Benefits of Membership with the CRA

Our Mission Statement and Commitment

The CRA, a federally chartered and governed non-profit association, was founded in 1997 to register and represent all professional Canadian practitioners and or teachers of all styles of Reiki. We aim to ensure all registered members work within the Reiki Scope of Practice and perform to the highest standards of professionalism for clients and the public and to disseminate relevant information to all its Members in Good Standing.

    • The CRA provides a common voice where practitioners may be heard when appropriate. We publish quarterly newsletters on interesting topics and other issues in various areas of the country.
    • Our Registered Teachers follow a common base line of teaching students. There are varying styles of Reiki, but the same content from the Criteria/Educational guideline is taught, allowing for an easy transition from teacher to teacher across Canada.
    • As an Association we provide our membership with a certificate of registration and a designation of CRA-RP, CRA- RT, or CRA-SM.  We now include Animal Reiki Practitioners in the Association and their designation is CRA-RAP. The letters CRA after you name establishes your reputation in the community as a highly qualified and competent Reiki practitioner.” All classifications have a registration number which our Registered Teachers use on the student’s certificates.
    • Our websites are in both English and French. We provide all the documentation required for new applicants and renewals.  On the website we post the newsletters, events, and reiki shares. We also offer a Directory listing for all Practitioners and Teachers which allows members to introduce themselves to potential clients, share their contact information and link people to their social media accounts.  Members are able to maintain their own profile and directory listings and changes are made in real time.
    • We offer low cost professional liability insurance for our practitioners and teachers in good standing.  Reiki practitioners who are registered with other modalities have found it to be beneficial to become CRA members to obtain insurance for their practice.
    • There are municipalities across Canada that require Reiki Practitioners to be a member in good standing with the Canadian Reiki Association before they will be granted a business license to practice Reiki.
    • We offer our members access to social media with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our quarterly newsletters.  Members have special rates for advertising in the newsletter.
    • The CRA offers a variety of items that can be purchased in our web store.
    • Directly and indirectly the CRA members give back to the Community by bringing awareness of Reiki into the Community.  Members have attended Wellness Fairs, Trade Shows, Hospitals, Universities, Rec Centres, Woman shelters, Animal Shelters.
  • Reiki and the M.S. Pilot Project was successfully performed in Vancouver with members giving under 400 sessions focusing on the patient’s general well being, pain, energy and stress.
Mailing Address
Canadian Reiki Association
24-2350 New Street
Burlington, Ontario L7R 4P8
Local: 905-739-0612
Toll Free: 1-800-835-7525
Office Hours
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Monday through Friday