Bonnie Smith – Burlington, ON


Bonnie joined the Canadian Reiki Association in 2000, as a Registered Teacher. She was elected to the CRA Board of Directors in 2001 and has been President since 2002. Bonnie has faced many administrative and governmental challenges in dealing with the Association over the years. She continues to focus on making the CRA the best it can be for the membership going forward.  Celebrating the Association’s 25th Anniversary in 2022 was a major accomplishment and she is extremely proud of the CRA and its membership.

In 2023, Bonnie retired from private practice to focus entirely on Canadian Reiki Association, however, she still looks forward to giving Reiki sessions when the opportunity presents itself.    

Alice Creighton – Grand Falls, NB


Alice has been with the Canadian Reiki Association as a Registered Teacher since 1999, and she has acted as Vice-President since 2013.

Over the years Alice has volunteered her time assisting the CRA with several administrative and operational issues as well as assisting at health shows such as Whole Life Expo. Her experience on various Boards have proven extremely valuable to the CRA and it has made her an integral part of this Association. Alice is a committed team player who works diligently to ensure the success of the CRA.

Alice’s Reiki practice and teachings have included many different styles of Reiki which includes Usui, Karuna®, Gendai, Seichem and Sacred Flame. By knowing all these different styles of the Reiki energy, Reiki has become an essential part of her life and it has opened her to many wonderful opportunities.

Alain Richard – Toronto, ON


Alain started his Reiki journey in 2003, registered with the Canadian Reiki Association in 2004, and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2007.  Alain was elected to the Board of Directors in 2018, and has helped to strengthen the CRA ever since.

Alain has worked as a French/English Translator and offered his bilingual skills to the CRA. He has subsequently been the official translator to the Canadian Reiki Association for many years now. As a result, the Website, required documents and items within the web store are now available in the two official languages. This has helped the CRA reach out to Reiki Practitioners and Teachers from coast to coast.

Alain founded Mondoki in 2011 as a Health and Wellness Coach.  Focusing on Reiki, he added more services through the years with the same goal: helping others balance their body and their mind. Other services offered include Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Coaching, Crane Qi Gong classes, Intranasal Light Therapy, Hydrogen-Enriched Water Filters, and Voxx Life products.

Alain has had several career changes throughout the years, but his primary focus has always been helping people create a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Jennefer Davis – Stoney Creek, ON


Jennefer is a published writer and licensed Master Esthetician in the health and wellness industry, beginning as a MUA in 1995, then studying and receiving her honours in Aesthetics in 2001. She completed her Reiki Masters training in February 2014 after studying the Usui Shiki Ryoho method since 2000. She has been a registered member with the Canadian Reiki Association since 2014 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2023.

In 2021, Jennefer attained her certification in Mind Body Medicine and is now a registered NLP Practitioner and Coach, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner. Her creditation is with the American Board for Hypnotherapy and NLP, a globally recognized standard of excellence in Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

In 2020, Jennefer launched specialized treatments for men and women through Wellness for Cancer. Currently, she is working on an initiative to support positive mental wellness after losing her brother to suicide in 2022.

With over two decades in the spa industry and 15 years in academia in the GTA, her career experience includes Spa & Retail Management, Business Development Management and Education for several Community Colleges in Ontario, and numerous spas across Canada. Jennefer’s focus is truly on the wellness of each individual and her intuitive approach to well being ensures an authentic connection with everyone.

Jennefer is part of the LGBTQ community and offers a supportive and inclusive environment.

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