Registered Animal Reiki Practitioner

Animal Reiki is a relatively new area in the field of Reiki with many people doing different things. The CRA developed an Animal Reiki Practitioner designation several years ago in an attempt to try to develop some guidelines in this field.

As we watched this area of study grow over the years, we started to identify issues and problems stemming from the fact that there were no clear standards in place for people to follow.

The Board of Directors has decided that the time has come to really look at the area of Animal Reiki and develop a minimum standard of practice that holds the highest, most ethical standards of practice possible. In this regard, we are in discussion with Kathleen Prasad and her team to review the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. This groundbreaking approach empowers animals by honouring their agency, wisdom and independence. Ms. Prasad is arguably the person who started the Animal Reiki movement over 20 years ago. Her passion and dedication to animals is above reproach.  As we move forward, it only makes sense to work with the person who literally wrote the book on Animal Reiki and draw from her many years of experience as we move forward.

While we develop the new criteria, guidelines and expectations regarding Animal Reiki, we will not be offering this designation to new or existing members.  Practitioners who have already been approved as Animal Reiki Practitioners will be permitted to continue to hold the designation until further decisions are made. 


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