The Canadian Reiki Association’s FAQ’S

My Instructor was not a CRA member.  Can I still join the CRA?

Yes, you can still join the CRA if your teacher was not a CRA member so long as you learned in person and not by distance or online.

My Certificate is from another country.  Will you still accept it? 

Yes, we will accept your certificate so long as you learned in person and not by distance or online.

I have been a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher for many years.  Do I still need to do the case studies?

All applicants applying to the CRA as either a Registered Practitioner or a Registered Teacher must provide the 24 hours of case studies regardless of their previous Reiki experience.

Does the CRA provide Reiki Manuals?

We do not provide or sell manuals. Teachers are expected to develop their own original teaching materials/manuels.

Does the CRA provide Extended Health Benefit Claim Forms?

Yes we do!  The form is located in the Members Only Section of our website. With the numerous Insurance companies out there and the various policies they provide, we cannot tell you what companies provide Reiki as a benefit.  We can start a grassroots program of having clients submit the claim form.  Companies do look at the claims forms submitted and denied when creating their benefit packages. So submitting a claim form, even when it is not approved, could help to make Reiki a benefit in the future.

Complaints or Concerns

We are only permitted to handle official complaints and/or concerns involving an active member in the Association.

Will the CRA handle complaints against non CRA member?

No, we are only permitted to handle complaints and/ or concerns regarding current members of the Association.

Does the CRA have Group Liability Insurance?

Yes we do.   The group liability insurance is a Members Only benefit that can be purchased by the member.  Detailed information is located in the Members Only section on the website.  We do not discuss insurance information with non-members.

Does the CRA automatically send members a business license letter?

No, not all members require one.  It will only be sent to members in good standing and upon request.  Licensing offices will not accept your renewal letter, it must be the Business License letter signed personally by the President of the CRA.  

The CRA is not responsible if you do not receive this letter before your license expires. We recommend that you ask for the Licensing Letter when you renew your membership so that you have it in plenty of time.

Are members allowed to change their name on their certificates?

Yes, upon written request, the CRA will change your name and issue you a new certificate for an administration fee of $5.00.  The member must provide a photocopy of two pieces of identification showing the change to the new legal name, such as a driver’s license and health card.  The member must return their current certificate before we release a new certificate.  Replacement certificates can be purchased from the web store.

Will my web Listing automatically be posted on the website?

Yes, all Registered Practitioners and Registered Teachers are automatically listed in the CRA directory upon admission into the CRA.  Our website allows members to have control over their profile information and directory listings so it is up to the member to add or delete any information they do not want posted online. Any changes can be made to their listing from their profile and will be reflected on the website in real time.  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the correct information is on file and what information is released on the website.  The profile information is different from the Directory information.  We must have all contact information in your profile so that we may contact you.  If you have any questions or require assistance with this, please do not hesitate to email  for help.

What is my username and password?

Members will create their own username and password when they join the CRA, so you will need to keep this information in a safe place.  The user name and password will no longer change at the beginning of each new membership year.  Your user name and password is now unique to you, thus making the members only section of the website more secure.

What is the Criteria for joining the CRA?

The Canadian Reiki Association has several levels of membership. You can read this on the Website under Membership Criteria.  Please note: the levels of membership do not reflect the level of Reiki an applicant has been attuned to but rather the criteria that has been provided. We have Master Teachers at the Student level because they have not yet submitted the required case studies for upgrade.

Will the CRA recommend a teacher?

The CRA provides a list of qualified teachers on our website.  Use the advanced Search feature to help you find Practitioners/Teachers in your area.  We recommend that you contact several teachers in your area in order to decide which one will be the best fit for you.

What is the format for submitting class outlines?

The administration office will accept outlines in a Word or PDF document formats. They may be sent by regular mail or as an attachment to an e-mail sent to  Please note: it is not uncommon for alterations to be requested so it is highly recommended that you submit your outlines by email.  We do not accept manuals, zip files or power point presentations.  Outlines must be your original work.

Original class outlines in theory and practical are required for each level of Reiki you were attuned for in regardless of whether you plan to teach that level or not.  Think of the outlines as a brief picture of what you plan to do with your students. The Teacher Guidelines are an excellent resource to assist you with your outlines!  The class outlines will be reviewed by a member of the C.R.A. Board. If revisions to the class outlines are required, the Board Member will contact you directly by email with any required changes.

How long does it take to process my membership?

Providing all of the documentation is provided and payment is made at the time of submission,  the application will be completed within 10-15  business days.  There will be no refunds given to applicants who do not provide the required documentation. You can email the documents as attachments to .  Please note, if the file size is too large, it will not be delivered to us.  You may need to sent two or three emails for the documents to reach us.

How is my call to the CRA 1-800 handled?

Calls are retrieved on a weekly basis from the CRA answering machine.  Response to your questions will be handled faster if you email the CRA at .

Can I purchase certificates for my students?

Certificates can be purchased by members and nonmembers through the web store.  You are able to buy a package of certificates and divide that package up between different levels of certificates. We will add your student’s names and the date of the class on the certificates for an additional cost.

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