Teresa Canoza

I am writing to express my interest in the re-election as a  Board of Director for the Canadian Reiki Association for the 2020 – 2023 term.

I joined the Canadian Reiki Association in 2009 as a Reiki Master/Teacher and have held the position of Director of the Board for the past three years.

The goals set out by the Canadian Reiki Association concerning the current teaching guidelines as well the practice of Reiki most definitely align with my ideals and I have given my support during my term as a Director and as a member of the Association.

During the past three years as  Director, I  have attended all General Meetings of the Board, including the Annual General Meetings of the Association, including all skype meetings when scheduled.

In the Spring of 2019, I participated in a stake-holders meeting with the President concerning the ongoing licensing issues in the City of Toronto.

I have contributed personal articles for the quarterly newsletter as well as I researched for additional materials for the newsletter.

I have unconditionally supported the tireless work done by our Vice-president Alice Creighton during the 2018 Class Outline Project.

I have been teaching Reiki for twenty years, and I have a very active private Reiki practice in Toronto.

For the past nine years, I have been teaching Reiki through the Toronto District School Board of Education (TDSB). I am currently working in two schools, teaching Level 1 and 2.

I host Reiki exchanges/shares once a month in a West End community center. Reiki Exchanges are an opportunity for students to earn CEUs for membership to the CRA.

As a member of the Distant Healing Network, which is part of the Pets Team, we send distant healing to the sick and lost ones.

I am an inspirational speaker hosting several spiritual workshops through the TDSB.

I have made Reiki part of my daily life, bringing the loving, compassionate light to everyone I meet, and everywhere I go.

It would be an honour and privilege to continue being part of the Board of Directors for another  


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