Contact: Denise Carpenter, RT-CRA Phone: 613.913.2803


2nd Thursday of each month
Email for details on location
6 pm to 9:30 pm
Donation: not noted
Comments: All who have first level Reiki or Learning Path Integrated Technique are welcome to join us.
Contact: Diane Young, RT-CRA, of Healing Integration.


Reiki Intro. Talk & Share
Date: Saturdays - call for next dates
1 pm to 5 pm
Donation: $10.00 and $8 for students, seniors & low income.
Comments: An icebreaker will be followed by a guided meditation, Reiki talk and an afternoon of Reiki sessions.
Please bring something comfortable to lie on: a pillow, foam or yoga mat, bed sheet, pillowcase, towel. Massage tables are greatly appreciated too!
Contact: Stephanie Norwich, RT-CRA Reiki Master/Instructor
Phone: 416.604.3448


Toronto Central Reiki Clinic
Every Wednesday
At College and Spadina.
Please call for details.
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Donation: $10 requested
Open to general public and all channels from all Masters
Comments: Time in the clinic is tracked for CRA qualification. New first-time channels must complete a short intro course on clinic procedures and group hand positions, as we work in teams of 2 or more. Cost: $45.00. Proof of current Reiki Level is required.
Contact: Roman Szymczak, RT-CRA
Phone: 416.531.1141


Every 2nd Thursday of each month
Call for location
7 pm to 10 pm
Comments: We welcome any new Reiki Types” for an evening of discussions on various matters before group treatments.
Contact: Debbie Boehlen-Maier
Phone: 905.714.0298

Nova Scotia


The last Wednesday of each month
142 Braemar Drive Dartmouth
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Comments: Everyone with Reiki Level I and above are welcome.
Contact: Gail Piccott Bannister
CRA & AURA Member
Phone: 902.463.1775



Whitehorse Reiki Exchange
Once a month
Whitehorse Public Library
Contact: Faye Eby, RT-CRA, for
more information
Phone: 867.667.4979

Reiki Share/Exchange Format

Please send your notice of Reiki gatherings in your own area to


Name of the Share/Exchange
Date (and is it ongoing?)
Who is welcome
Contact info (name, phone, email)

"I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody."
-- Mother Teresa

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We, the Directors of the CRA would like to say “thank you” to the folks and companies who supplied door prizes for the 2005 AGM held in North Vancouver, BC. They are:

1. Utopia Gifts on Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC: a certificate for an Astrological Portrait

2. The Forest Studio, Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, BC: Chakra Necklace

3. Sage Natural Wellness, Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, BC: a selection of Saje Products

4. Mary Charette of West Vancouver, BC: Chakra Bracelet

5. Inner Focus Holistic Healing (Barb Weston), North Vancouver, BC: book by Cyndi Dale the “New Chakra Healing”

6. Inner Focus Holistic Healing (Barb Weston), North Vancouver, BC: Reiki CD the ‘Healing Dolphin Energy’. “Music for Reiki” by David Sun

7. Soul Quest Studio (Glenda McLeod) of Maple Ridge, BC: certificate for 1 hour Clairvoyant Reading

8. Sacred Stone Astrology (Jinny Rodrigo) of North Vancouver, BC: certificate for Evolutionary Astrological Reading and Talisman

9. Natures Expression, Richmond, BC: Salt Rock Lamp

10. The Shopping Channel: Gel Socks and Gloves

11. The CRA: 3 Free Membership Renewals for 2006-2007

12. The CRA: T-shirts and Hats

13. The Lonsdale Quay Hotel: $50.00 gift certificate for the Tantra Waterfront Lounge and Grill


"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn
hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.
You wait and watch and work: you don't give up."
-- Anne Lamott

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New at the Store -- CRA CD


This 17 minute guided Chakra Meditation CD is perfect to use at Reiki Shares or Exchanges. It is a lovely way to bring the group together while relaxing and centering them at the same time. It is also perfect for personal use to relax and refresh you in just 17 short minutes and makes a perfect gift for anyone.

CRA merchandise featurine our logo is available! T-shirts in navy and red available in sizes S, M, L, XL plus we have Navy baseball caps all available for $15.00 each. Send cheque or money order to:

Corporate Store,
c/o Canadian Reiki Association
PO Box 74072 Hillcrest RPO
Vancouver, BC V5V 5C8

Please include size and colour preferences where applicable! Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

The CRA is interested in ways to bring the membership together so they can get to know each who frequent the Internet via e-mail and website e-mail list discussion group; subsucribe at:

Extra copies of the newsletter are available for special events or to use for promotional purposes. They're great to have for Reiki Shares & Wellness Shows. For additional copies contact: Judy Cain at:

We are always looking for items of interest for our members & the public. Send in your articles, special sayings, up and coming workshops, and notices that you would like included in the newsletter. We would also appreciate receiving your book reviews.

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Wings of Dove Holistic Centre

Sacred space for Personal Empowerment
604-275-7774 or 1-866-275-7774

Usui Reiki Session & Training
CranioSacral Therapy
Healing Matrix -
Multidimensional Healing
Metaphysical Education
Classes Workshops Retreats

Supporting Vancouver's 1st Animal Lecture Series
Tues Sep 13 to Oct 4, 05
$15/night or $50/4 evening
Registration/Event @ Trout Lake Community Ctr
Rm 210 - 3350 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
Further info: Gail Little @ Rhodes College
604-708-4416 or
100% proceeds go to animal charities


In Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offering workshops and
sessions in Reiki
Learning Path Integrated Technique
Axiatonal Alignment
Energy Sensing and Clearing Techniques
Contact Diane: 416.690.6336

Free Spirit Candles

100% pure natural handcrafted beeswax candles. Great for meditation,
relaxation, and
burning in treatment rooms.
Wholesale prices.

Sharlene McLearon, R.N., RT-CRA
Blue Matrix Energetics,
Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki
London, Ontario



Through the Canadian Centre for Indian Champissage. 10.5 CEUs.
Classes are available and ongoing throughout Canada.
Contact Debbie Boehlen-Maier at 905.714.0298 or see website at www.iaw.on/~debb
for upcoming workshop dates.

Reiki Associates


In Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Offering Sessions & Courses in
*Chakras & Chi*
*Crystal Healing*
*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)*
*Karuna Ki and Usui Reiki*
*Meditation Techniques*

Sessions Only In:
*Aromatherapy, Massage, Sound Healing*

For more information,
please call Lyn Ayre
604.524.8565 or

"In matters of style, swim with
the current' in
matters of principal, stand like a rock"
-- Thomas Jeffersen

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May not be reprinted without written permission.