If you meet the criteria for the membership type you are applying for, please follow the links to the online application forms below:

Some other things to be aware of when applying for membership:

  • You need to make sure that you receive a confirmation email after you fill out and submit the application form. If you do not get the confirmation email, I did not receive your application.
  • If you are having trouble with your credit card being accepted, 99.9% of the time, it is because your address does not match what the credit card company has on file.
  • Your membership starts the day you fill out the application regardless of how long it takes for me to receive the documents. We do not issue refunds due to the length of time it takes for you to submit your documents.
  • The membership fee is a yearly fee. We send out renewal invoices 4 months prior to the end of the membership year in order to give me time to process everyone. The majority of our memberships end on the same day so it takes some time to get through hundreds of renewals in a timely manner and our system can only be set up in one way.
  • If you are planning to email your documents to me, they need to be attachments. I cannot process documents that are in the body of the email.
  • The certificates and forms are usually okay in one email, but the case studies need to be in a second or even third email otherwise the file size is too large and it will not be delivered to me.
  • You must wait one full year after receiving your Master Teacher certificate before you can apply as a Registered Teacher. During this year, we encourage you to teach and follow the Teacher Guidelines.  You can issue certificates to your students and your students can join the CRA if they decide to do so but please do not use the Teacher Evaluation Forms until you are a Registered Teacher.
  • The Class Outlines need to be in either Word of pdf format and must be submitted by email. The majority of people who apply need to make alterations to the outlines before they are accepted. Please make sure that you compare our outlines to the Teacher Guideline form.  This is what we use when we check your outlines.

If you are planning to join as a Registered Practitioner or Registered Teacher but do not have the case studies completed AND you are certain you can get them done in a timely manner, you can apply at the membership level you want to join as.  I will partially process you so that you are a member of the CRA,  and then finish processing you once I receive the outstanding documents. The CRA will not refund money due to documents not being submitted in a timely manner. If you do not think that you can get the case studies done within the year, apply as a Associate Member. Once you have them done, you can go to the web store and purchase the upgrade.

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