An applicant may apply as a Canadian Reiki Association Registered Practitioner regardless of the
levels of Reiki training they have completed. However, the applicant must have studied and
successfully completed a minimum of a Level 1 (First Degree Reiki) class before applying.

NEW MEMBERSHIP — Requirements for Traditional On-Site Training:
  • An applicant may apply upon the six month anniversary of receiving their Level I or First Degree Certificate. The applicant must provide a copy of any and all Reiki certificates received to date.  A minimum Level I or First Degree Certificate is required. Certificates will not be returned to the applicant.
  • Complete and submit the online Registered Practitioner Membership form (Join Now)
  • Submit a signed Code of Conduct form
  • Submit a signed Scope of Practice form
  • Submit a Code of Ethics form
  • Submit a signed Disciplinary Action form
  • Complete 12 case studies with your application. The case studies must be recorded on CRA Case Study forms
    • One 60 minute Reiki Session equals one case study. Sessions longer than 60 minutes will only equal one case study. Case studies must equal 12 hours.
    • You must have at least 2 different clients when doing your case studies.
    • Case studies can be combined with C.E.U.’s signed by a CRA Reiki Teacher hosting a Reiki Exchange or a Student Practice Night on CRA CEU Forms.
    • If you include Continuing Education Units forms (C.E.U.) they may not exceed half or 6 of the 12 case studies minimum.
    • Practice time at CRA Teacher hosted practice and CRA hosted Reiki exchange will count as 1 CEU per one contact hour for a maximum of 2 CEU’s per event.
    • Case studies will not consist of Distance Reiki, practicing on animals or on children.
    • Case studies must be completed within the twelve months prior to the date of your application.
  • Case studies and Certificates must be submitted to the CRA before your application will be fully processed.  This can be done by sending them to or you can mail them to:


24 – 2350 New Street

Burlington, ON

L7R 4P8

  • Payment

If you meet the criteria described above, please apply for Registered Practitioner membership here.

NEW MEMBERSHIP — Online or Distance Training:

The CRA membership feels very strongly that it is important to learn in person with a Reiki Master Teacher. It is felt that the in-class experience heightens the learning know how and provides a greater understanding and appreciation of the Reiki principals and skills being taught.

Given this fundamental belief from its membership, the CRA does not recognize any online or distant learning and will not accept a new member who was taught this way. All CRA members must learn in person with an authorized Reiki Master Teacher.

We strongly encourage all online/distance learners to continue their study of Reiki and urge you to seek out and train in person with a Reiki Master Teacher as we feel this will significantly enhance your learning experience.


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